I Am So Proud of Donald Trump: Calling for an end to drug cartels while standing on Mexican soil

Literally I have waited my whole life to hear the speech that Donald Trump gave in Mexico next to their president, where he openly called for an end to the drug cartels.  Of course I have been a Trump supporter from the beginning and I try to be as involved in everything Trump as I can.  I have yard signs from the primary campaign that I still use.  But after that speech in Mexico I literally stopped what I was doing and went down to the West Chester, Ohio “Trump” store on Cincinnati Dayton Road in Old West Chester and picked up a new Trump sign for my yard.  As readers here know, I hate drugs.  I hate drug dealers.  I hate users.  I hate people who promote drugs and even wear cloths making drugs look cool.  The most despised symbol to me in the entire world—except for the “peace sign” is a marijuana leaf.  I absolutely hate everything there is about illegal drugs—and I always have.  I think I was born that way.  At no point in my entire life were drugs appealing to me.  I don’t even like legal drugs, like alcohol and aspirins.   So Trump’s bold speech in front of the Mexican people calling for an end to drug cartels and the crimes that are part of their culture—my respect for Donald Trump increased magnanimously.  If this isn’t your presidential pick in November—then you are part of the problem.

Nice job team Trump.  It was a bold move and victory belongs to those with enough valor to seize the day, and in Mexico, Donald Trump certainly did!  I am very proud today to be a Trump supporter.

Vicente Fox, the former president of Mexico helped make those cartels so powerful, and he was obviously jostled by Trump’s visit.  Hillary Clinton equally was shamed by Trump’s trip to Mexico.  Already she is playing from behind.  All these facilitators of criminal behavior are worried, because they simply can’t compete with a man who can fly to Mexico in his private 757 and tell the world something nobody else anywhere would dare say for fear of assassination, then give a major speech in Arizona just a few hours later and still be home at the end of the night to sleep in his own bed.  Trump is a real danger to those vile forces because he comes to the job of president with all the money and power in the world—and he doesn’t need politics to make him that way.  That’s why he can say the things he does, and that’s why I simply love the man.  What he has to give America is something it’s never had, and I am eager to see it.

Rich Hoffman


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4 thoughts on “I Am So Proud of Donald Trump: Calling for an end to drug cartels while standing on Mexican soil

  1. Alright Rich, this may be a random observation… Did you notice the absence of the American flag behind Trump? The Mexican flag was positioned behind Enrique, but nothing behind the American presidential candidate.


    1. He has it on his suit. Even better. He was able to stand in a foreign country devoid of domestic comforts and give a speech like that. The crowd could have heckled him, they could have easily ganged up on him, but he stood in front of all of them and took a swing–and made contact for the fence. I thought it was big time.


  2. Mr. Trump is looking “Presidential” which is exactly what many undecided voters want to see. Excellent move on his part. Also shows that he can move faster than Hillary. Invite went to both. He was down there and back before her campaign could focus group test whether or not she should go… The media will follow the Clinton talking points and attack him for this, but it was a clearly a win!


    1. Clearly a win. You just don’t see anybody in political life who shows up for something like that in their house, without it being carefully scripted. Then hold a press conference and take charge of the entire room with a hostile media and country sitting there looking at him. Even knowing that some of those corrupt cartel members were in that room–it was a big speech at the last minute.


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