Donald Trump’s Washington D.C. Hotel Speech: Simply Disneyesque!

It was as I expected it months ago, Trump’s official opening of his Trump Washington International Hotel guided by his daughter Ivanka just two weeks before the election was quite a spectacle.  The speech was Disneyesque, a reminder of the positive outlook that Americans inheritably have had in the past toward problems that looked ominous.  As the world outside the Old Post Office building just a few blocks down from the White House burned, Trump stood confidently and showed the world what his kind of optimism could do on a large-scale if voters put him into the presidency on November 8th.  The speech was one that I had been waiting for over many years and it was refreshing.  Trump is talking about the kind of America that I want to live in, where people dream and create things fearlessly—and Trump is the vehicle to take the country toward that reality.  Watch it for yourself. 

I stopped being a fan of Glenn Beck when he insisted that Donald Trump was a progressive no different from Hillary Clinton—or Teddy Roosevelt.  Trump is not an ideological creature—he’s a product of the business world which is where I live–where he’s used endless amounts of optimism to see himself through many personal pitfalls over his life.  When I saw that Trump was serious about running for president my support grew for him by the month because strategically the New York billionaire was proposing an actual solution that I had been arguing for over many, many years—that businessmen and women should be in many of these management political positions—because only they can really fix anything based on their experience in the private sector.  Glenn Beck had been good at predicting events in the “political” world but that world had changed beyond his definitions and Trump was the means to redefining our entire American philosophy—and that was a good thing. 

I was quite surprised by Michael Moore, the open socialist filmmaker who stated that he not only thought that Trump would win the election—but that he’d win big.  Trump according to Moore—which I’m almost reluctant to say I agree with—is a “F” “U” to the establishment and that people are excited to vote in favor of their personal legalized weapon to blow up the system that has let them down so epically.  As Moore said these things the evidence came forward that the FBI had colluded with the Clinton campaign during Hillary’s email investigation, President Obama lied to everyone about his knowledge of the personal Clinton computer server designed to destroy evidence, and that Obamacare utterly disintegrated just two weeks ahead of a major election—which I’m deeply suspicious of.  But all the things Trump has been speaking out about came to a resounding fortissimo as he spoke at his newly built hotel in Washington D.C. leaving a kind of mic drop of his own toward all the forces who have been trying to destroy him utterly. 

Except for me, I don’t know anybody who works as hard as Donald Trump—and that impresses me.  Anybody who works as hard as Trump does, and dreams as big isn’t bad by any measure.  The day before Trump opened his new hotel with his children he was conducting five events in Florida and called into radio shows like one at 9 AM on WLW in Cincinnati and Rush Limbaugh during the 2 PM hour all broadcasting all over the nation.  Here was a guy with boundless energy who wanted to win that badly—and I understand that kind of passion.   I can relate to that kind of “drive” and it is my wildest fantasy to have someone in the White House who never sleeps and works all day long seeing state dinners as a mere formality.  Most people in Trump’s position would have made opening a major luxury hotel like the one in Washington a daylong event and would have enjoyed celebrating.  But not Trump.  He cut the ribbon with his kids then jumped on his plane for a rally in North Carolina just an hour later.  Imagine that guy in the White House where he wouldn’t be tempted by the glamor of life in the most powerful office in the world.  He can do his obligations, but as soon as dinner is over, he’d be back to work.  That is my dream candidate—a Calvin Coolidge type of hard-working president with the communication ability of Ronald Reagan and the unlimited drive of Teddy Roosevelt. 

The panic from the political left was beginning to erupt which was in evidence with the now famous Newt Gingrich/Megan Kelly blow up on Fox News during the 10/25/2016 broadcast.  It was a jaw dropping exchange where Newt actually stopped Kelly mid sentence from calling Trump a “sexual predator.”  Kelly was obviously looking for a torpedo hit on Trump and with so much bad news coming out on Hillary she was getting desperate to defend her pick.  She hid her intentions behind some version of journalistic integrity which came out sounding like a cheap toy coming out of a bubble gum machine.  The Trump campaign had turned a corner and it was obvious by the headlines from The New York Times the next day who tried to spin the story to Kelly’s advantage, but the raw footage was damning—and revealing. 

As Trump closed out his speech it was obvious to me that there was no question that Trump was going to win the election—and if he didn’t, there would be major trouble.  Half the country just wasn’t prepared to put up with a criminal being elected president and Trump knew it.  All people had to do was dream big with him and there would be opportunities for everyone.  If they picked Clinton, there will be endless scandal and further embarrassments as heads rolled within the DNC.  The worst news for them was yet to come as Trump strutted boldly through the crowd toward the ribbon cutting portion of the ceremony.  A private sector person is just so much better than a political hack any day of the week, and for the first time in any of our lifetimes, we’d get a chance to see it. 

It was quite clear to me that every election should be between people like Trump who had proven themselves successful in business and brought outside the box solutions to political theater.  Michael Moore had hit on several important points showing that even the most polarized among us can certainly come together under the canopy of big dreams and Trump had offered that to the American people just two weeks from the most important election of our lives.  And he did it with a twinkle in his eye reminiscent of Uncle Walt from years long gone with a promise to make America great again if only people were bold enough to vote for him. 

Rich Hoffman


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3 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s Washington D.C. Hotel Speech: Simply Disneyesque!

  1. Another inspiring essay! I wore my “Trump” cap out today and had a few “thumbs up.” It feels so good to support a real American hero and a “winner.” We’ve waited a long time to have the opportunity to vote for a self made man such as Trump. He is right. “We need to clear the swamp.” Term limits is a must. The corporations can find some new flunkies to run for office, but it will eliminate the long term payoffs to the likes of Mitch McConnell and Harry Reed. Party is a thing of the past. The GOP is finished.


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