Is Julian Assange a Hero or a Villian: It’s not too late for justice

Just over the last few weeks there has been a fevered pitch on behalf of justice—much of it obtained under means which borders illegality—to make a case against the presidency of Hillary Clinton before it’s too late and she finds herself in the White House and the American continent under a much more open civil war than it is presently.  FBI agents have leaked documents to the press feeling betrayed that their superiors did not prosecute Clinton for her email scandals and the lies under oath that she utilized to cover up her crimes—which was revealed through many documents, corroborated by the FBI sources.  Then there is Project Veritas where undercover guerilla reporters working for James O’Keefe captured Clinton operatives inciting riots in Chicago and grossly manipulating the 2016 election by means that seemed unfathomable just a month ago.  Then there was Mr. Fixer from the National Enquirer headlined on The Drudge Report that provided a scandalous look behind the scenes of the Clinton marriage which is as far from mainstream American thought as Antarctica is from the Sahara Desert.

But the glue that has held everything together are the John Podesta emails uncovered by WikiLeaks under the guidance of Julian Assange—the anarchist computer hacker trapped in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.  What he has provided through his organization has proven that President Obama lied about not knowing about his employee at the time, Hillary Clinton’s private email server—that the DNC at the chair level was rigging elections, corralling the media to help elect Clinton, and showed that Democrats in general are horrible people—terribly bigoted, judgmental and view themselves as ruling aristocrats.  When you put Assange’s information with all the other information from rebels seeking justice—it paints a very bad picture of Hillary Clinton and her support staff.  At the very least the evidence shows people of bad character.  At most this information demands investigations that would put a lot of people in jail—including our current President of the United States for abuse of power and dereliction of duty.

So what does that make Assange who is obviously running a rebel operation designed to put power into the rising tide in America that has rallied behind Donald Trump?  Is he a criminal for tampering with an American election or a freedom fighter doing good?  I have withheld my opinion on that until I saw a recent episode of The Circus which broadcasts on Showtime where Mark Halperin went on a quest to interview Julian Assange as he had not made a public appearance since the embassy under pressure from John Kerry cut off his internet connection for interfering with a foreign country’s election.  So Halperin went on a quest that started in a London pub to get the story of how WikiLeaks started and the episode ended with Mark sending a note into the embassy to get a one-word response from Assange himself—who stayed in hiding.  The question Mark Halperin asked was if Assange thought the media was under-reporting the WikiLeaks Podesta, for which he replied, “EVERYTHING.”

Assange is looking at the global chessboard and he has made his bets and his best chance for freedom is that Trump is elected and that under his administration that there is some kind of role in securing the NSA and other government secrets that are vulnerable to internet hackers.  And why not, the United States employed Warner Von Braun for NASA after he had been a Nazi scientist working on their advanced rocket prototypes.  Assange has a lot to offer the United States by ways of security enhancement—but the reason Assange is in trouble in the first place is the more noble issue.  He took a look at what was happening and through his hacking ability saw that the world was in need of justice and he acted on behalf of what’s right.

Many like me have suspected the things that Assange has discovered and now that we all know the truth—we have a responsibility to act on that knowledge.   The Clinton campaign connected through the DNC to the Obama White House have sought to hide their obvious crimes behind their seizure of power through the offices they hold—to control the legal process—so that they could advance a massive global progressive strategy that was born a century ago in St. Petersburgh, Russia.  They always intended as a progressive organization to control the media and the law so they could disguise their actions under the protection of the legal system.  So the only way to catch people like that is to break the law to reveal their actions—which is essentially what Assange and many others have been doing lately with one last hope that major global violence can be avoided with an administration change in the United States.

I can relate to Assange and if this election goes the wrong way in favor of Clinton I can see where it will take America.  Under a Clinton administration a guy like me could instantly be made into a villain and they would have the strength of the law to attack their criticizers, mush like they have done by using the IRS as a harassment weapon.  If criminals control the law from the White House, there isn’t much anybody can do about anything without armed conflict to remove the criminals from office like what happens in Banana Republics.  But by then the only thing standing in the way of global domination of progressive strategies—which seek to enslave every last being on planet earth to big government concepts of a ruling elite—is the United States and they are essentially one election away from knocking over that last domino through the marionette Hillary Clinton.  At that point I know what kind of life is in store for me.  I will not be compliant.  I don’t want to hurt anybody.  But I will not assist corruption and criminal conduct from the White House with a passive response.  What Assange is providing is an alternative before it’s too late and it is the least bloody path that the world could hope for.  So his cryptic message to Mark Halperin was quite appropriate.  He’s providing a service and hoping that the American people can use that evidence to avoid the bloodshed that comes after a bad decision in a final election of hope.

America has dealt with this dilemma of vigilante justice through comic heroes like Zorro and Batman.  Today’s most popular films deal with this very crisis in the Marvel movies that are thriving under Disney’s ownership.  Even though the topics are silly and supernatural in those comic book movies there is a human underlying question that is quite sophisticated—what does mankind do if institutional justice isn’t enough to deal with a crisis.  In those movies, it is always some superhuman threat that populates the topics but that is because the hard questions are well beyond our human acceptance—where we still trust too much in institutions.  We have difficulty comprehending the implication of what might happen if our institutions are taken over with such evil that they are actually used as weapons against us.  That is a subject that fantasy movies can’t even touch because the intellectual framework is just too terrifying.  Yet that is what we are seeing in America and Julian Assange has exposed.  Criminals have hijacked our legal system and are using it as a shield to destroy what’s truly good about the idea of America—and the role it could play in the world.  Only through vigilante justice has this effort come to pass—because we’d have no way of knowing all this information if Assange had not initiated it—and provided the framework for other rebels to come forward. The question then comes to pass—who then checks the behavior of the vigilante.  How are we to know that the intentions of Zorro, Batman, or the real life Julian Assange are on the side of justice and what distinguishes them from a common criminal?

The answer to the age-old question as to what makes a criminal and what doesn’t isn’t rooted in adherence to the laws of a land.  Those laws are there in an attempt to protect the rights of individuals—but they are not perfect.  There are errors in justice and obviously they are prone to complete manipulation from inside by a clamoring aristocratic class always seeking to rule the world.  But for those who behave properly even when they don’t think that God is watching—they are the truly good and for them it is easy to see crime sometimes before it happens because they are functioning from a purity that extends beyond the institutions toward a notion that involves great trust in the human race.  Humans when it comes down to it—as a species–want to do the right thing.  If given a choice, they do what is right not because they fear God, or even the laws of their society—but because they inherently respect fellow members of the human race.  That is how you know you can trust the vigilante because if they risk their safety and comfort on behalf of justice, they aren’t doing it to wrestle control of the institutions themselves—but for the hope that mankind can truly live free and in respect of one another if the true evil that seeks to separate them stand in the way of that justice.  For that reason, Julian Assange is a great benefactor to our society and is a freedom fighter who deserves happier days on the horizon because he stood virtually alone against ominous powers not for fame or fortune—but because it was the right thing to do relative to the rules which govern the universe.

Rich Hoffman


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