Donald Trump’s Dreams for a Free America: The crowd is tired of criminals like Barabbus

Given the nature of the Hillary Clinton funded attacks, you can’t take anything for granted when a protester is at the front of the stage where Donald Trump was speaking and someone in the audience yells, “he’s got a gun.”  Trump reluctantly let the Secret Service usher him off the stage as the crowd and the authorities took down Austyn Crites for brandishing a sign, “Republicans Against Trump” that he had reached into his pants to get it.  Austyn later stated that he had been “beat up” at a Trump rally and the liberalized press attempted to show that the Trump Team had overreacted to the incident.  But if Hillary had been in the same situation she would have had to take off for a week to recover.  Take away the pop music stars like Katy Perry and Jay-Z, two American presidents, a current First Lady and a shamelessly supportive media essentially doing jelly shots off her belly—Hillary would be lucky to stand on her own two feet.  So it was quite impressive at the time that Trump—after doing three rallies that day with a fourth yet to come in Denver—stepped back on stage cool and collected and finished his speech.  Earlier in the day Clinton was rained out in Florida and retreated from her audience to avoid getting drenched—which Trump has never done leaving the choice for this election to never be clearer.  Trump’s positive message for America is summed up in this video as a promise of what kind of country Trump would lead if elected and the evidence was shown during the events of that night in Reno.

Immediately after Reno Trump jumped on his plane and headed to Denver for another packed house full of cowboy hats and good-hearted Americans looking for hope that after Tuesday they’d finally have a representative in the White House who supported them.  I watched the rally as I fell asleep and as slumber approached I thought of Trump and the trial between Jesus Christ and the criminal Barabbus.  The audience back then had cried out to Pontius Pilot to let Barabbus go free and they crucified Jesus for essentially trying to upset the political order of Jerusalem.  Jesus was killed and Barabbus was set free and all would seem to return to normal except that the largest religion in the history of humanity came forth from it.  It’s not that I’m saying Trump is the son of God—but then again—we all are—so perhaps he is.  But what I am saying is that Trump is attacking the political order of the day just as Jesus did, and the other side would love to assassinate him—so when a provocateur shows such an inclination that was our first assumption. 

But something is different now than it was in the days of Jesus—the crowd is actually fighting back.  At the Reno rally Trump supporters were the first to wrestle Austyn Crites to the ground to subdue him as Secret Service took over.  A Trump supporter in Michigan had grown tired of vandals destroying the Trump signs in his yard—so he put razor blades in the signs so that it would cut the fingers on the next attempt, which came on the same day as the Reno event.  Events like this are happening across the entire country and as I watch people flock to Trump’s defense they do it because they don’t want to see a repeat of history.   If only the people had stood by Jesus as he was crucified—perhaps history would have been better off for it.  People are standing by Trump now and when the election is over, that passion isn’t going to go away.  If Trump isn’t the president, people aren’t going to just go back to sleep. 

I have a lot of Trump signs in front of my house and slowly over the last couple of weeks, my neighbors have joined me.  Now, just about every house on my street has a Trump sign in their yards.  People are proud of their Trump signs—they take them as a badge of courage.  From my business office, I passed out Trump signs free to anybody who wanted one.  I was very surprised by some of the people who wanted Trump signs because I know many of them either had never voted before or were Democrats.  They took Trump signs and wanted as many as I could give to them.  This isn’t just an election; this is a change in human consciousness.  People are sick of running from oppressed autocrats.  They want their freedom and they are willing to fight to get it for the first time under a peaceful vote as opposed by the point of a gun. 

So there was more going on in Reno than just an assassination scare.  Trump behaved as expected, but it was the people around him who were on offense.  They truly want the America Trump shows in the campaign ad above, and they are willing to fight for it.  It is obvious that Hillary Clinton and her supporters in the media and entertainment don’t understand what is going on.  They think the people will pick Barabbus—as they always have from the beginning of mankind.  But that just might change in the year of 2016.  People may have finally learned that they don’t need Pontius Pilot, Barabbos or the authority of the state.  They just need someone to take the legal shackles away from them so they can live their lives and Trump is promising to do just that—for perhaps the first time—ever. 

Rich Hoffman


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One thought on “Donald Trump’s Dreams for a Free America: The crowd is tired of criminals like Barabbus

  1. It turns out Austin Crites has a rather extensive history as a Hillary dirty tricks operative. Apparently, and not reported by the press, is another dirty tricks operative started to do something (undefined) in the back of the audience. This type of two timing was described by the dirty tricks operatives in the Project Veritas videos. By the way, it is likely that Crites will be arrested and tried for vote fraud as his dead grandmother has voted a number of times.


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