How Trump Beat Hillary Clinton: The realities of a new kind of politics

It was pretty clear to me that while watching the Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton debate on September 26th 2016 that the New York billionaire won the debate.  The Donald maintained control throughout the entire debate negating the moderator Lester Holt and forcing Clinton to spend much of the event quiet with that stupid chipmunk awkward smile she uses when trying to rationalize through her various learned behaviors to evoke some level of confidence on topics she is uncomfortable with.  So it came as a shock to me that all the establishment types declared her the winner of the debate during the spin room conversations that took place afterwards.  Nobody with a sane mind could rationalize that Clinton had won the debate—yet most did evoking some invisible standard which the rest of the nation didn’t respect.  Online polls—not the most accurate—but ones that reflect direct passions of the electorate voted that Trump had won—handedly, while establishment media from all walks of life enjoyed the status quo performance of Hillary.  Likely their standard of success was that she didn’t pass out on stage because that would be the only measure of success that I’d give her.  The proof is in the debate highlights seen below where Trump clearly dominated with his performance. 

After the debate it was evident the Clintons hoped to work the VIPs in the room by shaking their hands.  Bill Clinton avoided the Trump family leaving them on the stage alone for several minutes.  I watched this with my tongue in my cheek because it was obvious they weren’t pleased with Hillary’s performance.  Usually the families mingle a bit showing the country that the election is bigger than the candidates—but that’s not how things ended on Monday night.  After a few minutes of the cold shoulder, Trump and his family left the stage for the spin room where Trump himself worked the media.  Hillary played the celebrity shaking hands with her sergeants hoping they would do that job for her.  While Trump was still giving his interview to Sean Hannity, Hillary and her husband Bill—carrying a beverage casually as if he just woke up at a hotel somewhere and was taking his time getting started in the morning—walked to the Econoline van that picked up the passed out Clinton from the 9/11 ceremony recently, and they left the debate facility rather quickly.  I thought it was a very interesting strategy for an unnaturally weak candidate.   Even though I don’t like Hillary Clinton or her family, even objectively thinking—she is just a weak person and can’t help coming across that way.  The more she talks, the worse she sounds, including in the debate. 

So it was stunning that so many establishment types declared her the winner.  Charles Krauthammer from Fox News declared it a draw—which seemed fair for him—but most others thought Hillary Clinton had won which left me scratching my head.  I have a great memory and during the entire debate I was pretty happy with the way Donald Trump asserted himself and literally handled the entire room with confidence.  He owned the stage by every account.  He controlled the pace of the discussion, and he controlled the topics.  He purposely didn’t go for the knockout because it had been decided it would be bad for a man of over 6 feet tall to slap around a little 5’ 4” elderly woman on stage which might actually bring her to physical harm—so Trump avoided the bait—looked presidential, and stayed on the high ground the best he could.  He defended all the sensitive areas well and avoided being pulled into a defensive position without getting himself out of it by the end of the segment. 

So what on earth were the establishment types looking at?  Clearly they were judging the performance based on a measure of static intellectualism which sought to protect itself from the dynamic force Trump represented and they had turned away everything he had said to protect their known reality.  It was a classic case similar to the woman who knows her husband is cheating on her, yet is afraid to disrupt their family income so chooses to ignore the facts to protect her livelihood.  Or the abused spouse married to an alcoholic that is afraid of the conflict that might occur by intervening in the destructive habit.  Hillary Clinton and her supporters—many in the media who have learned to live their entire adult lives under the destructive habits of establishment politics—and fear any changes to that system, are more than happy to preserve that system because they have some level of expected success they wouldn’t have any other way.  So they fight to preserve it even if that means ignoring some simple facts.

Hillary Clinton is a wounded animal representing a status quo political aristocracy that is being rejected—globally—and in the United States Trump showed that he was willing to take on that entire institution fearlessly and with mass charisma—and “they” hated him for it.  So they inserted “their” own static deductions hoping to ignore the dynamic force of change Trump represents.  They created a fictional outcome that simply did not exist at the debate—and time will show over the coming week that people will continue to choose Trump in the polls leaving her reeling from the competition.   Hillary Clinton spent over five days preparing for that debate and she needed a dominating performance which Trump denied her of.  She relied afterwards too much on the establishment media—which has been replaced by The Drudge Report, blogs like this one, and broadcasts like Infowars, leaving her without representation where it counts most in the 2016 election.  That is the reason Donald Trump has been surging to begin with—because the rules are now different and shockingly, the entire establishment ignored those rules in favor of some outdated engagement procedures which no longer have any relevance.

I think Trump won big and that isn’t just wishful thinking.  He achieved his objectives—but Hillary didn’t.  She didn’t show that Trump was unfit, or that she could outmaneuver him.  All she showed was that she could run out the clock and get out of the building with her skin still intact, which was what Trump wanted from the outset, to show that he had compassion for an old woman who is smaller and less powerful than he was.  In the aftermath, Trump’s online presence with potential voters far eclipsed Hillary Clinton leaving her to resort to old tricks about calling women names like “Miss Piggy” and other derogatory names—which in the minds of the typical sports bar attendee—is accurate assessments of various female embodiments—which actually leads credibility to Trump’s truth telling.  Just 12 hours after the conclusion of the debate Hillary was desperately grabbing for a life raft as the world around her had changed without her understanding—and she was truly lost.  With the amount of energy, she put into this first debate to get such sluggish results the path to victory just got a lot longer and more narrow—and for such a weakling as her—much more unachievable leaving the vision of her dreams dimming by the moment.  And if I didn’t hate her so much—I might feel sorry for her sorry ass.  But I don’t.  She’s a vile criminal who deserves all this and more—and then we have October and the surprises yet to come—and the gray clouds around her political future embroiled within them leading to a satisfying conclusion for those who hate her as much as I do. 

Rich Hoffman


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8 thoughts on “How Trump Beat Hillary Clinton: The realities of a new kind of politics

  1. I thought she looked like she had taken major tranquilizers. That painted on silly grin the whole debate was so inappropriate. She kept smiling when there wasn’t anything to smile about. I also am sick and tired of the one sided “fact checking” by the moderators of these debates. Lester Holt had no business involving himself into the debate. That was Hillary’s job. She seemed to be so robotic. I thought Mr. Trump maintained the correct decorum. She said so many things that he said that were totally out of context. He is right about the millions that she has spent on ads. Vile ads that could be a lot worse against her. She defended a child rapist and was proud of doing so. Maybe Mr. Trump should make an ad about all of her evil deeds.


      1. He does have options. She has the media in her pocket, but people are sick and tired of the leftist media. More than half of the people have stopped paying attention to the mainstream. The Enquirer endorsed Hillary. Who cares what the Enquirer does. I predict that they will be closing their doors in the very near future.


  2. Trump won on substance. Hillary won on style.

    By the way, photos now show a box and a wire running up her back during the debate – yet there was a microphone. Curious and we need Sherlock Holmes to discover the secret of the female in red.


    1. Actually, fairly easy to do using a xerox machine. Holt tells one of his people to make him a copy and they make two. Hillary would pay thousands to have the info ahead of time and Holt certainly would not spend any time investigating a leak seeing as how he is a RINO in NYC.


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