How to Help Donald Trump in Ohio: Walking, knocking on doors and fighting a vile evil unleashed by diabolical Democrats

 For those in the media who keep their ears to the tracks of my writings for a whisper of happenings coming and going–of trends not yet realized so that forecasts to the winds can be witnessed a fraction of a second ahead of the competition, this posting is primarily for them.  If you want a good political story in Ohio, be at any of the below locations-and you will see a hint of what’s really going on in America’s heartland.    The below message is from the Trump Ohio campaign.  Robert Scott is doing a great job, and things are just getting started.

Ohio Trump-Pence Victory is rolling in the Buckeye State and we will be participating in the National Day of Action. We will be Walking and knocking doors THIS SATURDAY, AUGUST 20 at various locations throughout Ohio. Please click the link to sign up for the nearest location or where you would like to walk tomorrow:


County Time Link
Allen 1:00 PM
Butler 9:30 AM
Butler 9:30 AM
Clermont 9:00 AM
Clinton 12:30 PM
Cuyahoga 9:00 AM
Cuyahoga 9:30 AM
Cuyahoga 9:30 AM
Fairfield 9:00 AM
Fairfield 3:00 PM
Fairfield 9:00 AM
Franklin 10:00 AM
Geauga 10:00 AM
Guernsey 10:00 AM
Hamilton 9:30 AM
Hamilton 9:30 AM
Highland 9:00 AM
Lake 9:00 AM
Licking 9:00 AM
Licking 3:00 PM
Licking 9:00 AM
Lucas 10:00 AM
Mahoning 9:00 AM
Marion 9:30 AM
Medina 9:30 AM
Miami 9:30 AM
Montgomery 10:00 AM
Montgomery 9:30 AM
Muskingum 9:00 AM
Ottawa 9:30 AM
Ottawa 9:30 AM
Pickaway 9:00 AM
Pike 9:00 AM
Portage 10:00 AM
Ross 9:00 AM
Ross 3:00 PM
Sandusky 9:30 AM
Scioto 9:00 AM
Scioto 3:00 PM
Stark 9:00 AM
Summit 9:00 AM
Washington 9:00 AM

With your help we will Make America Great Again!

Robert Scott
Deputy State Director for Ohio
Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.

Rich Hoffman

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