Send in the Clowns: Hillary Clinton’s coughing secret revealed–a coded message to her base supporters

I honestly don’t think things are as close as the media wants to believe things to be in the 2016 presidential race.  That doesn’t mean that we can all take things for granted, the forces against us are tremendous, but the bottom line of the Hillary Clinton run for POTUS is that she is damaged beyond repair—no matter how much you like her or don’t.  She lost her moral authority a long time ago to serve in that position whereas Donald Trump is at least a fresh face worthy of a chance.  In the end, people will rationalize their vote accordingly—but take nothing for granted—because “The System” will do whatever it has to do to protect itself.  That was the premise of a rather comedy driven hour of radio on WAAM in Ann Arbor, Michigan on September 10th just 60 days out from the upcoming election in November. Matt Clark brought me on to provide color commentary as we covered a number of topics and actually took several calls.  But even more importantly, we broke a story that may be the biggest of the entire election season—that Hillary Clinton’s coughing fits—which were a huge part of our show—is actually a coded plea to her progressive followers.  Her coughing message is one that only radical insurgents like Barbra Streisand and George Soros understand.  Listen for yourself and pass it along to a friend who needs to hear it.  If you translate her coughing message it says—“HELP ME OR I WILL GO TO JAIL.”

With what we knew about Hillary Clinton before the DNC convention it would have still been hard for the old Washington insider to be president of the United States—because people on my side of the political aisle would reject her by default.  Clinton is too divisive of a figure to represent most of America and there would be a continuation of the hatred that seeps out of the progressive left which would further erode away the stability of our country—culturally.  But after, after the resignations at the DNC and the evidence provided from the hacked emails regarding Hillary’s private server, her conduct with the FBI—the FBI’s role in assisting with her cover-up—the Iranian payoff—the inability to think on her feet during debates or press conferences because as a candidate, she is so carefully scripted that her campaign can’t afford to have her any other way—her candidacy is doomed.  It would be impossible for Clinton at this point to be POTUS even if the political left and the media that supports them managed to push her over the top at the Electoral College.  These same dirty tricks put Barack Obama in office and in a lot of ways there is more hatred of him by the politically conservative right after eight years of his efforts because the evidence of our suspicions actually came to fruition.  Many have been counting down the days until his exit—which has kept the peace.  But with Hillary—who is the only selection of the Democratic Party—the evidence is quite clear before the election that she actually committed crimes to be there and those same people simply won’t stand for the potential of another eight years of Democratic presidential rule—because they’ve reached their limit.

I’ve never had much faith in our institutions—like the FBI, the CIA, Homeland Security and those associated government branches—but many were willing to give them the benefit of doubt for the security of the county.  Those people willing to turn the other cheek are much like the caller Sheri who appeared on our radio show to give Matt a piece of her mind regarding the fun we were making of Hillary Clinton’s physical and mental health.  They have been happy to pray for the political left and hope that God would show them the light.  But others like me increasingly have been taking matters into our own hands—like the song “Onward Christian Soldiers Marching As To War” suggests.  There is a reason we have the Bill of Rights in our Constitution and it is for when government ultimately fails us—like it is presently—most notably when the FBI dumps important case documents about Hillary Clinton to the media on the Friday before Labor Day—a trick that would have worked just a few years ago. But now, with the 24-hour news cycles and the 7 day a week coverage of talk radio—things like that don’t get buried anymore.  The fact that they tried to bury the story is the worst evidence yet—it’s actually a bigger story than when the IRS personally targeted conservative groups a few years back—and that story still makes conservatives extremely angry.  There is no way that people will forgive the FBI or Hillary Clinton within the possible eight years of her presidency. Rather, more and more people will use the Bill of Rights to stand up to an obviously corrupt government to change it—and that level of anger was never covered by Saul Alinsky in his leftist guide to tyranny and control, Rules for Radicals.  His book on strategy was aimed at nice people like Sheri, but when they stop praying for people like Hillary Clinton and join the Rich Hoffmans and Matt Clarks of the world with a sword in hand “marching as to war”—Saul Alinsky’s methods disintegrate—which is exactly what is currently happening to the entire progressive movement globally.  Hey, even Al Capone went to jail—which is the figure Saul Alinsky modeled his strategy on.  Like Capone—who had the media, the legal system, and the public eating out of his hand—Hillary has been caught and she knows it.  Everyone around her knows it, and they hope that their old tricks will work one more time to at least get her in office so she can earn the power of the pardon.  But even if she did manage such an act—there are too many people ready for action that won’t put up with it.  If the political left thought the Tea Party movement was hard to deal with—wait until they have to deal with what comes next.

