Thank Kellyanne Conway for a Chance: Rich Hoffman’s predictions for the election on WAAM 1600 radio

Before getting into my election day predictions for Donald Trump and the future of the Democratic Party which I provided on 1600 WAAM radio covering for Matt Clark on Saturday November 5th, I must congratulate a true genius behind the Trump campaign, Kellyanne Conway.  Since she became the fulltime manager of the campaign in August of 2016 nothing but good things have happened to Trump and if not for Donald’s raw determination under fire, Kellyanne guided that determination in the proper direction and has actually put states at play for this mighty election that were never even considered by typical Republican strategists.  Kellyhanne thought outside the box and was every bit as aggressive as Trump in pushing against that Blue Wall on the electoral map that Democrats have been living and dying by for years.  Because of Kellyanne, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and other blue states are possibilities this time around.  As a career, she has been a pollster, and she knows her stuff when it comes to data collection and understanding what to do with it. She has clearly beat the Hillary Clinton camp at strategy and she has done a fantastic job of defending the Trump campaign through the media.  She has just been a first-class woman who is at the top of her game.  If Trump wins, Kellyanne played a huge part in that endeavor and she deserves a large share of the congratulations.   Now listen to the WAAM broadcast that I hosted for my thoughts on the election and my predictions for it.

I am proud of that broadcast because on the eve of the biggest election in our lifetimes I hit some large topics within the hour I had to work with which will define the direction of the human race.  As I said, Jay-Z started the controversy which will follow this election.  He stated as the ambassador to the White House that he is, that he couldn’t support Donald Trump if he were to win the election, so I made it quite clear that I wouldn’t support Hillary Clinton.  If by some travesty Hillary Clinton wins the most electoral votes I would not accept her as my representative in the White House.  Hillary Clinton is a criminal and the Democrats stubbornly stuck by her when they had other choices and that will lead to the destruction of the Democratic Party.  In addition to the obvious crimes of destruction of evidence and collusion with the Department of Justice Hillary’s name comes up too much around even worse issues of child pedophilia and the Thelema practice of “Spirit Cooking.”  I spoke about in the broadcast the good work that independent journalism had done in bringing forth stories that have shown what kind of people the Democrats are when we aren’t looking and its pretty scary stuff.  I provided the examples of the hacker group Anonymous, WikiLeaks, and Project Veritas who all contributed key evidence and a peek behind the curtain of Washington D.C. culture.   On election day 2016 millions of hopeful people—myself included, yearn that we can drain the swamp of Washington D.C. without having to resort to armed conflict by voting for Trump.  But regardless, what we have learned has changed us all forever and there is no turning away now.

I am most disturbed by the knowledge that John Podesta and his circle of Democratic friends—Hillary included, are practicing with more than curiosity the Aleister Crowley religion of Thelema.   I’ve know this for a long time.  I have actually done quite a lot of research on Thelema because I wanted to know if the Stanley Kubrick film Eyes Wide Shut had any actual validity.  A version of Thelema has actually appeared in my series of Cliffhanger stories, specifically The Curse of Fort Seven Mile because of its hidden relevancy to our political life.  But always in the back of my mind I hoped to be wrong about how active it really was in our modern political system.   I gave a brief history of Aleister Crowley on the air and was cautious to say that it was practicing Satanism—because members of Thelema think its deeper than a reference to a “Biblical” god and his earthly opposite form in Hell.  Thelema I would say is best represented in the modern context by the Disney film Maleficent which openly sought to make the wicked sorcerous played by Angelina Jolie appear to be a redeeming figure which in the classic telling of the Sleeping Beauty story she was clearly a villain.

 The Thelema religion explains why liberals are so obsessed with environmental issues—are so anti capitalists—and do not like Christian faith—or other religions in competition with their Thelema viewpoints.  For them, Islam is most purely connected to Zoroastrian religion and is a means of wiping other competing viewpoints off the face of the earth so that Thelema can rise into the mainstream as it once did before the spread of Catholicism.  These Thelema assaults against the world hope to destabilize regions like Syria, Mexico, Africa and Asia sending their people fleeing to the free countries of the world and by nature of immigration—fundamentally changing those governments with the collective based religions of their homelands.  Hillary Clinton did her part as Secretary of State to give rise to ISIS and inspire mass migration from one region to another so that Europe would topple as a Christian heritage giving rise once again to the pagan rituals of the ancient Thelema beliefs that once inhabited the world from Africa to the northern reaches of Ireland—and beyond.

There is no other rationalization, these people running our government currently are evil people.  They believe they actually live outside the laws of our mortal limitations and have evolved past our rudimentary efforts to preserve a nation rooted in a Christian god and a love of guns to defend ourselves.  In Thelema practitioners attack their individuality with great shame so that their greater place within the collective essence of the universe can be understood—which is why orgies and sexual deviancy is often at the root of Thelema culture.   That would explain the whispers surrounding Hillary Clinton and her husband of child pedophilia and the antics which took place on Jeffery Epstien’s sex island for which we now know Hillary visited approximately six times with her husband on the infamous Lolita Express.   The convicted billionaire Jeffery Epstein who was caught seeking sex with underage girls named his customized plane after the movie and book of the same name—where middle-aged men seek sex with pure young girls for many of the reasons that practitioners of Thelema conduct blood rituals—to appease the “hidden ones.”

Hillary and her gang of Thelema thugs in the Democratic Party literally believe that supernatural aid is helping them obtain the White House so that they can rule the world toward the aims of their hooky religion.   And they hope to make us all complicit to their evil deeds by endorsement.   So there is no way that I can support an administration that so openly supports evil and religions so collectively based that they would limit the scope of mankind’s imagination.  If Jay-Z refuses to accept Donald Trump because the New York billionaire isn’t an “evolved soul” (very Thelema like of him to say it like that) then I can’t support a culture of Thelema in the house of the people—who hide behind the law to maintain power, but then manipulate and even break it to obtain that power.  Hillary Clinton can’t be my president just like I’ll never accept that Maleficent in the Disney movie is anything but a villain.   I reject the premise of Thelema in every aspect and those who practice the religion with magick potions containing semen, breast milk, morning urine and minstrel blood—and spread placentas into the corners of a room to attract spiritual aid so they can as Democrats seek spiritual aid from beyond the realms of reality to advance them militarily into the lives of the good and innocent, need to be removed from our government in America–forever.

That ladies and gentlemen is what we are fighting today on Election Day.  You can literally destroy their efforts with a simple vote for Donald Trump.  If Trump doesn’t win, then we will have to fight these people directly, and that will get bloody.  Speaking for myself, I will not break bread or share space in life with people practicing the Thelema religion of the very evil Aleister Crowley.  It’s just not going to happen.  Call it my roots into the Christian sensibilities of America—but it’s not going to happen folks.  I think Kellyanne Conway has done us all a favor in positioning Donald Trump for a clear victory.  But if the votes fall short, things will really get bloody—and you’ll wish dear reader that you could replay November 8th 2016—and do things different.  Because we only get one more crack at saving America from the Thelema lunatics corrupting Washington D.C.  And an election is the least bloody way of winning a revolution.  But acceptance of blood sacrificing Democratic practitioners just isn’t an option.  They must be eliminated from American culture utterly, and completely because there is no other way.

Rich Hoffman


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5 thoughts on “Thank Kellyanne Conway for a Chance: Rich Hoffman’s predictions for the election on WAAM 1600 radio

  1. Evil begets evil, and a society that embraces evil eventually degenerates into anarchy and chaos. The result of the evil is then the worst of evil, dictatorships like Mao, Stalin and Hitler.


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