There is No Going Back Now: Trump’s school choice and the playboy antics of Alex Soros–Hillary’s crimes have changed the world

As bad as I have reported Hillary Clinton to be with all the things I have written about her over the last six years, actually—she is even worse than I have said.  What has been revealed with factual evidence lately—before Labor Day in America during 2016—has been enough to not only keep her out of the presidency, but to put her in jail.  Hillary Clinton’s email scandal alone is a hundred times larger than Watergate—which sunk Richard Nixon–leaving the establishment in Washington D.C. with a terrible choice.  Those who continue supporting Clinton will have to do so by surrendering justice in our legal system, or they have to throw her to the wolves and thus end their own political lives—and that includes media press credentials making a living off the happenings of the Beltway.  Either way, there is no going back—because the crimes have been that monstrous.

For me Donald Trump is the “school choice” candidate.  For many years now I have offered that “school choice” was the best option for destroying the tragic monopoly that the government school system has had on our youth.   Trump is the kind of president who would actually have the guts to institute this difficult change which is the best way to prevent any more school levies in Ohio’s unconstitutional property tax incursions—theft of wealth redistributed to labor union dominated schools based on zip code.  With “school choice” the education money given by the state and federal sources would go to the child, not the school meaning that public schools would have to compete with each other for those dollars—which would force an end to the labor union monopoly we have now which has driven up the cost of education without the benefit of any positive results.  In fact, kids have had their minds literally destroyed in these public schools for the last three decades and Trump is offering a complete change to this system, so that alone is a reason for me to vote for him.  There are many others—but for me, that is one of the big ones.  There is nothing but positive things that could happen with Donald Trump as the president—so the election is very clear.

But for Democrats and those who are bottom feeders of Beltway politics—essentially the entire system that people can see on the popular Netflix series House of Cards—everything has changed.  Even if Hillary Clinton survives the 2016 election and can pardon herself and many others for the many crimes committed during her rise to power—the public will be so outraged that law and order will be tossed out the window and vigilante behavior will begin to be openly conducted.  If the IRS lost its credibility during the Lois Lerner ordeal and the Department of Justice with “Fast and Furious” along with its open affiliation with the Black Panthers—Hillary Clinton’s debacles before September 2016 even started are enough to push at least half the country over the brink into open revolution if the rule of law is so openly tossed out the window.  Really, the only thing protecting those criminals in the Beltway and beyond—including the Alex Soros parties in the Hamptons—is respect for the Bible, and the concept of law and order—which conservatives naturally adhere to.  If that is taken from them—an angry desperation will ensue and that won’t go well for Hillary Clinton and her barnacles.

I see only one path at this juncture—which is why I don’t write every day like I used to.  What I have had to say is done—and is happening.  Warnings and contemplations will no longer shape the arguments at local and national levels.  The work is complete.  Now, we can only watch what happens.  Trump has to be elected president because the person running against him is a criminal caught in horrendous crimes before she has obtained the Oval Office.  She can only win that election with continued help from every federal agency including the FBI—which will destroy the rule of law for our entire nation.  Without question, they will try to protect themselves as Beltway surrogates, but in so doing, they will destroy our nation once and for all—which would make villains like Alex’s daddy George very happy—but for the rest of us—open revolution would be the only way to set things right in such a post apocalyptic world.  With Trump as president all the news media would have to change—George Soros and all his influence would wither away within a day of the election—and the Beltway would be forced to adapt to a man who literally rarely sleeps and is at work most hours of every day—even on Sundays.  It would be the most vigorous White House America has ever seen—and nobody could stand in its way for the first time in our history.  Billionaire leftist activists like George’s seed, the Richie Rich playboy Alex Soros would still have their parties with fashion models disgraced for life in front of the Hollywood and sports world celebrities—but their influence would die quickly off their property parameters and for the first time would find themselves on the outside looking in.

But, there is no going back now.  One of the two things will happen as a result of the 2016 election.  We literally either lose our country or the establishment loses their influence.  Either way, they lose.  For the rest of us, we can only gain peace and justice.  Speaking for myself, it’s a win/win situation either way.  If we have to fight the political left in open civil war, then I’d rather get it out of the way now than wait another ten years.  But, for all the millions of words I have written on all these important matters—things like “school choice” would finally happen.  Can you imagine all you levy supporters out there if your kid was on a sports team under a coach you didn’t like and wasn’t helping your kid get that scholarship to college the way you have been planning?  Say for instance that your child is at Lakota in my school district and they just aren’t getting the playing time you need to win that scholarship to the University of Kentucky.

But you did golf with a coach from Princeton just to the south recently and he’s in need of a kid like yours for his team.  Under “school choice” he could actively recruit your kid to play for him and the money would follow your child to that new school.  No longer would you be trapped to a school just because it is in your neighborhood.  Schools would be decentralized, and competition would rule once and for all improving everyone’s lives properly.  Even some on the political left like those maniacal school levy supporters in Ohio would gain something from a Trump presidency.  But with Hillary, we literally lose our county.  At this point, the choice is clear.  Things will never again be acceptable under the status quo of Beltway politics.  Tomorrow will either bring war, or prosperity beyond measure, there is no longer middle ground on the matter—and Hillary Clinton will forever be blamed—rightfully so.

Rich Hoffman


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2 thoughts on “There is No Going Back Now: Trump’s school choice and the playboy antics of Alex Soros–Hillary’s crimes have changed the world

  1. “Maniacal school levy supporters,” is a perfect description of those militant, threatening pro-levy agitators. Of course when you have the OEA – NEA running every campaign we could expect to
    have thug tactics used. We do know that the children are questioned in the classrooms as to
    how their parents are going to vote for board candidates and for or against the levy. One mother told me that her third grader came home crying. She said that her teacher told her that her mother didn’t love her because she was not “for” the levy. So, they use the children and they are really never ” for
    the children.” Their tactics are wearing thin and most people know that most of their tax dollars are
    used to enrich the paychecks of the staff. School Choice should be the only choice. That would get rid of the union and the leftist agenda perpetrated on our children.


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