The media needs this election season to appear close; they need the campaign money spent with traditional advertising, because that revenue is actually part of their budgets.  They have to make this race look close for their own survival.  They can’t afford to say at CNN that the race was over before Labor Day and that only the Republicans have a viable candidate running at this point—so essentially the election is over.  They can’t allow the news cycles to move on to football coverage and the upcoming Holiday Season—because they need the candidates themselves to continue injecting millions and millions of dollars into advertising and commentary into copy for newspapers, television, and talk radio for their own sustainability.  But I’m telling you dear reader that the election is over one way or the other.  Like or hate Donald Trump—he’s the only one running and with him there is a hope that something might change—because he’s a different kind of candidate. But Hillary will be rejected regardless of what happens during the election—and things could get very ugly.

I continue to be proud that I’ve had the opportunity to meet Donald Trump a few times now—and that I was with his campaign from the start.  I am excited that he might actually bring competition to the public school system through School Choice and take the shackles off our economy.  If he did just those two things he’d be a success in my book—and he’s the best shot we have at fixing those two problems.  I’ve had a Trump sign in front of my house for a while now, and just last week I saw a change among my neighbors.  Now they too have Trump signs in their yards.  At the end of my street is a medium-sized manufacturing business and it now has its entire frontage displaying Trump signs eager for his upcoming election.  What has changed over these last few weeks is that normal people have made their decision.  They can’t vote for an obvious criminal, so they will vote for Trump—likely in higher numbers than we’ve seen in any recent election.  And for one last time—we’ll trust the system to get it right.  People like Sheri will vote and pray one more time—and if at the end of that process Hillary Clinton is in the White House, then open insurrection will slowly come to a boil.  Because what Saul Alinsky and his liberal followers never learned about the political Christian right is that their behavior of kindness is rooted in belief that things will at some point get better.  If that hope is taken away from them, then they will fight—and they’ll fight with a desperation that few on planet earth understand—especially George Soros.  People born free and relatively happy know the difference when they are being openly scammed through a massive government insurrection.  There is a reason that committed leftists like Barbra Streisand don’t make movies like The Main Event anymore—because people like my mom wouldn’t go to see her, or buy her albums, because of her political beliefs—which has been destroying Hollywood since the Clintons were first in office during the 90s.

For so many years people like Barbra Streisand on the far left have made fun of us on the right essentially because each time nice women like Sheri heard conservatives like Matt and I giving it back to the left—we listened, and those on the left continued because they didn’t believe in anything.  They have mischaracterized our behavior to believe they have some almighty power of philosophy that entitled them to impose themselves on everyone else.

Yet Streisand even with all her Hollywood friends couldn’t get a movie made today if she wanted to—because she is box office toxic—due to her politics.  And regardless of what Hillary Clinton does or says in the next 60 days, she will not be able to convince any more than half the nation that she has the authority to be in the White House.  And when you take away people’s power of the vote—they will resort to other measures.  As I look at the battlefield, I don’t see that America is quite ready for that—and I believe that when the smoke clears, Donald Trump will be the president and we’ll see what happens—and I don’t think it will be close.  However, if Hillary wins, that anxiety on the political right will increase to a level nobody has yet seen in the history of America.  When law and order no longer matter, and agencies like the FBI actively assist in committing crimes—then bad things will happen—and nobody is ready for that.  George Soros certainly didn’t plan for that, and his kids have no idea.  Streisand has lost touch with the everyday people.

She can sing songs from Hollywood about Trump, but she doesn’t understand what is behind the movement that fuels him.  And neither does Hillary when she made a break from trying to appeal to Trump voters last week to calling them “deplorable” this week—the real fear was revealed.  We are in new territory and nobody knows what to do about it.  But I can tell you this dear reader—Hillary Clinton will never be accepted as president—even if the system names her in such a way.  She’s a criminal at best and she was caught—and we all see it.  She lost the election before the DNC convention when the emails were released—and its only gotten worse since then.  What’s even scarier for her—is that the worst of the evidence has yet to be released.  The only clowns in this issue are the Barbra Streisand types who are so out of touch that they don’t even understand the pulse of mainstream America any more.  They look in the mirror and think they are the righteous ones—when in fact they are part of a criminal class born on the philosophies of a mobster—and their day of reckoning is coming one way or the other—through a vote, or through the violence that follows injustice.  Bring on the clowns—we’re ready for them if they steal this election by inserting a criminal in a position of power—knowingly.

Rich Hoffman


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One thought on “Send in the Clowns: Hillary Clinton’s coughing secret revealed–a coded message to her base supporters

  1. On top of all you report; today Ms. Rodham had a “spell” at the 911 Memorial. Even though she had a lot of help holding her up, her knees buckled and she lost a shoe. She said she became “overheated.”
    This was in the morning and the temperature was reported to be in the 70’s. Not exactly “hot” weather. She retreated to Chelsea’s $12 million penthouse apartment. This woman, on top of her criminal activities, seems to have some major health problems.

    I have zero respect for anyone that supports this liar and criminal. She and many other members of the government are corrupt and in business to enrich themselves. Trump all the way.


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