Donald Trump Speaking on behalf of Phyllis Schlafly: Leadership and honor even at a funeral–which is expected

As the world was concerned about other things, conservatives respectfully sent their wishes to the family of Phyllis Schlafly, as the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was given a standing ovation at the St. Louis Cathedral Basilica at the funeral for Phyllis Schlafly. The congregation stood to its feet and applauded Donald Trump after his wonderful remarks. I thought it was interesting, and revealing to the type of President Donald Trump will be to show what the press virtually ignored.  Trump even under grim circumstances projected strength and honor in the face of gloom bringing the entire room up a level as we all walk the precipice between life and death.  Nothing is worse than a funeral, yet Trump’s energy for life uplifts everyone, which says a lot in defense of what kind of conservative leadership he possess, which Phyllis believed in.

Schlafly was a constitutional lawyer, conservative activist, author, speaker, columnist and founder of the Eagle Forum.

Phyllis was active promoting conservative agenda until her passing. She wrote a weekly column for over 50 years. Schlafly released a book in August, “The Conservative Case for Trump,” with co-authors Ed Martin and Brett Decker – The Conservative Case for Trump.

In March Phyllis Schlafly endorsed Donald Trump for president at the Peabody Opera House in St. Louis.

Rich Hoffman


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