Hillary Clinton: The Devil

When I was a kid I first heard the below recording of the late, great, Paul Harvey on my grandfather’s farm on Seward Road in Fairfield.  The recording was about five years old when I was two and could start walking and I was in the barn area where the men milked cows and stacked hay in the loft.  I’m one of those people who remember things from way back—between one and two years old and Paul Harvey on AM radio always stuck in my mind mixed with the smells of a working farm’s barn.  I associated Paul Harvey with sweaty hard-working men with great strength who were rewarded for their efforts at dinner time by the women who worked hard to prepare meals for the entire family for a good day’s labor.   From my perspective The Devil that Paul Harvey was talking about was a long way away from that farm of my youth.  He lived in the cities and further in countries not touched by the morality of capitalism—where people were chained to corrupt governments driven by evil to spread collectivism on a highway to Hell that would make AC-DC proud.   But as the years turned and that farm disappeared—and new generations replaced the old ones I have heard that Paul Harvey broadcast many times on WLW—particularly at night during the Truckin Bozo’s show—which I used to listen to religiously.  As a young man for well over a decade I worked two full-time jobs on second and third shift and one of those jobs was seven days a week. If I only had to work 8 hours on a Saturday it was considered a luxury with my family.  And largely it was Paul Harvey’s voice that kept me sane during this very difficult period of my life. Every night at 3 AM he came on for about 20 minutes and several times a year he’d play this recording of The Devil and I soaked it up like a sponge as I always had.

I worked so hard because it was easy for me to see that The Devil was trying to stick its presence into my family as I was trying to raise children and I had learned that the best way to beat that son of a bitch was to make money to fight him off with.  The Devil resides among the poor, the stupid, and the desperate so the best to fight off evil and its foul stench was to make money and be independent of the influence of The Devil.  It took a lot of money to raise a family correctly, to keep my wife home with our children the way my farmer grandparents had done in their generation, so I worked hard to make a lot of money so that evil would stay away from my home.  Evil itself tried hard through movies, television shows and the nightly news to tell people like me that working too much was “selfish” and that I should be home more often.  It also said that my wife should have a job outside of the home and that my kids should be in pre-school being raised by government employees milking the time clock for a pay check and a pension for their inherit laziness—compared to the farmers I knew growing up. But I didn’t listen because Paul Harvey had sunk into my mind at an early age and was my best weapon against the incursion of evil that was spreading like a wildfire across the America I inherited from those more gullible people before me who didn’t see it coming. 

I realized what a powerful weapon honesty really was backed by the kind of financial security that was earned through hard work and not back slapping deals formed through social collectivism.  It paid big in many ways to be your own man, and to have the ability to walk away from people trying to spread the message of The Devil because my life wasn’t chained to theirs—therefore, evil was never allowed to come into my house.  Oh, it tied, but it never made it because I had an indomitable work ethic and a will to spread goodness to the people I dealt with, particularly those in my family.  I also read a lot of books over a twenty-year period so the influence of The Devil never was able to turn my mind around on any subject.  And that is who I am today as a Donald Trump supporter who sees in that presidential candidate many of the hard-working traits I learned on that farm at two years of age with Paul Harvey playing in the background. 

And that is how I also know that Hillary Clinton is the embodiment of evil on planet earth, for all the reasons Paul Harvey described. With her, good is bad—bad is good.  Perversion of the sexes is celebrated—not chastised.  And government corruption is ignited centrally to spread to every corner of the world by taking down the only weapon modern man has against it—capitalism which empowers individuals to live free and to act gracefully to their fellow bipedal caricatures of flesh.  The difference between a village in Africa beholden to a chief who runs the entire community and a farmer in Ohio who works from sun up to sun down every day is that one is free while the other is connected like a slave to a central power ruled by the limits of the philosophy which governs them.  Having limited financial means enslaves the masses to seek safety for their families by doing what a leader tells them to do—and if that leader is acting on behalf of The Devil everyone is vulnerable.  Most leaders around the world are gullible to the whispers of The Devil and they hook their star to evil because honestly they are scared to act on their own accord and because they usually come from collectivist backgrounds The Devil becomes their secret source of power—because when they are alone in the dark, Evil responds to their prayers not to be alone, and not to be insecure about their decisions through drugs, music and pornography and it corrupts everyone they touch during their waking hours.

