Women who are Terrified of Hillary Clinton: The Fire behind the Smoke!

Hey, Hillary started it.  Donald Trump tried to keep the election about issues—as much as possible when a Clinton is involved.   So when the Clinton campaign through a newspaper they control, The Washington Post, released an 11-year-old video about Donald Trump—that they waited until October to release—because they’ve had the video for a long time—Hillary opened herself to her deep dark past.  So it should go without saying that Trump and his campaign spent about five minutes throwing cards on the table that they had been holding also.  Breitbart.com met with three victims of Hillary’s past wrath at the Watergate hotel of all places on Saturday October 8th—and let the women talk about what kind of woman Clinton really is.  Women who may not otherwise know can learn who the Democratic presidential candidate really is now.  And it’s not good.   Donald Trump put out a Tweet to the Breitbart articles and exclusive videos as he boarded his plan to head for the big St. Louis debate on October 9, 2016 and now you can see them too below.



This news is bad enough, and it cannot be ignored by the press as much as they’d like to.  But to make matters even worse for Hillary is that while the world tripped over the details of Donald Trump talking privately over a hot mic, Wikileaks unloaded about 1% of what they had of the deleted Clinton emails-which is essentially enough by itself to not only put her in jail, but to bring indictment to most of the members of the Washington D.C. culture—from the White House, to the Justice Department—to the FBI.  So read these links.  Watch the videos.  And enjoy the debate.  It will be one for the history books and remember Clinton supports—Hillary started it. 

Put George Soros out of business–VOTE TRUMP!

Rich Hoffman


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Everything is Awesome: The Key to Donald Trump’s success in politics and why the controversies are irrelevant

I watched with the fascination of a scientist the oddly chaotic admonition of Donald Trump on Saturday October 9th over comments he made about women eleven years ago.  It didn’t matter to me in the least—perhaps even less.   I wouldn’t care about such things if the event happened yesterday or there were stacks of similar tapes—it certainly had no impact on my support for Donald Trump.  So I found it very strange that the entire media and so many established politicians quickly turned on Trump and were actually calling for him to step down while his counterpart on the other side—Hillary Clinton actually broke the law—many times in her campaign—and hadn’t received anywhere near the same level of outrage.  What was going on was something that I was aware of, but it was something that sort of resides on the subsurface of our American existence and now it had emerged from the shadows disguised as something else entirely and showed its fangs.  During the Saturday after Trump made an unneeded apology we were able to smell the vile breath of this new American villain—the direct assault of progressive politics aimed at destroying the American male completely and replacing him with some scribbled mess of academic creation—a Frankenstein monster assembled in think tanks around academia to allow liberals around the world to steam roll the newest form of communism across the face of planet earth.    It wasn’t Trump they were after so much as it was the representation of alpha maleness he has been restoring in America which terrifies the political left because this has been a long time in the making.  What was happening was their last-ditch effort at maintaining their strategic trajectory before it was too late and that epitome of “maleness” was in the White House.

It was just a few days earlier when conservatives were outraged at the openness that Duke University feminists established a new program called The Man’s Project which is designed to essentially further feminize men out of existence with a nine-week program aimed at destroying traditional role models men play within our society.  This has been going on in public schools of all kinds for essentially the last forty years but has picked up a lot of steam over the last 15 or so and the results have been catastrophic.  Divorce rates are too high, role models of men to their sons and daughters has been woefully eroded away greatly harming children psychologically—which was always by design because in the wake of the strong man of the house and neighborhood was always the promise that father government would be there with a welfare check.  Essentially government has been seducing our women in America for generations with promises and whispers in their ears through television programs like Oprah, and Dr. Phil—setting up for the complete eradication of male ownership of children and wives within traditional family structure to be replaced with a second marriage to big daddy government and all the empty promises a typical sleaze bag doing such a thing might promise.  And the only way they can pull off such a ruse is by getting men out of the house—and break them down completely then rebuild them from the ground up under progressive direction.  Programs like this Duke University class are now spreading all over the country and is a major problem for upcoming generations if we don’t correct the matter now—and that is part of what a Trump Presidency promises much to the fears of progressives behind this movement.


When I was first married in the late 80s I experienced a version of this radical hatred of alpha maleness firsthand.  Family and friends of my wife who was a budding fashion model when she met me and had all the promises of having a career in New York on the cover of major magazines did not like my unusual maleness, even back then when it was far more common than it is today.  One of the reasons my wife and I married so early was that she wanted a family and so did I.  She didn’t want a career where she served some boss in some corner office—she wanted to work for herself building a traditional family—and that was essentially all she cared about as a biological woman.  We shared that sentiment and against the wishes of virtually everyone—we married and started having kids in a traditional manner.

You would have thought that I had committed the worst crime of the century and for really the first ten years of our marriage “the world” came down on us hard.  After all, a woman knows her family for at least two decades before she gets a husband so every time there was some challenge in our marriage—where I needed to work more overtime to cover our costs, or child expenses forced us to decide whether or not to get a jug of milk or purchase baby food—there was some friend or family member trying to pull my wife into a more progressive version of family construction—where big government was at the center of her life—where a woman didn’t need a “man” because there were programs for her “independence” and people openly encouraged her to leave me over little things—normal life events that came at us at an alarming rate.  To make matters worse my wife was strikingly attractive and virtually every man on planet earth tried to seduce her—especially older ones who were comfortable in life and had a lot to offer a woman with a few kids and a lot of headaches.  The pressure was immense and I spent many, many evenings so deep in hard feelings that suicide was a constant temptation—and we’re not talking about a few weeks or months of tribulation—I’m talking about years and years of no light at the end of the tunnel.

