Join My Rebellion to Retake our Government: The Wikileaks evidence of a governemnt, media, and entertainment culture corrupt beyond repair

I’ve been saying it for a long time and some thought I was exaggerating.  If anyone were to spend the next few years reading my millions and millions of words of advice hoping to steer readers away from the danger that the world is now learning about—they would discover that I predicted all this—explicitly.  But this isn’t about being right—it’s about doing what’s right next.  Essentially, we have a month to get out the word and to give the American people the tools they need to elect a president who will begin to clean up our government.  Because as it stands now—which Glenn Beck, Paul Ryan and people I used to know like Rob Portman are the political hacks who are helping to feed this maniacal monster in our present federal government.  Beck said today that Hillary Clinton if she were president would not be the end of America—that congress could keep her in check and that the Constitutional barriers would hold her in power.  He’s an idiot.  The new Wikileaks releases of Hillary’s John Podesta’s emails are damning and you can see them for yourself below.  There is enough there to show in any court of law that the White House, the Justice Department, the FBI, the IRS, the DNC the entire media establishment from your local newspaper to the biggest network conglomerate–and even Republicans have contributed to mass injustice which favors globalism and a complete destruction of traditional America.  When the FBI and the Justice Department won’t uphold the law—who are you going to turn to?   

John Podesta couldn’t say anything in defense of his email leaks but to point to Russia and hope to divert attention away from the real contents of the documents flowing through the Clinton operative’s computer in the first place.  Yet those same people, Hillary, Podesta and all the others listed in the Wikileaks releases indicate they are clearly controlled by foreign interests like George Soros, Saudi Arabia, and United Nations strategies much more sinister than a Russian government trying to put themselves back on the world map of relevance.  The content was created by Podesta and his criminal class of manipulators and the media has helped cover up everything with a mafia style syndicate at all levels of our government—and the proof is right here.  The proof is here because “they” (Podesta, Clinton and many others) acted in such a terrible way that was corrosive to our Republic.  And they did it knowingly.

So here’s the deal folks.  Until November 8th of 2016 I’ll believe in the election system, and if Trump wins—the nation can begin to heal.  But if he doesn’t—I am very ready for a civil war against these very corrupt and evil people.  Glenn Beck is out of his mind—and I told his buddy Stu that today.  It is not moral to yield to evil—and these people are evil—and we are required to do something about it.  And that “something” isn’t playing patty cake with these losers.  It is not moral to let these bad people have their way and to allow our only means of legal justice to continue levels of corruption that mandate violent removal from their control over our very lives—especially with the proof in our hands—no matter where it came from.   I’ve warned about this stuff for years and as it turns out—I wasn’t exaggerating even an iota.   I’m saying I will personally lead a rebellion if it comes to that and I don’t give a rat’s ass who knows that I’m at the front of the leadership, because it won’t matter for them.  I hope for a peaceful resolution, but I’m not counting on it.  I will not support criminals and evil people and these Clinton people are immoral and I will fight them any way possible—because it’s the right thing to do. 

My hunch is that the election will turn out well, unless the Clinton people cheat massively—which the Wikileaks evidence show is quite possible.  But I do watch news all over the world every day and I remember reading the three articles shown below on July 4th of this year and the polling of the Brexit vote was about the same as what is currently going on between Hillary and Donald Trump.  We know how that turned out and the reason for the success of Brexit was essentially the same as what we are experiencing in America.  But Glenn Beck is out of his mind wrong.  Paul Ryan is wrong.  Rob Portman is wrong.  I’ll vote for Rob because he’s a good guy—but he’s a naïve idiot to think that his choice is a “moral” one.  Yielding to evil is not moral.

Rich Hoffman


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3 thoughts on “Join My Rebellion to Retake our Government: The Wikileaks evidence of a governemnt, media, and entertainment culture corrupt beyond repair

  1. I’ve been here a long ass time, and this is the most useful and IMPORTANT information yet!! (I say that about all of them, I know)
    I was thinking about all of this and emailed you as I had not checked here. Hmmm wonder who taught me? Only difference is I’m about 24 hours behind ya!
    This is great, great, great stuff Killer.
    Permission to copy/paste please.


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