The Truth About Hillary Clinton: Beaten in every way

Looking objectively at the issue of Hillary Clinton—at just the evidence before us without the speculative motivations—we see a candidate in peril.  As I’m not a Democrat and think that their ideas are inherently un-American leaning too far toward socialist Europe and not the capitalist bastion that is expected out of the North American continent, I can at least observe with bland factuality the reality of the Clinton campaign which just after Labor Day 2016—as I predicted—Trump is ahead in the national polls by two points according to CNN with bit lips and behind the scenes curse words.  On the first Tuesday after Labor Day, just two months before the presidential election Clinton tried to shrug off her botched airplane press conference which ended in a coughing fit seeking water—her health in question, then turned down the invite to Mexico stating that Trump had already tainted the water—and therefor she would not participate.  This after the news dump on Friday revealed in her FBI testimony that she literally couldn’t remember anything pertinent to her case.  As a lawyer we all know that she will not say anything incriminating so to plead the fifth is an appropriate defense in the world of law—but in the court of public opinion it shows clearly that she is either too physically ill to be president of the United States—or she is too deep in a cover-up much larger than Watergate—and should be going to jail, not the White House.

I could see it on her face during the airplane press conference, she doesn’t have what it takes to run for POTUS.  The first question that arises is why couldn’t she find the time on the ground to have a press conference—why in the air on her “new” campaign plane?  She had just partied with Bon Jovi in the Hamptons at several fund raisers—why would she wait to have a press conference on an airplane rather than wait for some point on the ground?  The answer is a simple one, Hillary Clinton doesn’t have anywhere important to really go and when she gets there the crowds are small and unexcited.  If she held a press conference on the ground the background noise would be embarrassingly silent compared to the Trump press conferences where thousands of people show up just to watch him get out of his motorcade.   The Hillary people wanted her to look presidential, and busy so they held the press conference on the plane.  Additionally, they also wanted to control the press, to limit it to a small group which the airplane did for them naturally.  Only a few reporters therefor could get access to Hillary meaning there were fewer opportunities to open her mouth, which the more she does, the less people like her.   Her people know that so they are trying to compete with Trump without showing how weak their candidate really is.  But we can all see it, and its showing in the polls.  Then, to make matters worse, she couldn’t even get through that without having to stop due to her incessant coughing.

On the ground later Clinton tried to explain the reasons she refused the presidential invite to Mexico by stating that Trump had already “choked” in his visit last week and that she didn’t want to make matters worse.  Everyone around the world saw Trump meeting with the Mexican president and the visit was hardly a “choke.”  On the contrary, it was very presidential and backs everything that Trump had been saying we could expect out of his White House—a strong position that puts America first.  What Hillary revealed was that she couldn’t match the effort so her people decided that it would be better not to show up than to look less presidential than Trump rationalizing it would be better to not have an impression than to have a bad one that didn’t measure up to her rival.  That is the clear sign of a team that is already playing from behind.  How many football games have we all watched where a clear team jumped out to a big lead then went to a prevent defense then lost to a team much hungrier.  That is what is happening to the Hillary Clinton campaign and it won’t get any better from here.

She doesn’t have the endurance for a competitive race, and Trump has made it competitive.  She is not creative enough to out-maneuver the lean thinking Trump who is incredibly fast on his feet.  Hillary thinks like a lawyer and runs everything through a huge team and while that process is happening, Trump thinking like a CEO who is always in charge is dancing though fire without sustaining any burns.  She just can’t compete in a toe to toe matchup.  Then there is her health.  She is obviously not the most vigorous person on earth compared to a Donald Trump who appears never to sleep—and if he does—it’s between meetings and activities.  Trump has been putting in 20 hour days on the campaign trail several days in a row, working weekends, Holidays and hosting three rallies a day filled to the brim in cities all across America—whereas Hillary can only do one or two, then has to take a weekend off to recover as her stamina quickly diminishes.  Her running mate Tim Kaine has had to do more heavy lifting than any VP candidate in the history of the United States and there is still two months left in the race.  He can’t continue like that covering for her—without people noticing.  Then there are the obvious criminal misconducts of Hillary Clinton involving her email problems.  At best she can only claim to be not technically savvy enough to understand what “classified” designations are—which should under any logic disqualify her from the POTUS position.  At worst—which is most likely—she deliberately destroyed incriminating evidence, lied to the FBI, and lied to congress—which holds a mandatory prison sentence. This is a lady with big, big problems and as the pressure cooker increases in the coming weeks, things will only get worse for her.