However, if you’ve ever heard the song from The Lego Movie, “Everything is Awesome” that is essentially my calling card to success in just about everything I do.  It is the way I live my life every day—I have an extremely positive outlook on life and I can find joy in the deepest wells of sorrow.  I’ve had that ability my entire life and it never served me better than in those hard years of my 20s and early 30s over this issue of outside elements attacking my family essentially for insisting on being a traditional role-model for our children.  So instead of committing suicide which anybody in my situation would have justifiably performed many times over—I woke up every single morning essentially singing that song to myself—even though it hadn’t been written yet—and I attacked my many problems within that framework.

I spent ten years studying Joseph Campbell’s power of myth studies and I learned that the roles the sexes play in their relationships, however transitory it is to our life on planet earth—has a major impact on the way culture shapes itself to our evolution.  Campbell was what I considered a “super academic” who was a maverick in thinking but read on the scope of the world’s greatest scholars and after reading him I was sure that the solution to my problems was to be an epic male and that through the power of myth that I could hold my family together and that in the end everything would work out because psychologically, everyone involved in was essentially looking for a strong male in their lives, or they were trying to get rid of it so that they could take control of my family—and so long as I understood that the strategic objective was my “maleness” then I knew what I had to defend to obtain victory—which I of course did.

My victory, which was extremely hard to see in the early 90s, gradually destroyed my many enemies by their own volition–those assailants who had attacked my family from the get go and they are now miserable heaps of human flesh—if they lived long enough.  Some didn’t live and they collapsed under their own misery and all I had to do to destroy them was hold to my values.  They wanted me out-of-the-way so that they could destroy what I built and take possession themselves of my efforts as parasites—which is essentially what is happening to Donald Trump now.

Trump’s campaign at its core is about alpha maleness fixing the rot for which the progressive experiments of our age of have destroyed—the massive debt, the poor economic growth, the loss of integrity that comes from a wimpy political class—Trump is an alpha male that has arrived on the political scene completely uncorrupted by weakness to find our nation overrun by despots in the wake of strong male influence—which world mythic study informs us is a key ingredient to a successful society.  That isn’t to say that women have no role in the modern world—but the problems of our time are specifically caused by the destructive experiments by the progressive left in eradicating “male presence and influence.”  For men and women to truly be equal, women would have to fill that role traditionally held by men as the strong anchor for which families take root.  Some women do perform this role nicely, but such thinking is genetically attached to men so it traditionally comes second nature.  The failure comes from government’s attempt to replace the family completely—by micromanaging families into sending the woman into the workplace to serve a master, and sending the man into the workplace to serve another master—and then sending the kids at 3 and 4 years old to pre-school to learn to serve a different master leaving the family pulled in many different directions all controlled by a centralized government.

Trump is the last of his kind essentially—he represents a time when alpha males were much more common and to be one you had to essentially beat out other men for the top prizes—and that sometimes meant stealing away their wives to prove that you were the top alpha in your region—that you had the best house, the best cars—the best businesses.  Those are all vile things to the capitalist hating political left—but they are all inventions of the human race who have dreamed them up and put them to use—and are now part of our biological concerns.  The political left recognizing this has sought to reverse the human race from reaching to the stars to looking back to the ground for which they stand with environmental concerns about “mother earth” hoping to put a halt to the inventions derived from capitalist excess which naturally weakens the need people have for a centrally controlled tribal leader in the form of elected officials.

What Trump has is similar to what I have—and these things are similar to what most men had back in the day when men were men, women were women and everyone knew what their roles were specific to their families—which made them all stronger.  Having indomitable spirit to always preserver no matter how bad things are traditionally is the optimism a powerful alpha male brings to his family and is something they can count on to always outlast any kind of tribulation.  And this is why Trump is able to wake up on a Sunday after a day like he had yesterday where essentially the entire political world crashed down around him because as a strong alpha male who has literally weathered every storm most people could ever hope to endure—because his existence is not predicated on the controls of the political class—but extends to the roots of his entire being—and step into this upcoming debate with a swagger that most find unimaginable.  In this case Trump is the King Solomon of our time—the vessel of God himself—in all his glorious maleness to give birth to a nation that progressives wanted to see aborted before it was even out of the womb—then to take that nation and teach it to be an alpha in the world and eventually to the galaxy at large as the human race migrates into space.  Trump is bigger than the political class and it terrifies all those who have hooked their stars to that thinking—because Trump as president will dominate that star by his very presence.  So understand dear reader that is what is going on over this rather trivial issue about Trump’s “past” comments.  The outrage only exists among those invested into this new progressive thinking where traditional family structure is intended to be replaced by daddy government—the other man who wants to steal our wives, enslave our children, and dominate every phase of our existence.  And Trump, like me, obviously has the great gift that all pillars of strength have within their families and businesses—the ability to look at any problem—no matter how troubling—and to think—Everything is Awesome—because it is.

Enjoy the debate.   It will be one for the history books!  We’ve never seen anything like it in the history of the human race, from the mythology of the great alpha male Zeus to the king facing the ultimate goddess of Tubber Tintye.  In fact, as I read Melania’s statement yesterday it was quite clear that she served the Tubber Tintye role for Donald Trump perfectly—which is the real role traditional women have had.  They have always had the ultimate power.  I wouldn’t have worked so hard for my wife if she was not my personal Lady of Tubber Tintye and obviously Trump has his Melania—the only woman really worth fighting for to step beyond the average concerns that typical alpha males typically experience except for those who keep reaching for that ultimate boon residing on that spinning golden couch which hold within her the solutions for the human race.  Trump had the courage to go there—and it has obviously transformed him over the last decade—and that makes him ripe to be president.  In case you don’t know that story, click here and I’ll tell it to you.  It’s certainly worth your time.

Rich Hoffman


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