Trump and Child Care: Making families great again

Remember dear reader that I predicted the end of the Democratic Party on Matt Clark’s radio show early in the 2016 election.  I specifically said far before Hillary Clinton became the train wreck that her campaign has become that the Republican Party would split into two and that Democrats would cease to be and that the overall nature of the entire country would move to the political right.  Once that happened Trump, who as of now is considered one of the most radical right winged candidates in the history of the presidency, will be considered a liberal and that the critics of Trump’s recent child care rebate speech launched brilliantly at just the right time in the campaign, would launch themselves into a new conservative party yet named and headed by the likes of Glenn Beck and Ted Cruz.  I said on WAAM radio that I thought it would take a few years to occur but that the foundations were already present—the end of the Democratic Party is coming. Trump is about to destroy them and I love him for it.  Good riddance!

I am of the mind that Trump’s proposals greatly benefiting women and their child care expenses isn’t just another giant government program spreading big brother even more to the far reaches of our country—it’s the first step of a master negotiator to begin walking back the massive damage progressives have done to the American family.  I was just a little stunned by Trump’s proposal for the first time in our nation’s history that a tax credit the value of yearly child care would be provided to women who stay home with their children as well as those who decide to enter the workplace.  Whereas Trump’s proposals led by his daughter Ivanka look like the type of policies a Democrat would propose, the heart of the effort is distinctly conservative.

I’ve been saying it for over 40 years—women who stay home with their children are taking on the most difficult occupations of our society and the most important—the raising of our youth.  My mother was ridiculed to hell and back for being a housewife who was always home while I was growing up and my wife had it even worse—because she did the same.  Now my kids are staying home with their children.  They have professional occupations, but they work from their homes and they put their children first—which is hard to do.  Being a mom—not a neurotic mess like most school levy supporters are—not a panicking soccer mom or busy body latté sipper—but a mom is the most important job in the entire world and it’s about time that “government” recognize it as such.

Government run by progressives have been at war with the American family for the last seventy years—likely longer—and the quality of our people shows the negative results dramatically.  I can spot a person who had a stay-at-home mom a mile away—even as old shriveled up raisins themselves playing golf.  You can tell when a person was loved as a child by a mother.  It shows in how they walk, talk, and process information.  You can also tell who had chaotic childhoods that were raised in day care facilities.  Their minds are scattered messes—and sadly, many people reading this are of this experience.  This has been the fault of government.  It has attempted through public education to replace the parent at home with big government ideas that perpetuated lifelong entitlements—for which the paternal government would provide through wealth confiscation and redistribution.   Many years of this behavior has essentially destroyed our nation intellectually.  The starting point for fixing this problem is to incentivize the American family to remain intact and to nurture each other toward prosperity—because the top down government model has failed miserably. 

Not exactly a friendly crowd in that clip, but he handled things unusually well–unscripted, informal, and competent.  So it was quite a statement to acknowledge that stay-at-home moms would qualify for a tax credit worth the cost of child care.  That I think is huge, and extremely conservative.  For a change, a Republican is taking a conservative idea and dressing it up to appeal to moderates and Democrats and selling it in an appealing way.  But in so doing Trump is putting the American family first in a way that I’ve never seen done in politics before—and this is very encouraging.  Under Trump’s proposal, both of my daughter’s would qualify for a tax credit because they have stayed home to care for their children in a traditional way—instead of being penalized the way families have been in the past.  

These Trumps mean business—and continue to show what kind of Executive Branch they’d maintain every day while in the White House.  Nobody has worked harder on more hard policy innovation than they have just during this campaign—and given Donald Trump’s track record—I have no doubt that he will work even harder knowing that history is judging him—because he seems to really care about those types of things.  Trump from every direction seems to be doing exactly what I have been dreaming of in a presidential candidate all my life—and he expects himself to actually do the things he’s talking about.   Trump, he is a hard worker, he’s innovative, and he expects to accomplish things.  He also has the establishment scared to death—which is wonderful for a change.   He is a sign of real change and ultimately, I think the biggest impact will be on the two-party system.  When that happens, remember you heard it from me first, the Democratic Party is about to become extinct.  

The Trumps and the people of their campaign—some of which I know, are the best of what is produced in America.  Trump is planning to invest in the future not only fiscally, but emotionally by making the family the center of all our values once again—and that is a wonderful thing.

Rich Hoffman


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2 thoughts on “Trump and Child Care: Making families great again

  1. Rush has a fairly good montage yesterday which I am sure was in response to GB in the morning who was hemorrhaging from every organ over this. It’s the least of our problems and I unfortunately glaze over when this kind of policy comes up.
    I was at Wright Patt last night with some friends from out of town and those guys said things that I did not want to hear when we went out for dinner. All voting for Trump, but have grave concerns we’ll be toast before then. It’s that bad militarily…. in all corners. Think pre WWII.

    Went to the BOE for app for absentee for parents yesterday. What a fucked up mess our voting system is. I had in hand proof of POA and they said they don’t accept that. I explained my father had his faculties but can’t write due to several TIA’s (strokes.) I completely lost it. I bet I ranted for a good 3 minutes without inhaling. Common sense has left the building and Mr. Husted is going to hear from me until he calls me back personally. He’d fair better to do it right away as he’ll know my name in his drams until he does. I’m going to tackle my issue and then this one.

    It’s absurd that someone like me can’t sign with proof, but they accept a dot or squiggly, and blurt it out! And…..those chicks get to work with me this fall on some level. They can’t handle the likes of little ole me….what’ll they do when an illegal throws a hissy? I can answer that. Fold,


    1. I think its as bad as we have just a few months to either fix it, or lose it forever. It is that bad. I have hope that some major change might shock the life back into everyone–but short of that–it will get so much worse.


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