The Passion of Donald Trump Supporters: Hillary can’t match the effort

On a positive note, Right Side Broadcasting interviewed people during the Donald Trump rally in Toledo, Ohio recently–the same day that Hillary gave her acceptance speech at the DNC.  The contrast to the garbage that we saw in Philadelphia couldn’t be more obvious.  You can listen to some of those people below.  What is interesting is that wherever Trump goes, there are these tremendous, passionate people.  Does anybody think that Hillary Clinton could fill arenas like this one in Toledo and bring out such articulate supporters?  I don’t.

Just the week of the DNC Trump has given an average of three major speeches each day across the entire country and everywhere he goes there are these giant crowds filled with enthusiastic people.  Trump is outworking Hillary Clinton in every way and now that the conventions are out of the way, it will be “entertaining” to watch her attempt to catch up to Trump.  Hillary could only hope to have one rally like the one he had in Toledo—let alone to do three of those each day in different parts of the country.  Trump doesn’t need a ground game of zombie-like supporters—because he is the ground game.  He shows up himself and in that fashion–his method is much more powerful, and persuasive.

Rich Hoffman


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