I’ll Be Happy to Meet Joe Biden Behind the Gym: Why we can’t accept a Hillary Clinton presidency

Maybe I should have explained in greater detail why I thought what Donald Trump did at the Al Smith Charity Dinner in New York recently was such a cause for celebration.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW.  Because the next day I listened to essentially everyone tell me that what I saw wasn’t the case—instead, he broke years of tradition and was a disgraceful maniac while also piling on that Trump’s 3rd debate comments about accepting the results of the November 8th presidential election were somehow going to bring down our republic.  The pundits had the opposite reaction to Trump that I did, and I was ecstatic over his comments—because they most accurately described where I am politically.  I patiently have waited for 16 years for a presidential candidate that represents me.  Eight years of Clinton and Obama combined have caused me to reject their presidential platforms.  Clinton because he was a crook involved in that Whitewater land deal obvious from year one.  Obama because of the “Fast and Furious” scandal at the start of his presidency. 

I knew something was fishy when his campaign was launched from the terrorist Bill Ayers’ living room—so I have been waiting without taking up arms for our republic to correct itself through the election process.  I disliked those two Democratic presidents so much that I would never shake their hand if the opportunity arose and in my family that means something.  Recently my wife had a chance to shake Newt Gingrich’s hand and she refused because of the way he handled things in his past and this is the same woman who nearly got arrested at the White House when our children were very little because a Clinton Secret Service employee targeted her in a rope line for being essentially a rambunctious undesirable.  When I say we wouldn’t shake the hand of a president—we mean it in my family because we have higher levels of morals and ethics than most people live their lives by—which is our choice. 

Recently my granddaughter had her first birthday and my daughter has really big parties for her children as a way to build up those events into the warm blanket of knowing that there are a lot of people in the world that love them—as a foundation building tool for their souls.  Obviously since my wife had recently shaken the hand of Donald Trump—which is a measure of quality for her because people in our family understand her reputation toward dishonest politicians with an almost childlike innocence toward purity—family was generally interested in why she was so enamored with Trump.  They asked her what he said to her in their exchange and she repeated that Trump had told her she’s “beautiful” which caused the room to erupt in laughter–because it fed the narrative going on in the media about Trump being a “groper” of women.  I explained that I was right there and that it wasn’t that kind of “beautiful” that Trump was talking about, but the gathering of friends and family didn’t quite get it because the media narrative had sunk into their thought patterns and unfortunately corrupted their opinion with poisoned information. Most of the people at that grand party were voting for Trump, but the media had shaped their opinions of the New York billionaire in a negative way. 

What I saw in Trump at the Al Smith Dinner was a man who refused to play along with the typical elite narrative that we are all flawed people who yield our lives to the brilliance of a ruling aristocracy.  In the top left corner of the room from the perspective of the media cameras was Katie Couric from NBC sitting next to the very liberal senator of New York Chuck Schumer who might as well be the embodiment of some communist insurgent.  It was a seating arrangement that represented perfectly the collusion between media and politics that was hell-bent on taking the entire world to a more progressive set of values—which is code name for the aims of communism that people over forty years of age remember threatened the world for most of the last century.  Trump was supposed to go to the dinner, take his licks and lose the election gracefully while making fun of himself in the process.  Instead, he stood his ground and told Hillary Clinton what a crook she was while standing in a room full of liberals and he had the bold audacity to look her in the eye afterwards and even pat her on the back like a dog being as polite as possible—once he raked her over the coals of corruption for which she has been caught red-handed committing.

On that exact day—of the Al Smith Dinner—a 10th woman had come forward claiming that Donald Trump had accidentally brushed the edge of her breast with his hand some untold years ago—and she was so disgraced.  Seriously—are you people kidding me?  How is that news justifying hours of CNN coverage and even discussed on ABC News over the story of Robert Creamer—the man behind inciting violence at Trump rallies payed for by the Clinton campaign where people were actually hurt.  Creamer had been to the White House a total of 342 times and had met personally with President Obama 47 times.  Want to see how the system is rigged and what is behind Trump’s accusations—there you have it.  That by itself is enough for me to completely reject the outcome of this 2016 election if Trump is not the winner.  I’m not going to accept Hillary Clinton just as I never accepted Bill Clinton or Barack Obama.  And when my guy George Bush the younger was president from 2000 to 2008 Democrats never accepted him.  They claimed that Al Gore had been cheated.  Liberals like Hillary and many others stoked the fires of discontent openly for all eight years of his presidency which ended with a major recession that could best be blamed on polices Bill Clinton started—like NAFTA, trillions spent on terrorism festered by the previous administration and a housing bubble nurtured by Democrats that gave loans to deadbeats who otherwise couldn’t afford homes.  I watched Republicans including this last one between Obama and Mitt Romney lay down like dogs at the feet of these really terrible people and play their role at the Al Smith Dinner only to lose their election to essentially that room full of people—the movers and shakers of New York media and politics. 

