The Very Sick and Unfit Hillary Clinton: Diamond and Silk doing the job the media won’t

So just how bad is Hillary Clinton’s health?  Well, the evidence says that it’s pretty terrible.  She may have difficulty making it through the 2016 campaign let alone a four year stint in the Oval Office.  However, since the media is trying to cover up her incredibly lackluster vigor, and since she has went out of her way to say Donald Trump doesn’t have what it takes to be president, we must turn our gazes to independent journalists—like Diamond and Silk for the hard facts.  Here they are.

Rich Hoffman


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5 thoughts on “The Very Sick and Unfit Hillary Clinton: Diamond and Silk doing the job the media won’t

  1. There is something wrong with he. They are trying to keep it under wraps until after the election. She loses points every time she makes a speech. Tim Kaine is even worse than Hillary as he has been a far leftist most of his life. He also has appointed many radical Islamists to high positions; as has Obama. We must work to make sure Mr. Trump is elected.


  2. I’ve read at several places that experts say she’s in the latter stages of Parkinson’s disease. Her doctors know, those that are closest to her know and I believe the FBI knows and made the decision they did.

    I could guess at a million things. Everything is such a lie these days and they could care less. They have a much bigger picture of the future and we don’t matter in that picture just like we don’t now.
    Nice to see you Gatekeeper!!!!


  3. I believe the “big debate tonight” is stacked in Hillary’s favor. I also believe she has been given the list of questions in advance. She is always holding an “Ace” in her favor by the media. They will attack Mr. Trump with questions taken from his many “late night” interviews through the years. That is what her one ad on women is all about. He was in charge of many beauty contests. What he is quoted as saying was in regard to the obvious fact that all women do not meet the requirements for a beauty pageant. The corporations that are fueling these ads are very worried about their “in house” paid reps will be exposed for what they really are. I now listen to Herman Cain instead of Beck. Beck has gone off the deep end. By the way, Hillary has never been “for the children.” Read her letter to Marc Tucker on education. It is on line.


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