Julian Assange Tells All: Setting the record straight on his Wikileaks emails and who he works for

It is useful when contemplating election scandals such as what the Democrats are currently experiencing—for good reason, to understand how the rest of the world sees American politics.  Because, Julian Assange, like it or not, represents how mainstream people view American elections—because he is a true outsider not connected to any governments—like a lot of people are these days.  So listen to the interview he gave recently to Russia Today talking about the first release of Wikileaks emails which erupted the DNC convention at the start and caused major resignations.  He additionally talks about the emails he plans to release and the game Hillary Clinton is playing.  What is interesting about this interview is that unlike what we might see on Fox or CNN, this interview is pretty dispassionate as to the outcome.  It is just focused on the facts of the matter—the emails themselves—the evidence that Hillary Clinton contributed to in the first place.  It doesn’t matter who spied on the issues here, it is that the issues exist.  Wikileaks is just the informant.  The corruption was committed by Clinton and her Democrats.

Rich Hoffman


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