How Trump can Win the Next Debate: War gaming hard questions with Chris Wallace

trump4Obviously with the polls giving Trump a boost after the presidential debate on October 9th 2016 and the failure of inflammatory controversy to prevent the results—Hillary Clinton supporters are in a full panic.  One more poor performance of Hillary Clinton on a stage where Chris Wallace is the moderator is enough to terrify them because as Wikileaks has shown of John Podesta’s emails—they don’t trust Hillary without her handlers guiding her like a puppet through anything resembling opposition.  What is even more terrifying for them is that Trump thinks fast on his feet and can dominate those debates—like he did at the last one.  One more good debate performance would be a torpedo hit to the Clinton campaign that it likely won’t recover from which is why all these attempted sex stories from Democratic operatives are now at a fevered pitch.   With three weeks to go until the election, there is full panic in the corners of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy.  The political left is doing everything they can, cooking the polling with high Democratic samplings, false media stories, and every dirty trick in the playbook of politics to stop Trump–but it’s not working and there is real fear in the voice of Hillary Clinton and the future of the global progressive movement as they stare down the coming weeks and contemplate losing it all.

Trump is quite capable, but we are all good at different types of things and as a strategist—a good one that I am—I noticed a few things that he could afford to clean up ahead of this next debate with Wallace.  Chris Wallace is one of the few traditional reporters left out there—he’s still an old school journalist who was in the field doing good work while a lot of the current press was still being brain washed at their liberal colleges learning to work in the modern media environment.  So he will ask tough questions of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  He knows which kind of questions will stump them both because he has interviewed them over the years many times and has no real influence of celebrity to taint his conduct.  I expect out of him a good debate format that could work dramatically to Trump’s favor, so for the sake of the campaign as a whole, I am offering this information to help fill the natural inclinations of Donald Trump who is good at thinking on his feet—especially when he has a hook into something useful to use in whatever situation is in front of him.  In this case, avoiding the pitfalls Chris Wallace will throw at him so he can let the events of the debate run their natural course in showing how terrible Hillary is without her helpers which would then solidify the case against her in front of 100 million people just a few weeks from the election—fair and square.

If I were Trump—and I can say that knowing that I understand the way he thinks—I would exploit the weaknesses that will come up during the debate for which Hillary will falter.  She will not be able to answer the questions about Wikileaks, Podesta, or her deleted emails.   Additionally, when the subject of congressional perjury comes up, she was clearly guilty and that will leave her stumbling on the stage because essentially, she lied, she knows she lied and her body language reveals all the truth against her efforts at hiding it.  The Clinton Foundation is another aspect of her campaign that she can’t defend.  The sexual exploits of her husband Bill were the subject of the last debate and need to be left off the table this time in favor of setting up these narratives for the last two weeks.  If I were Trump every question would be pivoted back to one of those topics which would leave her a writhing mess on stage.

But Wallace isn’t going to want to look like he just picked on Clinton—because he truly wants to be fair and balanced.  He will go for the jugular on Trump too and let the public decide who handled the pressure best.  So let’s war game this a bit with Trump’s answers to help solve that problem.  Obviously I’m not writing this for the general public—but for the Trump campaign.  Like Trump I think fast on my feet.  I don’t like to take notes and when I speak in public I like to be spontaneous and rely on my wits.  But I have the benefit of emotional distance and can think objectively about this issue so as Trump is playing things out in his head so that he can be spontaneous on stage, it helps to let some online app read an article like this while doing debate prep so that when you’re in the moment you’ve heard this stuff before and can act without hesitation on the questions posed.  I know Trump has very good people around him who know a lot of this—but again—when you’re in the heat of the battle, sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees.  So let me describe the trees so that the campaign can cut down the right ones and build something nice for the country to benefit from.  What follows is a mock debate from the point of view of Wallace and Trump as I imagine it will be after watching Chris for years.  These will be the manner for which he will ask questions designed to stump Trump.

Wallace: Mr. Trump, over the last week additional women have come out against you as a response to the Access Hollywood tape and claimed unwanted sexual advances.  How do you respond to calls that your actions of sexual misconduct disqualify you to be in the most powerful office in the world?

Trump: Well, Chris, as I’ve said of the tapes mentioned, it was locker room talk, banter that guys do sometimes just to have fun.  You know—we’re all human beings.  Guys say things to each other for fun, and so do women.  There is an entire bachelorette party industry that counts on people having fun in such a fashion that many wouldn’t want to have revealed during serious moments of their lives.  For a long time I lived my life building a powerful business and to feed that drive, I lived a bit of that life as a rogue when it came to relationships.  For a long time, and it was probably all me because I was so focused on building my businesses, but the idea of a woman who I could pour myself into and share a life with seemed like a fantasy to me—until I met Melania.  I don’t say it much, but I’ll say it now—why the hell not—but I appreciate her incredibly.  Her patience and constant love have actually encouraged me to grow to be the man that is standing before you now, ready to take all my years of experience—in every phase of life—and help make America Great Again not just fiscally, patriotically, or even legislatively—but in a way that might open others to the kind of love I have for Melania—which she nurtured along over many years patiently.  I’m not going to say that I’m a perfect person, but I do strive for perfection every day and in regard to a partner in life, Melania is the closest thing to perfection that I’ve ever had the pleasure to know.  And it has changed me for the better, into the man standing before you now, who is offering to be your voice to the world for a day yet to come where we can all be better off.