At those same rallies that Bob Creamer had incited violence, Donald Trump’s response was to stand up to the bullying and fight back.  The political left had belittled him for that as well—saying that he was inciting violence.  But just yesterday the Vice President of the United States Joe Biden said to a crowd at a campaign event that he would be happy to take Donald Trump behind the gymnasium for a fight.   Really?  I’ve met Donald Trump several times now and even for a 70-year-old man—some skinny ass punk like crazy uncle Joe Biden isn’t going to win that fight.  But I’ll go even further than that—because I’m not running for any office—if those liberal losers want to fight—I’ll be happy to oblige them.  I have a zero tolerance policy for bullies in my life and if any of these liberal thugs like Joe Biden, Barack Obama, or Bob Creamer’s goon squad of communist insurgents want to fight—I will gladly go behind the “gymnasium” with them in less than a New York minute and they won’t be coming back under their own power—I will promise that. If they want to fight—they’ve got one. 

I wasn’t the biggest fan of George W. Bush but I thought the way the political left behaved during his presidency was disgraceful and people like me have rejected their guy—Barack Obama now with equal disdain.  There won’t be a peaceful transition of power if Hillary Clinton wins the White House.  Do these idiots at the Al Smith Charity Dinner really think that on November 9th people like me are just going to sit down and shut up saying—“well, golly gee wiz, we lost another election to a crooked system?  Let’s open up our pockets and give that system more of our tax dollars for doing such a terrible job.”  No, If Hillary wins the only right thing to do would be to impeach her for all the crimes she has committed on her road to get to the White House.  I’ll never view her as “legitimate.”  And I won’t honor her Supreme Court picks either. 

I’ve been at this stuff a long time, I’m not ever going to accept the election results of a Democrat again anywhere in this country and there isn’t a political strategist among them smart enough or tough enough to change my mind.  If they come at me with debate—I can easily slaughter them.  If they come with violence—I’ll happily make a flag out of their hides.  They can have it either way they want it—but they won’t change my opinion of them.  So why are they so bothered by the candidacy of Donald Trump, because he represents a portion of the nation that thinks like I do?  Trump supporters are sick of being lied to and they are tired of watching crimes be committed by employees of our tax money only to be told that some chick from some untold years ago was upset that Trump accidentally brushed the edge of her breast.  Anyone who works with women—especially in close proximity—knows that this kind of thing happens all the time.  Context is everything yet every media station covered that 10th accuser and the fact that Trump wouldn’t say if he’d accept the election results if he lost to Hillary. 

Trump won at least two of the three debates—I think he won all three—but most scientific polls show that Trump beat Hillary Clinton in two of three debates and even as I write this, Trump is tied in most of the polling.  But the night after the Al Smith Dinner where Trump made such bombastic news, even Bret Baier on Fox News painted a dire picture for Republicans on his electoral map completely ignoring an IDP/TIPP poll that showed Trump was +1 over Hillary Clinton nationally.  Baier was at that Al Smith dinner and he wasn’t impressed with Trump and the slant of the reporting certainly favored Hillary Clinton.  Yet for a so-called honest reporter that Baier claims to be—the collusion between Hillary Clinton, President Obama and Robert Creamer is enough to eliminate her from the race—and that should have been the focus of his entire broadcast.  She has been shown to be so corrupt through just Wikileaks that there is no way we could nominate her into the White House.  I’m not going to accept those election results because history tells me that it’s pointless.  There is no playing nice with those people and when the shoe is on the other foot, they don’t accept the results when people I support win elections.  So why would anybody think that I’m going to or any supporter of Trump is going to support Hillary Clinton in our White House? 

Trump either wins, or I will work to unseat Clinton and her parade of progressives.  Doesn’t anybody think it’s a little interesting that there was a major cyber attack yesterday that shut down huge portions of the internet—which has just been turned over to the world to manage at the start of October.  How about that—already a major cyber attack under global management.  Yesterday was the first day that Wikileaks didn’t get out another email dump and outside the Ecuadorian embassy in London an armed vehicle sat at the ready to let the occupants inside know that dark forces were gathering to shut them down.  

Nobody is talking about the information being proposed because the attendees of the Al Smith Dinner are more concerned with formality than essence.  The evidence provided by Wikileaks is enough to destroy the Clinton presidency before it even gets started and those dark forces want to put a stop to the bleeding before it’s too late for them—so there was a cyberattack—to redirect attention since the Trump sex allegations are no longer working. 

These are crooked, bad people running our government and I will never accept them as legitimate.  The only hope I have is that Trump wins and a level of performance expectation can reenter politics because of him.  Short of that I have little hope.  There certainly won’t be a “peaceful transition of government.”  The Democrats ruined that possibility a long time ago.  And if Crazy Joe wants to fight behind the gymnasium—all he has to say is where and when.   I’ll be happy to kick the shit out of him if that’s what he wants.  I’m not going to be pushed around by a bunch of pansy politicians who are ineffective and up to criminal enterprise.  And I’m certainly not alone.  Trump is our candidate because there have been too many Bob Creamer stories over the years and we’re sick of it.  There is either a change in this election in our favor—or else.  But there won’t be a peaceful transition—and there certainly won’t be any shaking of the hands of Hillary Clinton.  In my house we’ve rejected people for far less than she’s done—so she doesn’t stand a chance.  And if they get the funny idea of sending an armored car to my street to harass me into submission be prepared to lose it.  Because it won’t be coming back.  That’s where we are folks.  For the sake of peace—those idiots in that room at the Al Smith Dinner better hope that Trump wins. 

Watch and listen to the included video for more validity.  The evidence is quite overwhelming—and unfortunately, we have to “drain the swamp” before we can build anything good in Washington D.C. again.

Rich Hoffman


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