Trump International Hotel Washington:The biggest story of the week–Ayn Rand’s heroes are no longer fiction

The biggest news of the week after Hillary passed out at a 9/11 ceremony ahead of a big election wasn’t her criminal activity involving her emails.  It wasn’t even the start of an NFL season.  It was the quiet and unpretentious trump card that Donald Trump unleashed with a soft opening in Washington D.C. featuring his new hotel and likely one of the most prestigious destinations on planet earth—and that includes the many fine hotels of Abu Dhabi.  Trump and his team delivered in a big way on time and ahead of schedule essentially a masterpiece of modern architecture proving what I’ve said from the very beginning—we are electing into the office of president—finally in America, a hero from one of Ayn Rand’s novels which will perpetually change the political landscape for the better from here on.  While most politicians would be completely focused on their campaigns in these final days Trump was able to perform all those expected functions doing interviews with Fox and Friends—wishing good health to the ailing Hillary Clinton before jetting off to Alabama to a massive rally planned later that night.   In between Trump stopped by his latest building masterpiece to launch the soft opening and speak to his employees with this little speech.

What we are seeing dear reader is a man of high expectation at the height of his game and he has proven himself a master in the arts of mass utilization.  He’s an unrivaled spectacle of his own making and is the closest thing to the real life Howard Roark from the great American novel, The Fountainhead that we’ve ever seen—only he’s better.  Where Roark was uncompromising and socially awkward—the way Ayn Rand herself was—Trump is confident and can give a little in public to earn people to his side—but in the end he gets exactly what he wants without being a victim to social circumstances the way that the fictional Howard Roark was—where he had to blow up his own building to take ownership of it.  Trump just dominates whatever he does keeping himself from ever being a victim, and that is exactly what we should have as a presidential representative of the United States.   He’s his own kind of man and is certainly a product of American capitalism in a very positive way.

Not since Walt Disney has an American personality essentially taken on the status quo of virtually everything and elevated it for all who follow and Trump has done that in politics by performing the effort so leisurely without taking his foot off the petal of his professional interests.  As I’ve said all along, when Trump has his hard open to this grand D.C. hotel later in October—after the kinks of the soft opening have been worked out—the lead story going into the election will be that Trump can do for America as a country what he did to the Old Post Office on Pennsylvania Avenue—next door to the White House.   With ceilings more than twenty feet tall in some of the rooms the luxury hotel is a testament to excellence—and uncompromising integrity, a symbol of what’s about to happen in Washington D.C.—then across America.

Trump’s plan which has obviously been in the back of his mind for a long time was to use that hotel to raise the bar in the ailing United States capital and to fix policy from the White House that will correct the course America is presently on and bring it to unprecedented levels never before thought possible—and this hotel is the evidence of what can really happen when Trump and his family put their name on something.  The Trump D.C. hotel was essentially a project of Ivanka and she truly did deliver—and I honestly think it will be she who will be the first female president once she’s completed a few more of these massive real estate endeavors stepping out from under her father’s massive shadow.

With the hard opening in October displaying all the glamour and glitz that is expected from a capitalist country awing the media just before the election Trump will get a bounce that will be better than his RNC event and that will be the last impression voters will have going to the voting booth on November 8th.  That doesn’t mean you can stay home dear reader, the Democrats always have a few tricks up their sleeves.  But their act is a tired one—and they can’t hold a candle to Trump and his glorious escapades of which the Trump D.C. hotel is but the latest.  The media covered the soft opening with a focus on a few hairy socialist protesters outside the grand building, but the magnificence of the event overshadowed their efforts valiantly—and that scared the media—such as Reuters and the AP.  Talk about an exclamation point at the end of the most unusual presidential candidacy in American history—there really isn’t anything Democrats can do to compete with the Trumps from New York.  During the soft opening the polls were slightly in Trump’s favor.  From here on out, he will gradually pull ahead and Hillary will not be able to play from behind.  Her health won’t allow her, and she is too top heavy organizationally to adapt.  Trump has beat them with the cards in his deck and the Trump D.C. hotel is the last hand needed to win the presidency—and everyone on the inside knows it.  Once the American voter learns about it—the election will essentially be over.  Do not take anything for granted—show up on that first Tuesday in November and VOTE.  But Trump has essentially played his last card for a victory and it is the Trump Hotel in D.C.  What a masterpiece!  Ayn Rand would be very proud.

Likely such a supposition will fray the skin of people like Glenn Beck, and John Stossel who are big supporters of Ayn Rand’s Objectivism and would point at Trump and declare that he is no John Galt.  But Trump has been his own engine of the world—and he’s done it the traditional way through real, tangible assets and hard uncompromising work.  Objectivists all across the various political philosophies would disagree with me—but I know something they don’t.  Objectivism doesn’t go far enough as a philosophy to carry the human race forward—there are other aspects that need to emerge into practice as foundational principles friendly to a capitalist nation.   Objectivism is fine for foundations, but Trump is in a league of his own—I would call him a sequel to Ayn Rand.  He is an engine, but his definition and integrity are defined largely by him and his value than by what some philosopher has framed for him—and that makes him something truly special, and unique.

People like Glenn Beck have let down a lot of people over just this last year.  When he pleaded on Fox News over nearly six years ago for the world to unleash its real Hank Reardons he really didn’t mean it, because Trump is now before us.  His hotel in Washington D.C. is a shining example of what America can do if it unleashes its best and brightest, and in this case it is the Trump Organization which shines brightest in the dimming light of the Washington skyline.  And it’s about time that we have an engine of the world in the White House to unleash all that pent-up potential so that a decade from now, the Trump D.C. will look rather average for America—and not so exceptional—because the level of expectation will finally be raised to where it should be.

Rich Hoffman


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2 thoughts on “Trump International Hotel Washington:The biggest story of the week–Ayn Rand’s heroes are no longer fiction

  1. Glenn now stands with the likes of Paul Ryan and James Comey. I understand him and his stance but the constant barrage against Trump will forever tarnish his brand and future. Especially if Illery wins. There are many of us that are already struggling, and listening to him just makes me want to drink battery acid and poke hot skewers in my eyeballs! Give it a rest.
    It bodes well for him that he doesn’t care and will live out his life on the farm with his family and his principles. It’s just such a long, lonely fall when those that learned so much from his old teachings don’t go over the cliff with him. It’s gonna hurt when he hits bottom….(for the second time as an alcoholic.)
    I won’t get into Trump with you. There’s nothing sincere there and he’ll do or say anything. He’s a shape shifter just like the rest. It does please me to see that hotel in barry’s backyard.

    Great post TKR.


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