I’m at a point in my life where I have quite a lot of power and I know what temptations come with it.  I understand when Melania Trump says women throw themselves at her husband for sex even in front of her.  When people are near powerful, self-reliant people they are seeking the same level of security that The Devil promises and they will trade their bodies and their pride for a steady paycheck in less than a heartbeat.    That is how evil spreads—through desperation born from a lack of self-reliance.  That is why socialist plots are evil and capitalist ones are moral—and why the United States of America is the last bastion of morality on planet earth, and if it falls, the world plunges back into a medieval love of aristocracy chained to religious theocracy—for which The Devil controls.  Speaking for myself and others that I know who could literally do whatever they want whenever they want to—it takes the kind of courage and stamina I built in those hard years of work 16 hours a day, seven days a week to fight off the temptations of The Devil—so it’s easy for me.  But it’s not easy for those who arrived with that kind of power through government redistribution of wealth, or favors between one scoundrel and another in a booth at a restaurant over drinks.  When you first obtain that level of power as Donald Trump spoke about on that famous bus with Billy Bush it can be a little overwhelming to learn that women, and men will literally strip themselves of pride to be near you—just because they sense something powerful in such monstrosities of individualism that often comes from celebrities.  If you’ve ever seen how people behave with a backstage pass at a rock concert, you’ll understand what I’m saying.  Greasy, sweaty, smelly rock stars literally have women offering any kind of sex they could dream of in exchange for the bragging rights to have been near an individual free of the rules of a society controlled by The Devil.  The entire episode might appear quite evil when observed with the free flow of drugs and nudity—but what people want in exchange for the sex is to be near independence even if it means trading away their very innocence for the rest of their lives.  A good leader who functions with the bravado of a “rock star” has to master that last temptation—not to abuse that power and destroy the lives of those around them.  Most people when faced with this kind of enchanting power yield to it.  What I see in Trump is a man who has mastered it and is now at 70 years of age functioning beyond the limits of such a temptation to abuse his great power through his celebrity and his financial prowess.  I have had that power under control for a long time but I don’t meet many people who ever master it.  Trump has reached that point in his life and once they do, then they are able to fight the spread of evil for which The Devil is always keen to advance. 

Hillary Clinton is the living embodiment of The Devil from the Paul Harvey radio broadcast.  The Devil is only using her body for its own advancement and she gladly traded away her very soul to touch the kind of power that she currently has.  The National Enquirer stories of her sexual life with Hollywood celebrities and the orgy arrangements that often happen there—which I’ve seen myself and not participated in, do not surprise me.  But they can be tempting to a person intellectually empty yet seeking to rule the world.  And The Devil is always keen to trade power for obedience to spread his message of collectivism, dependence, and inner stupidity.  The Devil thrives in the lives of the lazy and desperate and seeks to raise armies against strong individuals resistant to his message—for which Hillary Clinton is the current vessel of his vast power.  She’s an old woman now and likely not much of a sexual predator seeking young cinema stars for sex the way she did in the 90s—just to prove to herself that she had arrived at that “celebrity” status where she had the power to undress anyone she wanted anytime she desired.  But that desire for power is what makes her the nimblest vehicle that The Devil has in modern times and she must be defeated so to preserve that last vestige of an independent life that only America can offer through hard work and capitalism.  Hillary wants to end that way of life forever by destroying American capitalism and attaching it to global socialism—and that makes her the embodiment of evil, and the marionette of The Devil himself.

Vote to defeat The Devil on November 8th, 2016.

Rich Hoffman


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