Video of BIll Clinton Raping a 13-year-old Girl?: Trump proving to be the dagger to destroy a great, evil, beast

Because of the Wikileaks and the history of Hillary Clinton—who will kill to achieve her political objectives—she’s done it before—not directly of course but through her “people” the mud toward Donald Trump is slinging furiously.  Clinton’s people are doing what they are doing because they essentially have been caught lying, cheating, and completely manipulating American politics at every level.  They hope beyond reason that Trump—whom they set up to take down from the start—which everyone knew from the beginning that the controversies which followed him would make him easy to destroy a month before the November election.  What they didn’t count on was that Trump when you really do some digging into his life is extremely clean—unlike their lives.  The Clinton camp was caught thinking that Trump was just as sexually depraved and maniacal as her husband Bill—but as it turned out, he wasn’t and never has been.  Trump was always something of a Hugh Hefner type of playboy—most of his adult life—but he wasn’t abusive to women.  But Bill, Hillary’s husband—has been abusive and apparently the group Anonymous has tape of Bill Clinton raping a thirteen-year-old girl on that secret orgy island I wrote about some time ago.  According to the below video, Hillary knows about this tape and has been doing damage control for a long time hoping to hide the scandal behind Donald Trump.  But what they didn’t count on was that Trump has proven stronger and purer than Hillary could ever imagine leaving them now wondering what to do—because they are busted. 

I must point out to you dear reader who may have a hard time believing all this about Bill Clinton just remember the case of Steubenville, Ohio.   Remember that one—because I told you all about it.  Football players—idolized by the small town around the high school football program in that Ohio outpost—raped a girl abusively and the police, school and entire community attempted to cover up the case.  It was Anonymous that brought forward the evidence and the rest is now history.  Justice was done.  This is the same kind of case, the entire media and political system is seeking to support Hillary Clinton—and they are willingly covering up crimes to bring about their desired political results.  And it’s time to punish them for their open participation in criminal activity.  In that regard, Bill Clinton is very guilty and his wife—and enabler–wants to be president of the United States.  She wants to be so bad she’ll destroy any life she has to—and that is the story of October 2016.  She’s on the ropes with all the Wikileaks proof that is pouring forth and she is in serious danger of losing this election.  And she’s panicking—which is a form of justice all by itself.  It’s about time bad people like her sweat something out.  What a bomb that would be when and if that video were released.  What would she say then—blame the Russians, the Chinese, or even the Australians?    That would be interesting given that it was her husband who flew to that sex island in the Caribbean so many times with her knowledge fully understood. Yet she didn’t do a damn thing about the crimes that were committed against those little girls.  And she has a special place in Hell with her name on the door because of it. 

Rich Hoffman


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