The Trump Card: ‘Stranger Things’ about the heroics of Stephen Rogata

It is easy to become disheartened when the reality of the battle is revealed to us to see in its ominous entirety. For a lot of people, the Trump campaign has been a kind of waking up. Some of us have been there all along—but most are just now seeing the depth of the madness. The national media is connected to the world media in ways nobody thought possible. The political class within the United States on all sides are strongly inclined toward global billionaire visions of a one world government for which they control the strings. And the moral decline of our culture is astonishingly present. Many are finding the new Netflix show, Stranger Things refreshing in that it takes our culture back to a time when it was clearly better—where Steven King had a movie based on his books two or three times a year, Steven Spielberg made great movies, and John Hughes made wonderful coming of age stories like The Breakfast Club. Like the sheriff in that chilling story set in the early 80s, through Trump, our culture is waking up from a nightmare to find us placed on our couches wondering if the dream was real, or a self-induced coma brought on by prescription drugs and other chemical intoxicants designed to corrupt our minds. Did we really see that? Did that really happen? As we ask the question a new round of corruption hits the airwaves and like they always have the Clintons wave their hand and expect it to all go away—and the media mysteriously complies—and we have been accepting that behavior—until now. And out of the ruins of such turmoil in the middle of a hot week in August, 2016 a mysterious young 19-year-old kid named Stephen Rogata climbed a third of the Trump Tower hoping to garner Donald Trump’s personal audience with a special message. And I likely know what it is—and hopefully it proves to be authentic—because if so, we are about to see something in politics that we’ve never seen before—and we are right on the edge of it. That’s right ladies and gentlemen. That nightmare you’ve been having about the decline of our country is real, and you have been lulled to sleep by a kind of hypnosis induced by a media that is completely controlled by powerful forces seeking global insurrection—and you have a front row seat. But like all good stories, heroes are rising to meet the challenge, and their means of conduct must naturally be unconventional, because that is how you beat a monstrous enemy. Behold, Stephen Rogata’s cryptic message and a glimpse behind the curtain of a reality some are just now seeing for the first time.

We’ve allowed this ominous enemy against our individual rights to grow too big, and now we are dealing with it—unfortunately from behind. I can’t say that I believe the poll numbers reflecting Trump being so far behind Hillary Clinton. Conditions are different from the primary election where conventional rules of voting applied, and the media had a need to see a competitive Republican primary—so the information was reflected without tampering. But now, Hillary Clinton is the drone of the political left and many of those millennial journalists employed today mixed with the beltway types who have enjoyed a posh existence within the loops of power gaze at Trump and his followers with the same disdain that the RINOs gazed at the Tea Party just a few years ago which lead to the ousting of John Boehner, the removal of Eric Cantor and a Republican takeover of the House and Senate in both 2010 and 2014. The actual polling data is missing several demographic types because the media itself has chosen to ignore those people in their reporting. The same polling that missed the Bernie Sanders surge in Michigan and the Brixit vote in England recently are the same declaring Hillary Clinton the winner of the November elections in August—before there are any debates, and before Trump’s second convention in Washington D.C. in October. Oh—you didn’t know about that? Well, we’ll get to that in a minute. Sit tight.

Trump has slugged through extremely difficult weeks and his individual polling really hasn’t fell out—which is terrifying the political left. They’ve thrown everything at him—and it hasn’t phased Trump in the least—and now panic is starting to set in. There is enough clear evidence—including the hacked emails from Nancy Pelosi’s computer, to bury the Democrats forever. There have already been resignations within the DNC, but we are just talking about the tip of the iceberg here. These people are bad in the Democratic Party, and they’ve been caught red handed—with blood literally dripping off their fingertips—and the media is in the odd position of trying to explain those events away—which in turn is proving the point Trump has been making all along. If the election were held today, I think Trump would win because of the uncounted masses showing up to vote—similar to the Brixit vote in Europe recently. Even with all the bad press Trump has been receiving, there is so much energy behind the Trump movement—that the media has no real way to account for it. But we’re just getting started here. There is more to come.

