How to Help Trump: Fighting ‘The Walking Dead’ Democrats in Butler County, Ohio and everywhere


These polls against Donald Trump, I don’t believe.  There have been so many aspects of this 2016 election that are obviously wrong, that I am suspect of all news currently.  What I do know is that Donald Trump’s speech in Detroit was magnificent—and is rally call to the last remnants of American life—and if you still love our country you need to make sure you are registered to vote and that you have to show up for the polls in November.  There are a lot of really stupid people these days, and most of them are voting for Hillary Clinton—and they don’t like our country—and they are attacking.  We are living The Walking Dead in real life but this time the zombies are Democrats. They’ve already destroyed Detroit.  Now they want to do it to the rest of America.


Trump is doing his job of saving our country, of keeping what happened to Detroit from happening to every city and county in America.  But it won’t be enough.  Trump needs a ground game and he needs money.  So below you will find ways and contact information to help him with both.  Specifically, if you live near me in Butler County, Ohio and you have time and energy to be part of Trump’s ground game, then here is a way that you can help.  My good friend Ann Becker is the main contact—get with her and do your part.


A chance to work on the Trump Campaign

Thank you for the huge response on the training on Wednesday.  Here is an updated link to register for the training.

You are invited to help Make America Great Again with the Trump Victory Campaign in Butler County. Join us for training on Wednesday, August 10th.   You must RSVP below to be allowed in the training room.

Precinct School for Trump Victory Butler County

When: Wednesday, August 10th. Doors open at 6pm. Training begins at 6:30

Where: Tori’s Station – 74 Donald Dr, Fairfield, OH 45014


Training is Free.  Pizza and pop will be on hand.  First 100 people registered get a free Trump/Pence shirt.

Join the Butler County for Trump campaign and the Butler County Republican Party as they present Precinct School on Wednesday, August 10th at Tori’s Station in Fairfield. Doors will open at 6:00 pm, and the training will begin at6:30.  You must RSVP to be allowed in the training room. 

You will be trained on how to talk to voters in this important elections.  We will look at how to go door to door – tips and tricks for making the best impact with voters. You will also be trained on the tools that that Trump campaign will use to secure victory.

This training is a must if you want to be a part of Making America Great Again.

Yours in Liberty,
Ann Becker, State Central Committeewoman, 4th District Ohio
Email –
Social Media @annbecker1999

Additionally, Eric Trump—who is the younger son of Donald Trump, is hosting an incentive opportunity to raise money for the Trump/Pence campaign.  I’ve met Eric, he’s a great young man and when you look into his eyes, you can see a person of great sincerity, so a lunch with him at Trump Tower is worth something.  I can promise that it would be the trip of a lifetime.  So send three dollars at the link below and you will automatically be registered to win.  Three dollars isn’t much for a chance of a lifetime.  Here is the message from Eric on how to send money and why:

How would you like to get…

  1. A free flight to New York City;
  2. A private tour of our campaign headquarters at Trump Tower, and
  3. A lunch with me – where we’ll talk about our strategy to defeat Hillary Clinton and Make America Great Again!

Just contribute $3 now to automatically enter for a chance to win it all.

Ever since my father officially accepted the Republican nomination for president, our campaign has surged with momentum, and more and more Americans are joining the Trump Train to help us win.

And right now is the perfect time for you to sign on.

Your contribution will push us closer to victory. And you will also get the chance to have an insider’s look at the Trump-Pence HQ in the heart of Manhattan and provide YOUR feedback on our campaign.

Contribute $3 to automatically enter to win.

I’m sure Hillary Clinton’s campaign is setting up fundraisers with high-powered lobbyists as we speak. But those are the people who have rigged the economy against you, left our borders wide open, and refuse to take the threat of Radical Islam seriously.

Those are the people my father wants nothing to do with. His campaign is about you, and that’s why I hope you will take action today.

I’ll be happy to meet you and hear your thoughts on our campaign one-on-one.

Thanks – good luck!

Eric Trump


Hillary Clinton is part of a vile machine that we are all up against.  In July she raised $90 million dollars which Democrats are using to attack Trump—and all of us really—and to hide the many crimes she has been a part of.  Trump and his team raised $80 million dollars which is very competitive, and that will help a lot.  But you can’t take anything for granted.  If you are reading this, you need to help in some way possible, in either of the two ways discussed above, or both.  Most of that $80 million was raised with small contributions like the link above.  Meeting Eric at Trump Tower is just an added bit of fun for whoever wins it.  But you should do it for the patriotic contribution to saving your country.  I don’t mean to be melodramatic, but the situation is serious.  The money is the most important thing.

The second most important thing is to get involved in the ground game.  If you don’t live in Ohio, Ann might even be able to point you in the right direction, so contact her anyway.  But if you do live in Ohio and you want to beat Hillary Clinton….call Ann—have some free pizza and learn how you can help by hitting that pavement.  Make some calls and help Trump out.  Ohio is a crucial battleground state and we don’t have Kasich’s Republicans helping—because they are still crying about their lost dream of having their guy in the White House.  We are literally talking about fixing America or destroying it—and you have to make a choice.  So make the right one and don’t sit on the sidelines.  Your country can’t withstand a lost election in November.

Rich Hoffman

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