Hillary Clinton is Melting: Ding Dong the Wicked Witch is Dead

As I reported well over two weeks ago the news came to me as it did everyone else, like a bomb had gone off and utterly destroyed the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.  I was in Cleveland having lunch with friends and business associates when a news update came across my phone to give me the news I knew was coming eventually.  The FBI was reopening the investigation into Hillary’s lost emails just 11 days ahead of the November election as Donald Trump had been gaining on the establishment figure intensely over the previous week.  Three things forced the FBI’s hand, Donald Trump had been criticizing their investigation which ended in July with great bombast which was justifiable and Wikileaks proved it. 

Then there was Julian Assange’s publishing outfit which had shown how the FBI likely became tainted by the Clinton presidential campaign with money funneled to one of the lead investigators wives.  Then there was the quiet rebellion within the FBI itself where underlings were outraged at Director Comey’s lack of desire to prosecute Clinton after the evidence pointed toward criminal neglect and conduct unbecoming in how Hillary lied to congress, the FBI, and destroyed evidence under subpoena showing such disregard for the law that it insulted all of us.  We only had the FBI to inflict justice because Obama’s DOJ had obviously met with Bill Clinton on an airplane to make arrangements for his wife to stay out of jail and instead put her in the White House where she could dish out favors like candy to all those who looked the other way regarding her crimes. 

This climaxed to an event that couldn’t wait until the election was over and Comey dropped the bomb right on time.  The FBI had lost the trust of the American people and it had to set things right before Wikileaks beat them to it—which would have been embarrassing.  But make no question about it, if not for Wikileaks—this case would have been buried forever by a legal system obviously corrupted by the Clinton crime machine.   The wicked witch of this 2016 election season wasn’t dead yet, but we were all about to watch as she disintegrated into nothing before our eyes prompting a great celebration ahead of the election.

It’s not like the Democrats didn’t have any other option, but they stuck with Clinton knowing she was at risk—and now before the official vote they are without a candidate.  We have never in America seen anything like this and just like I said weeks ago, this is a one-person race.  Only the Republicans have a candidate.  The Democrats rallied behind a criminal and now that person was caught.  Like I said on Matt Clark’s radio show many months ago, I had predicted the end of the Democratic Party and this was the final event which would provoke it to happen—slowly, but surely. 

That’s not to say that the election is over.  Strange things can and do happen, but there is no way Hillary Clinton could win the election and act on behalf of all the people of our nation credibly.  I remember when the Clintons were in the White House the first time.   For the first three years of Bill’s presidency all the talk was about the White Water land deal that went bad on them while they were the governors of Arkansas.  The situation was on the news every day over just that one issue.  Books were written, many of which I read and the conclusion was that the Clintons were crooked—but played the legalisms in a way which helped them skate by time and time again.  By the time the full breadth of Bill’s sex scandals took hold by the end of his presidency the nation was divided and it has stayed that way since.  Now the Clintons were back trying to obtain the White House once again so they could use its power to spread their criminal inclinations around the world and the Democratic Party firmly hooked themselves to the Clinton star.

If Hillary were to win the presidency the news coverage would be much more intense this time.  We have a lot more evidence of the Clinton misdeeds than we had in the past and the extent of the damage is much greater than the Watergate issue which destroyed Richard Nixon’s presidency.  So we are fortunate that Comey reopened the FBI investigation now rather than waiting for the election to be over.  It was all he could do to attempt to restore some sense of justice before it was too late.  Even in the liberalized part of town that I was in during my visit to Cleveland there were a lot of Donald Trump signs but no Hillary signs everywhere I went on the day the news broke.  There was passion for Donald Trump because he represented justice for those who knew something was terribly wrong in Washington and that the campaign slogan, “drain the swamp” had been taking hold over the last week.  If Hillary won the presidency her administration would instantly be mired with more investigations and endless speculation into her crimes.  From the White House she would have the executive privilege to delay justice, but there is simply no way she can escape it—not with WikiLeaks releasing emails from John Podesta every day showing us all a behind the scenes look at her criminal dealings.  America will still be untangling these emails ten years from now because the immense audacity of them is just too much for most people to deal with. 

The Clintons were obviously the worse kind of kleptomaniacs—they stole elections, and used the power of the office to steal even more.  For them the worst is yet to come.  It will start by not having the advantage of executive privilege from the White House—to shield them from justice—but it will really hit them when donors to their Clinton Foundation have to pay taxes on their donations because they will likely lose their tax exemption status.  That’s when the personal law suits will begin and the Clintons vast personal wealth will dry up and evaporate.  The next problem they will have is the possibility of serious jail time which Bill and Hillary are likely prone to experience for what they’ve done.  Once they lose their political influence, people will turn on them and produce even more evidence which will give prosecutors no choice by to follow the winds of justice. 

So enjoy it dear reader.  The election isn’t over, but Hillary Clinton is metaphorically dead—as the leader of the criminal empire tethered to the Clinton Foundation and the politics attached to it.  She’s physically alive of course, but what she has become and the power she wields from it died at approximately 1 PM on October 28th 2016.  I was eating a prime rib burger at O’Charlies in Cuyahoga Falls with good company on a wonderful fall afternoon just as the leaves were changing color.  And for the first time in a long time I was proud of the FBI for doing what had to be done—even if they had to be leveraged through shame into doing it.  In the end, it wasn’t worth destroying the FBI so to save Hillary Clinton and it was wonderful that James Comey for all his faults at least did the right thing before that institution of justice died with all the other casualties under the weight of the Clinton political machine’s ominous ruthlessness. 

Rich Hoffman


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