I know quite a bit about nonverbal communication—and likely even more about implied verbal manipulation—in both good and bad ways. So it was very beneficial to me to have met Donald Trump recently and watched him speak to large crowd from only ten feet away—where I could watch him and then watch the audience reaction. Trump is an expert communicator. He’s had success as a developer using those skills. He has had a top television show for over a decade using those skills. And he’s a bestselling author using those same skills. He’s also broken some heads and hearts along the way and what I see in Trump is a man possessed to do the right thing at 70 years old so he can earn a ticket to the afterlife—from his perspective. He truly wants to do good, and he wants to fight evil—and that’s pretty much it—and I love him for it. I respect him much more now after meeting him than I did even a year ago when I thought his candidacy might fix our many problems in government. Trump wants to fix the soul of America which will in turn lead the world back to health by example. The secret to Trump is in empowerment—he empowers those around him to succeed with a leadership skill that isn’t taught in any university or military installation anywhere in the world. He has it, and literally nobody else does. Trump knows it when he speaks and people unconsciously understand it. So I knew when he said recently to a crowd in Sharonville, Ohio that within the room we were all in, that there was likely some genius who could hack those lost Hillary emails and reveal what was destroyed—what he was really doing. Trump is talking about individual intelligence which “trumps” collective understanding and he is calling out to them to undo the mass collective with sheer genius. Recently he did the same at a press conference where he dared the Russians with the same empowerment. The media must take things literally because as a static organization institutionalized for the benefit of mass hypnosis—they must keep the beats of our society steady—like a hypnotist needed a mechanism of rhythm to lull its beholder off into a slumber where their individual will is surrendered to the instigator. Trump is breaking that rhythm with noise and the result is that slowly, like the sheriff in Stranger Things who snuck into the Energy Department secret facility and discovered an interdimensional portal used to spy on people—who was captured then thrown drugged back into his residence covered in pills and booze meant to make him think he dreamed it all—our society is waking up–and they are pissed off. It is nice to see them finally join the club. Welcome! You were sleeping hard!

Trump and his daughter Ivanka—along with the other kids running the business are planning to open the Old Post Office luxury hotel they have been renovating on Pennsylvania Avenue right before the November election. Trump will have a press conference and tour of the renovated wonder right down the road from the White House and the world will marvel at what they achieved there. This will happen after Trump beats up on Hillary Clinton through three debates with the evidence produced in all these email releases is talked about aggressively, and the media will have no choice but to cover it all. The hotel will be a proper metaphor for what Trump can do with our nation and he’ll get at least a similar poll bump like he did at the RNC convention heading into the election in November. That is Trump’s secret card and it really doesn’t matter if I reveal it here because what Trump is doing is rooted in achievement—whereas Hillary clearly can’t match him. He knows it. They all know he knows it—and nobody can do anything about it. Trump as an explanation point to his entire political campaign for president will point to the Old Post Office and say—that is my resume and why you should vote for me. It will be spectacular and will be one of the finest hotels in the entire world.

Meanwhile from now until then, Trump has a silent army that he has empowered to break down the veil that has been hung to conceal the truth from our eyes and one of those was the young eccentric genius Stephen Rogata who carried with him a message for Trump’s eyes only, scaling Trump Tower for the world to see and the media to shutter at the possible implication of what the kid found. Of course the kid was arrested, and he hasn’t talked to anybody about what he found. Even so, the information he provides must go through proper channels. It isn’t exactly right to dump information into a rival campaign’s lap and expect justice. The FBI should get a crack at the information for proper administering of justice—if possible. But the important thing is that there are geniuses like this kid out there and they want Trump elected. They are the unsung heroes who will do a lot of work over the next three months and once the smoke clears—we’ll see what is still standing. But the heroics cannot be ignored. We are fighting a monster which is eating the entire world and those of us supporting Trump are trying to stop that mass consumption. And the fight is hardly over. Fret not.   There is a lot to be hopeful about—so keep your spirits focused on the sky and those who climb towers with secret messages—because hope is far from lost.

Rich Hoffman


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