It’s Over For Hillary Clinton: The thing about little birds who whisper sweet secrets about to be unleashed

As I watched Trump literally destroy Hillary Clinton’s stage presence on Saturday October 1st at a rally in Pennsylvania—which was hilarious and charismatic all at the same time, I noticed something different about Donald Trump.  The edge was gone as if he knew something—or had learned it lately which the rest of us have not yet discovered that would doom his rival Hillary Clinton.  That’s when a little bird came to me to whisper sweet nothings about events brewing across the great Atlantic—headed for a media outlet near you.  Little birds like that always want you to promise not to say anything to give away their secrets—yet they want you to say something otherwise they wouldn’t come to you in the first place—so it’s always this type of game with “little birds.”  But rest assured Trump fans—the Trump people know what I’m alluding to and Donald Trump obviously can smell the blood in the water—especially since Clinton decided all by her little self to draw that blood first at the first debate they had together.  Let’s just say she deserves what she has coming and this next debate will be one for the ages.  It will be worse than a prison sentence to stand on stage at a town hall style forum in front of another 100 million people and watch all her hopes and dreams vanish over a 90 minute period because what’s getting ready to happen will even have liberals stirred up.  So just remember, Hillary asked for it.

Even better than justice is when you have a guy like Trump who will defy convention in every regard and do what he thinks is right.  It may not seem like Trump should mock an old woman for her weaknesses while trying to court more women voters who may happen to be fat, ugly, or losing estrogen at the rate of a deflating hot air balloon—gradually becoming more of a sagging bag of flesh with each moment—but Trump isn’t a normal candidate and he doesn’t have to pretend to be.  He’s a real, authentic, hard-working person who is certainly out of the mainstream loop—and the mainstreamers just essentially lost their candidate—so it’s now a one person race.  And there’s nothing they can do about it—and Trump knows it, and feels no need to put on a happy face just to make them happy.  And I love it.  And I also love those little birds who visit me with little gifts from beyond.  Soon you’ll love them too.  Get ready—this is going to be fun.

You don’t see that kind of thing at Hillary rally, even on nice days.  There will be a lot of happy people this week.  That’s for sure.

Rich Hoffman


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