The Disqualification of Hillary Clinton for President: What we have learned from Wikileaks

Just today I read an article from The Washington Post illustrating that Trump is setting the stage to never concede the election to Hillary Clinton.  My response was why would he?  Even though at this point the “scientific” polling has Trump in striking distance just about everywhere over the next three weeks, the real issue is that Trump is essentially running without a competitor.  Hillary Clinton, has shown herself to be a criminal on such a magnitude she would make Al Capone blush at this point, which was revealed through the Wikileaks emails of her longtime aide, John Podesta.  No wonder she deleted her 33,000 emails and wiped her server with bleach bit to destroy the evidence that she had on her personal computer.  What has come out from Wikileaks has been absolutely damning, even more so than people opposed to her politics would even consider a possibility.  The corruption is so deep, and so revealing that the current POTUS is even involved.  What we know right now is far worse than what sunk the presidency of Richard Nixon.  The crimes committed by the White House, the Department of Justice, the Clinton campaign, and the DNC are so vast that there simply isn’t any way Hillary Clinton could ever be president.  Here is just a short rundown of those crimes and their enormity.

For those around in the 90s when the Clintons were in the White House this is how it was all the time.  From the time Bill Clinton took office this was the level of deceit and corruption that was blasted on the airwaves daily.  It was essentially the Clintons which gave rise to talk radio as a response to the vast amounts of corruption and death the First Family always seemed to be around.   If it wasn’t White Water down in Arkansas, or the Ruby Ridge Massacre, Waco, Oklahoma City—which given what we know from those emails it is easy to see how such domestic terrorist plots would be created as false flag incidents—or Bill’s multiple sex scandals—which never abated over the eight years they were in office—not by a single week.  The Clintons were corrupt from the start and they only seem to have gotten worse over the years climaxing to the mess they are now.  If Hillary would be elected president of the United States, it would only be to impeach her.  She’s not going to do anything but be a distraction from the inevitable.

The reason Barack Obama and Bill Clinton are hitting the campaign trail for Hillary and declaring her the “most capable” person to ever run for the White House is because that is the only way they can hope to not get dragged through years of court problems as a result of what we have learned about the Clintons emails through Wikileaks—what wasn’t destroyed off of John Podesta’s computer.  That is the reason for the constant personal attacks against Trump—especially by women.  Much to their frustration, none of it is really sticking—because it wasn’t true.  Trump likely flirted with women over his entire lifetime, but to outright assault them—that’s not Trump.  That is the behavior of Billy Clinton whose wife is running for President putting him back in touch with thousands of young girls working around the Washington D.C. area while his wife does daily cover-up making a plot from House of Cards look like a kids cartoon.

Without question Hillary Clinton’s team is considering ways to cheat the election by any means possible and the media is complicit in the action because all their lives depend on her winning—otherwise they’ll have legal trouble for the rest of their lives if Hillary doesn’t control the Department of Justice.  This is massive corruption well beyond the imaginations of even the most seasoned conspiracy theorist, and people are awake to it.

Hillary Clinton at the very least committed perjury when she destroyed her emails under a subpoena from congress—and that carries jail time.   To make matters worse, Obama knew what was going on and lied about it.  His DOJ worked with the FBI to conceal the evidence and keep Hillary on the presidential ticket causing what has turned out to be massive corruption at the highest office.  And the media is involved in trying to steer the American people away from such a damning story—but it’s not going to go away folks.  As things stand today this is far worse than anything we experienced from the Clintons in the 90s.  There will be books, talk radio, television coverage of this election for years and the massive international syndicate Hillary is at the center of will be discussed daily to the point where Hillary won’t be able to do anything as a POTUS effectively—except load the Supreme Court bench with liberal judges.  Otherwise she will be hid away in the Oval Office by her handlers until the inevitable disgrace removes her from office with more fanfare than her husband experienced when he was impeached by congress before his term ran out.

I live in an area with a lot of Trump signs and not many Hillary yard signs.  The ones you do see are in poor neighborhoods where a lot of people are addicted to government welfare programs, or at homes where people work for the federal government and want to maintain the status quo—homes of school teachers particularly who want their teacher unions to continue running up high costs against tax payers without results to back up the expenditure.  Otherwise, there are Trump signs everywhere displayed with a lot of passion—because those people see what’s going on.  But the Hillary people are living in a fantasy world.   For them to not see the criminal empire Hillary has put herself at the center of is for them to just ignore basics of reality in favor of a fantasy which will never come true.  There will never be a third term of Obama—which is what they are voting for.  Obama’s administration has already collapsed; they are just hoping to run out the clock before everyone notices.  Hillary will bring with her scandal that will instantly marry economic collapse on a scale the world has never seen before—and that will literally happen the moment she hits office.  When I see a Hillary Clinton yard sign I know that someone wasn’t very smart who put it there—because nobody with any kind of working mind could rationalize otherwise.  They are people in serious denial.

Hillary is literally running for her life.  Without controlling the DOJ she and all her contributors—including Obama—are poised for years of pleading the “fifth” in courts of law as justice will pursue them for the rest of their living days.  It will take years for people to sort through the Wikileaks documents just released this week and there are even more on the way.  For Clinton, a successful political career is over—there is no prospect of success now.  Stupid people will supporter her for the free stuff—but nobody of right mind will ever look to her for leadership and she will have legal problems for the rest of her life at a minimum.  So when Trump says she should be in jail, he’s not being rambunctiously “politica,l” he’s stating a fact.  She committed perjury that we know of, and likely much worse—and roughly 80% of the media is in on the game.  This is such massive corruption that they hope nobody will believe it—they are trying to hide these many crimes beyond such enormity of violation that people just can’t wrap their minds around it—and that is their only defense.  But with several weeks to go and a very smart Kellyanne Conway running Trump’s campaign—this information is a gift.  It’s also a gift to the American people before an election because it would truly be a tragedy to elect someone to office only to have them removed with scandal just a year later—because that’s what these Wikileaks show—a ridiculously corrupt government that would have to be removed by force if our legal and election system didn’t do the job first.  Trump is the only legal candidate running.  And those are the facts.

