Hillary Clinton’s Crazy Eyes: Obvious signs of psychological trauma and inability to handle stress

It is entirely possible that Hillary Clinton is suffering from several forms of mental illness.  Under situations of stress, such as the very limited press conference she gave to minority reporters recently—she fumbled the ball even under those easy conditions.  One thing that is easy to see, once Hillary gets too far away from her multitude of handlers, she falls apart quickly under stress and that is not a presidential quality.  The Clinton campaign is completely presenting her as an office holder only because she’s a woman, not because she is qualified, which legally—she shouldn’t be, or mentally suited for the job—which she would appear not to be.

The scouting report on her, especially since the concussion that she had in 2013—allegedly, is that she cannot handle randomness.  She also has that crazy eyes syndrome which is quite common in middle-aged women who have done too many drugs over the years, lived a misaligned psychological existence—dealt with a philandering husband, lesbian relationships, philosophical beliefs that are contrary to mainstream society—and the weathering of the normal aging process.  When pressed on anything that is not part of the scripts written for her, she breaks down sometimes in bizarre ways, such as in these supplied videos.

In spite of her obviously flawed politics rooted in progressive, “communist” sympathy—she doesn’t look like she’ll be able to handle the rigors of life in the White House in her present state, which is likely to never return to normal.  She is a damaged person physically and emotionally, and appears completely unable to conduct herself as a normal person in public settings.  Her overemphasis on outward emotions is a clear sign that there is something really misaligned within her thinking which she is obviously seeking to hide long enough to obtain the presidency which has long been her dream.  All outward signs are that her dream would be our nightmare as her mental faculties are sending us alarm bells well in advance of the November election.

If the two candidates were to take proper psychological exams right now, I have no doubt Trump would be checked out fine.  But Hillary likely needs proper psychological assistance in a mental institution to alleviate obvious chemical imbalances.  This might sound like an inflammatory statement in the context of politics, but she literally looks prepared for the crazy house, not the White House.   Trump is correct in exposing this now before it is too late.

Rich Hoffman


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