How the FBI is Assisting the Criminal Hillary Clinton: A pattern of behavior that requires action

Remember everyone, the FBI would not allow the San Bernardino terrorists to be called such until the media leaks became so intense they had no choice.  Then, they released the crime scene to the media after just a few days of investigation.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation is guilty of complacency in many crimes by their deliberate misleading of the public and when it comes to Hillary Clinton, they are at it again—assisting an open criminal on a crusade to evade justice in favor of maintaining a status quo culture in Washington D.C., which favors their big government desires.

Here is the damaging evidence you NEED to know:

  • A Clinton Foundation aide used a hammer to destroy Hillary’s old phones
  • Whereabouts of Hillary’s old phones would “frequently become unknown”
  • Clinton’s emails were erased just afterit was exposed that she used a secret server

And WORST of all, she told the FBI she couldn’t “recall” being trained on how to handle classified material even though she signed a form acknowledging that she received the training.

Hillary Clinton has lied to the American people, lied before Congress, and jeopardized our national security. She cannot and must not become our next president.



Brad Parscale
Digital Director
Trump for President

Rich Hoffman


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