The Women of Trump: Making America Great Again with wonderful role models

It is amazing that the potential presidency of Donald Trump has been considered to be so anti-women—because I can never recall a time where so many women looked so great and served as such wonderful role models for young girls.  Just look at the women connected to the Trump campaign starting with Kellyanne Conway—his campaign manager.  Then of course Melania Trump, the former supermodel turned domesticator of Donald Trump taming the New York billionaire in ways that nobody could have imagined.  Ivanka Trump—the oldest daughter of the presidential candidate appears to be a living Barbie Doll who can do everything—be a successful entrepreneur and a first-class mom and wife at home.

She appears to be a perfect person which would be a great example for every young girl in the world giving them hope that they could be something besides objectified participants in a pornographic society.  Then there is one of the greatest surprises in Lara Trump—Trump’s daughter-in-law—the wife of Eric Trump.  Lara in her own right has shown herself to be the leader of the Women for Trump movement coming to her own in North Carolina helping hurricane survivors through their ordeal of mass flooding and a lack of fresh water.  Lara has been gracious, intelligent, loyal, and confident under fire.  Then there is women like Dimond and Silk, the Viewers View girls from North Carolina who have been advocates for Trump from the beginning showing that African-Americans might just turn to Trump for answers.

And one of my favorites was the wonderful 13-year-old girl named Faith Graham who stood before a rally in Arizona recently and declared that she was going to be the first female president as she spoke with an other-worldly confidence to a ruckus crowd for Trump with a twinkle in her eye that I haven’t seen since Walt Disney made movies.   Yet it was Kellyanne who really put the icing on the cake just a few days away from the most important election of our lifetimes appearing in hostile territory on the ABC program, The View.  I watched Kellyanne sit under fire of those four hosts for nearly 20 minutes as the hosts and the audience was clearly in favor of Hillary Clinton.  Kellyanne didn’t even break a sweat.  She showed an indomitable spirit that I would love to see more of.  My daughters could look at Kellyanne, or any of these Trump women and find hope for all females.  My granddaughter could find inspiration in just this Kellyanne Conway defense of Donald Trump on The View and my friends and neighbors who happen to be female could discover role models that might elevate their lives beyond the limitations imposed on them by a society committed to sheer stupidity.

If anything has come from Donald Trump it has been the empowerment of very good and strong women to have a seat at the table of American politics in ways that nobody thought possible.  Kellyanne Conway has emerged as a fearless yet optimistic figure untouched by skepticism typically associated with Beltway politics.  She is the evidence of what a Trump administration would unleash across the country as president.  Women who might otherwise be trapped in a progressive stereotype suddenly have found the shackles of their lives unleashed and freedom to be themselves loose without a catch.  For a man who supposedly is the worst thing to happen to women, a lot of very good women have been put on a national stage to inspire young girls everywhere.

And perhaps that’s what progressives like Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and Whoopi Goldberg fear the most—is young women wanting to grow up to be like Lara Trump, or Kellyanne Conway—instead of some victim to government waiting for a federal check.  I suspect that is what’s really at the heart of criticism of Donald Trump and the women around him, is the fear that the bar of expectation will be raised to a level that many would find uncomfortable.  Yet perhaps that is exactly what women and young girls around the world really need.  Maybe it’s not Donald Trump that America really wants, but the women that come with him.  Speaking for myself—I would love to see a lot more of Kellyanne Conway, Lara Trump and Faith Graham from Arizona who wants to be the first female president.  I would vote for any of them—because they are good people given a platform in the wake of Trump’s celebrity presence, and that is a wonderful thing for America.

Rich Hoffman


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