Trump’s Check Mate: The O’Keefe Tapes proving vast voter fraud perpetrated by Democrats

Hillary, Hillary—how do you feel right now?  You’ve been busted by Wikileaks for massive corruption much larger than anything Watergate destroyed the presidency of Nixon over.  The Drudge Report unleashed a massive sex scandal involving you and your exploits over many years with gay lovers and married exchanges by a formally trusted friend—your “fixer.”  But you’ve been busted giving money to the DNC to attack people at Trump rallies and that same investigation uncovered the very voter fraud that Obama stood foolishly in front of the world today and said wasn’t happening.  Well, it is happening and James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas uncovered it rather valiantly and broke the story on Breitbart—who happens to run Donald Trump’s campaign.  And that man—Donald Trump—fearless as he is will be your opponent during the last debate of the 2016 election season.  What do you think is going to happen to you during this debate?  Are those palms sweaty yet?  How about that breathing?  Because as you look in the mirror and try to figure out what to do, how to look, and what you could possibly say the words of your friend David Axelrod are screaming through your mind.  Nothing good can come to you during this debate.  You can only lose.  But if you don’t show up, you will validate quicker all these detrimental stories like a fire over dry grass.  If you do go, you will be slaughtered by Donald Trump who has nothing to lose and knows that he has the facts on his side—and he has a history of making it count when he needs to.  So—how do you feel when you see this video?

The corruption is very real everyone and it always has been.  The difference now is that there is proof.   That lack of evidence which Obama foolishly said didn’t exist is right here.  You can see it, hear it—it’s very real and vile.  Real people risked their lives to bring forth this information and now it is well-known why Trump changed his tune once he learned about these tapes from his campaign manager.  The corruption is epic and it all falls in the lap of Democrats who have been exposed in the largest scandal in American history.  The American media is just beginning to get their arms around this and by the time it all settles in—it will be election day.  Can you say—“check mate?”

Congrats to James O’Keefe and his team involved with Project Veritas.  It took real courage to expose some of the deepest corruption the world has ever seen, including the regimes that brought down the Roman Empire.   Trump is right about Washington; the swamp needs to be drained so we can rebuild it.  Because only scum is there now—in both parties.  Vote proudly on election day and do your part to drain that swamp.

Rich Hoffman


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