Hillary Clinton Can’t Win without Cheating: Fighting to stop the greatest crime in history

Was there any question that the Clinton campaign would cheat this election for president of the United States?   Of course they are going to cheat. They cheat at everything, and they were just caught cheating Bernie Sanders out of the nomination.  What we are witnessing is the greatest crime in the history of the world; a political party is attempting to steal an election from the world’s last superpower.  They have nominated a criminal for POTUS yet they have most of the world’s media in on hiding evidence of her crimes.  Trump has mass stadiums he is filling with fans, yet the polling mysteriously points at the criminal Clinton as the one who is in the lead.  That left Roger Stone and Alex Jones to contemplate why and the answer is worth listening to below.

There is no way Hillary Clinton can win this election legally.  Without cheating, and I would consider the way media companies are gathering their polling data, cheating—Hillary Clinton cannot win—even considering that half of America are now brain dead zombies who vote for Democrats no matter what—because they want free stuff that the government steals from hard working people through taxation.  So listen to the broadcasts presented here and make sure to do your part to take action.  Don’t let them steal this election and don’t believe what they are telling you.  All you have to do is show up and vote—because the numbers are against them—in a huge way.  To pull off their con, they have to trick you into inaction.  Don’t give it to them.

Rich Hoffman


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4 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Can’t Win without Cheating: Fighting to stop the greatest crime in history

  1. The problem here is that we don’t elect the President in a constitutional manner. The Framers created the Electoral College to remove the election from both Congress and from the People. The Framers recognized that the People were incapable of choosing a great leader, that the People would be fooled by demagogues. So the State legislatures are supposed to come up with a system to choose ELECTORS, who are wise and knowledgeable, and those Electors are to meet in private in their State and make THEIR choice, not the party’s choice or the People’s choice, THEIR choice for President. Look at where we are and what kind of People end up President. The Framers were much wiser than we. Unfortunately, those legislators are corrupt….because we aren’t concentrating on the important people we should be.

    Washington in his farewell address warned us to stay away from the parties because they have their own agenda which will not coincide with the real needs of the Union.

    If you really want a Constitutional federal government, then vote out EVERYONE in the government EVERY election. NEVER send anyone back a second time.


    1. Very true. Elect people who don’t need the money and give them one or two term limits then have them go back to a real job. Anything short of that and we will always have problems with this process.


      1. The status of the Union is in such a place where as it would be impossible to realize that path without starting over. The Next generation of serfs for ruin are already in place. Public schools.
        It would take several generations (with accurate History taught) to return to any semblance of what the Framers designed.
        Remember, you don’t need to change minds…just hearts. Thought process is an unnecessary waste for those who hate America.
        With a massive chunk of society already ripe for more government, Communism will be easy. The lazy and meek don’t even recognize freedom and won’t notice when it’s gone.
        Cradle to Grave. Look no further than all those who think this CPS Tax Levy of some unGodly amount like 48 million, is wonderful. Including pre-school just gets them there faster and secures the state owns the child and the parents are more than willing to hand them over. One for babysitting, the other for a far more nefarious end. Commies are nothing if not patient.


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