Wallace:  Mr. Trump, your opponent has produced her tax returns and has called on you to do the same.  Your refusal to do so has gone against years of precedence where every presidential candidate has provided them.   As the IRS has said, you are free to release your tax returns even under an audit and many legal minds agree—you are not prevented from doing so.  So why haven’t you released them?  Is there something you are trying to hide form the American people?

Trump:  Chris, as you’ve reported on Fox News a lot, the IRS has targeted conservative groups heavily for their political affiliations—so I wouldn’t trust what the IRS tells you—because they don’t have a good track record at honesty—let me tell you that.  But as I’ve said, I’m under a routine audit.  Since I’ve been involved on the front lines of many conservative causes over the last eight to ten years increasingly, those audits have become much more routine—so I can provide many examples of IRS targeting.  So while I’m under audit—and because of the way a tax report shows only the kinds of things politicians value—like the amount of wealth they can confiscate from you so they can give it away like candy in exchange for votes to keep them in power—I’m not going to take any chances.  Obviously, we’ve all seen that the system is rigged and the IRS is part of that.  I pay millions and millions of dollars in federal, state, and every kind of tax that politicians like Hillary has come up with so my tax forms are a lot more complicated than hers.  She gives a few speeches to Goldman Sacks and earns millions of dollars to do their bidding and that income is easy to show.  She didn’t create any jobs or build anything taxable—unlike me—so she only has to put down a dollar value.  I’ve actually built things and those things are taxable assets and those types of reportings get complicated.  My papers that I filed at the start of the campaign do a much better job of showing the dynamic of my vast assets and burdens.  Additionally, I must say, given the lazy status of our media culture, the way they print anything Hillary wants, it is clear they wouldn’t do the investigative work to even begin to understand what my tax returns tell about anything.  Because essentially, they don’t understand money, wealth, or amassed value.  They only know to do hit pieces to elevate more crooked politicians like her and seek to keep me out of politics so they can protect the corrupt organizations they’ve built.


Wallace:  Mr. Trump, you’ve said time and again that you know more than the generals in solving foreign policy issues.  Yet if you are commander in chief, you will have to work with many generals in dealing with the great challenges the United States is dealing with around the world.  Given your statements how are you going to accomplish that task?

Trump:  Chris, look, I’ve been doing this stuff for a long time.  Not only am I a successful businessman, but I’ve written several bestselling books, and I wrote The Art of the Deal.  I’ve sat across the table from many people who don’t like me and I’ve found a way to work with them toward objectives that are usually mutually beneficial—that’s what making deals is all about.  And I want to make deals that are good for America for a change.  So when it comes to generals and even people from the other side of the political aisle in congress and the senate—I’m going to be able to work with them.   As sure as you’re sitting there it will be easy because these guys are on the government dime, they get paid one way or another and they are going to take the path of least resistance—let me tell you that.  And they will agree with me more than disagree because “they’ll take the path of least resistance.”  I’ll listen to the generals.  Some I will value and we’ll act on their good advice.  Some will be idiots and I throw them out of the people’s office.  That’s the way it’s going to be, Chris.  And Washington better get ready because we’re going to be doing things differently than we have in the past and for a change, we’re going to win.

Of course these are only three questions, but they are the big ones that Trump has not answered with the kind of depth that a candidate at this phase of an election needs to, so it’s time to put these issues to rest.  This is only advice; I certainly wouldn’t expect Trump to recite these paragraphs word for word.  I think I know his mind well enough to put together these sentences in the style that he thinks.  It’s just not always easy to turn practical thought into political speech at the cutting edge, and with Trump, he is certainly at the cutting edge.  Hopefully this helps, because this last debate could sink Hillary Clinton by adding to the great debate performance of October 9th.   I know this is an unconventional form of communication to a presidential candidate—but what the hell.  I’ve invested so much into this campaign that this is the least I can do.  Hopefully this helps.

Rich Hoffman

Liberty Twp, Ohio and will be in the VIP section of the US Bank Arena Rally on 10/13/2016.

Just win…………..

One thought on “How Trump can Win the Next Debate: War gaming hard questions with Chris Wallace

  1. Can’t stand Chris Wallace. He’s never been in the closet and just as left as the likes of Dana Perino and Geraldo Rivera. I’d like to see someone like Kimberly Guilfoile if she could do it unrestrained by the upper echelon.
    I never talk about Trump here because Hildebeast will be our next president. I’m resigned to that fact and have felt that way from the start. Loved that pic of her holding her own mask and it’s Soro’s (on your twitter page.) Looking ahead of the curve is downright scary these days, but how I live.
    It’s how I’m going to handle no second A rights and open borders. I’m already a criminal with all the regs I don’t even know about and so are you. She’ll just make it worse.
    And even if he were to get the electoral he needs, and won…Russia would be blamed as the reason and they would call it null. Then we have a real situation as you’re talking about here. Not sure how many of the armchair quarterbacks would actually put up or shut up, but I believe it would be enough to enact some kind of emergency something.
    Would like to hear something…….anything, about our 20 trillion deficit, but silly me and my pipe dreams. That reaper’s gonna come knocking for foreclosure, and that’s going to be one ugly ride.
    Our problems are so many and sooo massive, it’s enough to make any freedom fighter throw their hands up in apathy.


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