Watching her I find it astonishing that the Democrats actually thought they’d get away with putting Clinton up for the POTUS job.  Evidence of this trouble showed two years ago—and now that house of cards is not just falling down—but the entire deck is burning by self-inflicted fire.  It was terrible judgment by lot of people to even think that Hillary Clinton could run against the Republicans and win.  It just goes to show how little respect they had for Republicans.  But the Republicans for a change—not by party consent, but by the people who vote for conservatives in general, decided to make a major change in direction and they nominated Trump.  The Democrats did not have an answer, and now they have to pay for that debacle.  They destroyed their answer with a massive scandal that rocked their party in a cover-up which they still haven’t recovered from.  Now they are stuck two months out with an unhealthy, self-entitled, criminal with a checkered past and an unlikable personality and the doom is clear as a glass window freshly cleaned.  Hillary can’t win unless there is massive election fraud and that is the last great hope for Democrats—that Homeland Security will protect them from reality and rig the election.  And that is the state of the Democratic Party—on the cusp of extinction.  Remember—you heard it first from me on Matt Clark’s radio show several months ago—and it’s all coming true—right on schedule.

Rich Hoffman


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2 thoughts on “The Truth About Hillary Clinton: Beaten in every way


    When I heard that Hillary Clinton claimed that she did not know what “C” meant on a classified e-mail on her private server, I realized that she also would claim not know what “Confidential” meant. In addition, she would claim that she didn’t know what “S” or “TS” meant or, in other word, “Secret” or “Top Secret”. To make matters even sillier, she would claim not to know what “NO FORN (Foreign)” meant. Any one who believes her claims of ignorance regarding the significance of classification is an “I” for idiot.

    The situation, however, is actually even worse than not knowing “C”, “S” or “TS”. There are national secrets so important that “Special Access” is needed to restrict the information to a very few “need to know” people. I actually ran into this situation with what was called a letter designation program. My boss at the time, a Navy Captain, said that if I didn’t know what the letter meant then I had no business trying to know. This was obviously very frustrating because I didn’t know whether the information contained by the letter designation program was relevant to my area of expertise in chemical, biological and radiological (CBR) defense. It became a rather interesting drill reducing the classification to something that was useable for program purposes.

    Then there are other ticklish situations. For example, I received information from the CIA. They wanted to know what I thought about it and I told them that everything they provided was easily available from commercial sources and was not unique or of particular use. Well, the fact that the CIA provided the information was a problem in that it exposed their interest in that particular area of technology. To protect the CIA, I had to secure their information by shredding it and placing the remains in a “Secret, No Foreign” burn bag. After that, if they wanted me to look at something, I went to the CIA headquarters or the Pentagon. By the way, the Defense Intelligence Agency also had an interest in the CIA information so parochial challenges had to be dealt with.

    Here is the bottom line: Hillary isn’t incompetent, she is a liar and a crook – and under normal circumstances would likely face life in prison. Of great significance, she knew exactly what she was doing in establishing a private personal server to conduct pay for play and money laundering activities that would make the Mafia proud.

    Obviously, she figured she would never be caught. Unfortunately for her, and very fortunately for Americans, the emails containing various levels of classification were leaked. As far as national security is concerned, this is not good news as America’s secrets are now in the hands of not only Wikileaks but virtually every country that has an interest in the geopolitics of America’s leadership.

    Donald Trump is right on the money when he calls her “crooked Hillary”. The only additional question is who else is part of her gang of crooks.


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