Paying Taxes is Not Patriotic: What Hillary Clinton and O’Hare International have in common

For me personally, the big takeaway from the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was not when Trump declared himself “smart” for not paying huge amounts of federal tax—it was Hillary’s reaction the next day—and that of the media which actually sent me into a rage for which I have not yet recovered.  As everyone who knows me understands—I hate taxes and it disgusts me to see my hard-earned money wasted on government inefficiencies that the private sector does much better.  When I’ve been to Japan on business it amazes me to see their people so industrious working in their public parks picking up the tiniest bit of litter—happily.  Here in the states whether it’s the Great Smokey Mountains or Huston Woods, the government workers there are often lazy, bitchy, and entitled, and those are often the ones I like the most compared to IRS workers or the employees at the BMV.  It literally makes me sick to give money through force to entitled people whether those recipients are welfare zombies or government workers like socialist teachers and other monopoly driven union entities who make 40% more than everyone else for doing far less productive work than a majority of our country.  So when Trump said he was smart for not paying a lot of federal tax, I was so excited I almost leaped into my television to high-five him—because he was speaking my kind of language.  But Hillary, what a pathetic socialist mess she is.  I thought her husband was a leftist scum bag.  She is far, far worse—a Lenin ideologue representing the zombies of our society and hearing her squawk like a broken chicken with a cold actually made me quite angry when she insinuated that paying taxes was a patriotic duty.  Boy is she wrong!

It is not patriotic to pay taxes.  It has become for the last hundred years a perceived obligation that the political left has formulated through public education to seem patriotic, but it’s really a fool’s premise.  It is at best an illegal confiscation of wealth by the federal government for the use of idiots who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to put their hands on that kind of money—if not by the force of government.   With the kind of wealth that Trump has, if he found a way to pay zero percent of it in taxes, I would think of him as a genius, and I would admire him a lot more than I do right now.  That is exactly the kind of president I want in the White House, someone who understands the tricks of the “federal reserve” and is against higher taxes while supporting a simpler tax code.

Yet progressives need taxes to pay for all the “stuff” they have given away over the years to win votes.  They have enjoyed their success in life by literally stealing money and giving it to people who keep them in high paying government jobs—and it’s a pathetic racket.  What government workers do for our society is not worth the cost and I would point to the fine Japanese people who work hard at everything they do as the example of what I expect.  Just a few months ago I sat on a park bench waiting for my entourage to finish dining and I watched not just a few very diligent female workers picking up liter in a park with little devices that looked like chop sticks.  A small army of those people did that job daily in the town of Himeji—and they didn’t look like homeless despots that crawled out of a cardboard box.  They didn’t look like our park rangers and national park employees in the United States—typically fifty pounds overweight and looking like they had their eyes only on quitting time.  Those workers in Himeji worked their asses off and they actually looked prideful about doing it. I told one working closest to me how much I appreciated their effort and they bowed deeply in thanks and resumed their work.  When flying into Tokyo from Chicago it’s literally like landing on another planet.  The airport workers in Tokyo treat you with respect to your time because they assume whatever your doing—it has some value.  They move you through the immigration lines quickly and the luggage handling is efficient.  I recently approached a line and thought I would have to stand in line for two hours.  They moved through all those people in about twenty minutes.  If the same line had been present in New York, Chicago, or Atlanta—it would have easily have been two hours.  The work ethic in the United States these days is pathetic and compared to others around the world, it shows and it became that way with this ridiculous entitlement culture that progressives like Hillary Clinton has nurtured along for the last century—and I don’t want my money feeding that system.

I don’t blame Trump one bit for his comments, because they reflect my own.  If government wants to help people, do it through natural economic growth, not through punishing personal income tax that never should have been implemented in 1913 with the 16th Amendment put in place by the progressive politics of the age—which should be repealed at the earliest possible date.  It is not our patriotic duty to pay for the garbage we get from our federal government, the bad service, the terrible attitudes of the employees from the TSA to the IRS agent that is impossible to fire.  To the Chicago school teacher that makes six figures for 9 months of work and goes on strike every two years.  I’ve seen better around the world and I expect Americans to be better than those examples, and until they are—I don’t want to pay for the lackluster behavior of the government entitlement class.  I wish I could take everyone in the world to Himeji, Japan—or anywhere in that country—and let them see people who work their asses off not for money or prestige, but because they enjoy the internal benefit of doing a good job for the sake of doing it.

Hillary Clinton in her refute of Trump missed the point of many of her arguments against him.  If someone does a bad job—should they still get paid?  If a waiter gives me bad service, I don’t tip them.  If a company tries to rip me off, I go somewhere else.  Competition is the key to instilling quality in the marketplace and without it, you get bad service.  Trump understands this.  He’s not obligated to paying for bad work in his buildings and he’s certainly not obligated to share his accumulated wealth on losers like Hillary Clinton—government employees who clearly don’t get it.  I can’t think of a single job in the world that I’d hire a loser like Hillary Clinton for largely because she has that pretentious snobby attitude of entitlement—a ruined mind made lazy by years of unchallenging government work which she lawyered herself through in a climb for power to spread progressive philosophy to the masses—which has made her a detrimental menace.  I am embarrassed by people like her because she makes Americans look bad around the world—especially in places like Himeji, Japan.

I hate landing at O’Hare International airport—especially after a trip from Japan.  Immediately you can feel the entitlement from the employees at the airport—especially the unionized TSA agents.  Most of them are slow, and fat—and I say that because being overweight symptoms is a sign typically of overabundance and lack of effort—and those are the people in charge of whether I catch my connecting flight back to Cincinnati or get stuck in Chicago for the night wasting my time with more inefficiency—which costs me even more money.  Time and money are not elements that progressive liberals understand—or respect and when I see these slugs in action I think of people like Hillary Clinton.  O’Hara International airport is the land of Hillary Clinton—fat, unambitious, lackadaisical, greasy, broken, and entitled without a care in the world to how much time of yours they waste or how much it costs.  They could care less.  In Tokyo complain to someone at the airport that you had to wait for ten minutes and they bow deeply and a team of people rush to make you happy—because they honor the essence of your time.  At O’Hara, or at the IRS—they tell you to take a number while some Jabba the Hutt character tells you to talk to the hand.   It is that kind of thinking in America that we have to fix and paying taxes blindly to a bunch of government losers isn’t the way to get there.   Trump however is the way to start that journey by first looking in the mirror and calling things the way they are—whether they are fat, stupid, slow, or just plain wrong—and then solving the problem from there.  Trump is that solution—or at least the start of it.  Hillary is an insult.  My time is valuable, and many of Americans have better things to do than to work hard just to give their money away for bloated government entitlements that actually make our country much weaker.

Rich Hoffman


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