I still trust that the election process will allow the American people to perform justice even as our government attempts to hide its many crimes behind the antics of Hillary Clinton.  If it doesn’t then that is why we have a 1st and 2nd amendment—so that we can take possession of our government when it gets out-of-control, like it obviously has under Obama/Clinton over the last eight years.  Four more years just isn’t possible at this point especially given these dramatic revelations.  The information just provided on this article is enough to sink Hillary Clinton forever—by her own doing.  But it’s much deeper than that.  That leaves Trump essentially unchallenged and a media that will have to come around to that reality—or they will go out of business.   Jail or perpetual court cases from law suits is the only future Hillary Clinton has—because she is a criminal who has committed atrocities born from gross negligence.   And by every legal definition, she is disqualified from running for POTUS.  If she were not artificially propped up by the media, she would right now be either in jail, or in the process of being convicted.  It’s that bad folks.

Rich Hoffman


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6 thoughts on “The Disqualification of Hillary Clinton for President: What we have learned from Wikileaks

  1. Yesterday was a great day for the top off in the vette and on a cruise thru the countryside, hubby and I were amazed at the trumpsters. Gotta hand it to them for passion. Lots of people, I’d say 70% didn’t just have 1 sign. They had them lined up down the property and if neighbors joined in, it was quite impressive. I’m talking 5/6 signs each. (Just in case you can’t read!)
    The most impressive was just outside the town of morrow on the Little Miami. These people we’re my kind.
    Their homes were small and not well appointed with anything expensive. Lower middle-class, but the yard was cut and there wasn’t trash everywhere. About 6 homes in a row….signs freaking everywhere! On the roof, Gadsden hanging on the brick, POW, American Flags all around and NRA Stand And Fight all up and down this strip. Those are good neighbors to have and the way they coordinated it was impressive. When you get out of your town and comfort zone, plenty of poor people have Trump signs.
    The teacher aspect is quite obvious here in Lebanon. Everyone here knows where “they” congregate to live, and it looks like a freak show. No American flags. Void of patriotism. Just H signs.
    Thick as thieves they are. Literally. Just plain weird and creepy to the trained eye.


    1. That is an interesting observation. We are seeing the same thing in Butler and Hamilton County. A Trump sign to many people is a symbol of rebellion against the system and they are very proud of them. The big question is how that translates to election day boots on the ground. If the number stays to around 40% voter participation, and the race is close–like it is now in polling, Hillary 44% Trump 41%, he’ll probably lose by a small margin. But, if the voter participation is up over 50%, then the enthusiasm gap will favor him tremendously. Hillary knows that’s a danger, that’s why they found all those Hillary votes in a warehouse–just in case dead people need to put her over the top. But even cheating may not be enough to stop an onslaught against her with more than 50% of voters participating. It should be interesting.

      At the rally in Cincinnati many women–not just a few–were already wearing shirts saying “Trump can grab my pussy any day.” They were around our age and certainly didn’t look like fashion models–but it was a very strong and defiant statement which is another wild card among women that scientific polling I don’t think has any way to measure. Whatever happens, November 9th will point to a shift in our political life in America. People with those signs will be looking for the next hope, and they won’t be ready to throw in the towel if things don’t go their way. But I personally think Trump is onto something with his current strategy and I don’t see how Hillary can recover from it. The WikiLeaks for her is just terrible. It’s possible her base won’t care, just like Trump’s base doesn’t care about rumors of women impropriety–but Trump is the kind of guy who won’t leave the ring without taking the knockout swings–and he’s certainly planning to do that over the next few weeks–and she don’t have an answer.


      1. Hefty reply. Thanks.
        I am not a fan but how do I get one of those “pussy” shirts?? I’d wear that shit everywhere just to piss of the fruit! What a riot. Yeah, that would make me feel good as well.
        We did the Corvette Color Tour yesterday and covered a LOT more ground than the day before and I’m telling you Rich….the Trumpsters are the most passionate I’ve seen in my 53 years. All classes!
        There’s something out there that’s bigger than anyone knows. And it’s pissed off and fed up. It’s why they are doing what they’re doing. They’re shouting.
        People would vote for Killery even if she ate babies for breakfast. Same with Trump. Few give a shit about policy. They’re surface dwellers. They care about what they’re told to care about, and that’s just the way of people working, trying to put food on the table etc. That’s where our GOP reps are dropping the ball. Too busy defending him. They should be picking up the slack and actually doing the job Trump isn’t. Guess I’m going to get some feedback on those reps in your essay from last night which I’m about to read.
        The signs in my yard say:
        Save The Trees
        We’ll Need Them To Hang The Politicians

        NRA Stand And Fight

        That’s it.


  2. Was just thinking about the display of Trump stuff above and I’m sure it looks like a dope show to the other side. Funny. I haven’t seen anyone go over the top about Hildebeast like they are for Trump. Guess it’s hard to be passionate when you know you’re low-hanging. Fruit!


    1. Hillary people are clearly voting to protect themselves–whether its a teacher job, or some IRS position–they aren’t excited about her but are voting to keep things the way they are. But the Trump sign people are people from all walks of life who have said for years–“somebody should do something.” Well, now they have their guy and they are excited about him no matter what the media says. And that could generate a tremendous level of enthusiasm on election day–and none of the Dems have a contributor that can match that excitement.


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