Meet Ivanka Trump at Trump Tower in New York: Just $3 for the chance of a lifetime

I’m not big on celebrities, but a chance to sit with the future first woman president of the United States  would be a good opportunity.  If I won, I would actually go, just to get access to Trump Tower as a VIP.  Ivanka Trump is about the same age of my own children yet I continue to be impressed by her grace and confidence.  I would love to see her have a national platform to inspire millions of young women around the world.  So sending money to her father’s presidential campaign for the chance to spend some time with Ivanka is actually a pretty good deal.  here is the offer as she sent it to me.

Would you like to join me for coffee sometime soon?

Your campaign contribution of $3 today will automatically enter you to win a chance for a trip to campaign headquarters at Trump Tower to sit down for coffee with me.

My father knows that it’s people like you who will drive our campaign to victory. You and millions of other Americans are fed up with a government that isn’t listening to you anymore.

Well my father is listening to you, he is speaking up for you, and I would be glad to meet you in person, getting your thoughts on the campaign and how we can turn our country around.

Your trip (and the coffee) is on us. You don’t need to bring anything other than your ideas about winning the White House and making America great again.

So contribute $3 to automatically enter for a chance to win today.

Good luck. Maybe you and I will meet real soon! I’ll let you know.


Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.  What’s a few hundred bucks for a chance like that.  And if you don’t win, who cares.  The Trump people get some money they need to fight this battle and everyone has a little fun hoping to get a chance to meet this very vibrant young woman in person.

Rich Hoffman


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One thought on “Meet Ivanka Trump at Trump Tower in New York: Just $3 for the chance of a lifetime

  1. Donald Trump Values what America Values:

    There are lots of people who question what Donald Trump values. Well, here they are:

    – He values America and speaks unabashedly about it. He understands that global utopianism is the road to tyranny.
    – He values the Constitution, and sees socialism and Islam as threats to it. (If 20th century genocides and 1400 years of violence have any relevance, he is correct.)
    – He values the rule of law. He understands the dangers of excusing law breaking for political convenience.
    – He values the private enterprise system that has built the phenomenally successful American middle class.
    – He values the men and women who serve and have served in the USA military. He knows that individual freedom is not maintained without individual sacrifice.
    – He values free speech and despises political correctness. He knows that PC is destructive and deadly to national discourse.
    – He values opportunity for everyone and sees the welfare ghettoes as nothing more than modern slavery.
    – He values quality in education and sees that the current public school system needs to be modernized and replaced if necessary. (America’s future success depends on educated and thoughtful kids not indoctrinated social justice warriors.)
    – He values the entrepreneur and the sees the damage that excess taxation and regulation have done to the American business community.
    – He values a strong hand in geopolitics and international economics. He knows that national weakness undermines American success.
    – He values facts and logic in decision-making not the latest poll numbers.

    Donald Trump, regardless of bruised personal feelings, is intellectually the right choice for President in 2016.


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