Women who are Terrified of Hillary Clinton: The Fire behind the Smoke!

Hey, Hillary started it.  Donald Trump tried to keep the election about issues—as much as possible when a Clinton is involved.   So when the Clinton campaign through a newspaper they control, The Washington Post, released an 11-year-old video about Donald Trump—that they waited until October to release—because they’ve had the video for a long time—Hillary opened herself to her deep dark past.  So it should go without saying that Trump and his campaign spent about five minutes throwing cards on the table that they had been holding also.  Breitbart.com met with three victims of Hillary’s past wrath at the Watergate hotel of all places on Saturday October 8th—and let the women talk about what kind of woman Clinton really is.  Women who may not otherwise know can learn who the Democratic presidential candidate really is now.  And it’s not good.   Donald Trump put out a Tweet to the Breitbart articles and exclusive videos as he boarded his plan to head for the big St. Louis debate on October 9, 2016 and now you can see them too below.



This news is bad enough, and it cannot be ignored by the press as much as they’d like to.  But to make matters even worse for Hillary is that while the world tripped over the details of Donald Trump talking privately over a hot mic, Wikileaks unloaded about 1% of what they had of the deleted Clinton emails-which is essentially enough by itself to not only put her in jail, but to bring indictment to most of the members of the Washington D.C. culture—from the White House, to the Justice Department—to the FBI.  So read these links.  Watch the videos.  And enjoy the debate.  It will be one for the history books and remember Clinton supports—Hillary started it. 

Put George Soros out of business–VOTE TRUMP!

Rich Hoffman


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