Bathing in the Tears of Hillary Clinton’s Supporters: Sit down, shut up, and let Donald Trump fix it

I know we’re all supposed to be gracious in victory, but let’s not forget that yesterday morning, if Donald Trump didn’t win the presidency of the United State—I was making very real plans for an armed rebellion.  I had volunteered myself to organize a militia to stand against a Hillary Clinton administration—because she has run a criminal empire for decades and I wasn’t going to accept her in that role of POTUS

I said on the WAAM radio just on the Saturday before the big election that I hoped for peace—but for me, it was Trump or nothing because our republic had fallen that far and could not endure two more months of Barack Obama style progressivism.  That election was literally the end of the road and lucky for all those crying on Wednesday when Hillary Clinton had lost—because the next alternative wasn’t a good one, that an election had saved them from violence.

When you can’t trust the FBI, the CIA, and the DOJ, there are no other options but violence.   Ironically Stephen Cobert late at night upon realizing that Trump was going to win and that his style of liberalized government was being recalled understood the magnitude behind the Trump election when he said, “A lot of voters out there said we have 300 million guns and we’re going to change direction.”  Something dramatic was going to happen on Tuesday November 8th 2016 at the ballot box, or violence was our only next unfortunate option.  So let me convey my feelings toward the Hillary Clinton supporters who I noticed were crying on election night once they realized that their candidate was going to lose.  It gave me great pleasure to see it.  I want to take a bath in their tears because they deserve everything coming to them for taking our country so close to a precipice that nearly destroyed it.  I know many of them don’t understand what role they played in that threat, but ignorance is not a viable defense.  They are lucky they are only spilling tears because it almost became blood.  They have no idea how close it came.  But I am happy and proud that law and order saved our nation and gave us one more chance to get America right.

The graciousness shown around the world toward Trump including Obama, and Clinton herself did not surprise me.  Honestly it’s not because of grace in defeat but because they’ve been caught.  Watching the Democrats on November 9th I couldn’t help but think of one of my favorite westerns High Plains Drifter.  Trump was the Clint Eastwood character who essentially took over a town guilty of mass corruption and used their guilt as leverage to evoke the truth.  Everyone knew that with Trump—who isn’t a political hack—that if anybody like him ever did get into a political office that they’d be discovered for the frauds they really are.  So they had no other option but to be nice to Trump and those who voted for him and hope that they won’t be prosecuted for the many crimes they have all committed to acquire and stay in power.

That’s where things get interesting.  With Trump—who is a true leader, actions in Washington D.C. will be swift and furious.  Trump will work everyone in D.C. culture to the bone leaving many of them begging for a break.  Many don’t know just how hard Trump will work to fulfill his campaign promises as opposed to someone like Obama who just says things on the campaign trail then forgets about everything the day after winning office.  Trump will bring a level of competence that nobody has ever seen in government since the founding days of our government because a private sector person is in the White House which will have a trickle down effect that will migrate into every elected office in the country—large and small.

I watched the political left attempt to shame Donald Trump voters over social media on November 9th with the typical attacks that they utilized for many years which nearly destroyed America—and what they don’t understand is that the game is over for them.  Those styles of shaming attacks of guilt that they have thrown at traditional conservatives in American culture are over.  With the election of Donald Trump a new political strategy for beating the Saul Alinsky trained Democrats has been proven with an admirable game plan—and there is no putting that genie back in the bottle. That game plan has been unfolding slowly over the last five years—and I’ve played a part in developing it.  Trump took his celebrity and his independent wealth and took it to a new level and Republicans all across the nation can now see that it works.  Trump broke the so-called blue firewall on the Electoral Map forever winning Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan—then dominating Ohio where it wasn’t even close.  Trump outperformed even the most aggressive polling in Ohio as Democrats crossed party lines by large numbers to vote for the New York billionaire.

I have no doubt that Trump ran for president for all the right reasons—and likely he gave so much money to political candidates over the years as an insider only to get nothing for it.  But I believe the turning point for him came in 2011 when President Obama shammed him publicly during a press correspondence dinner.  Trump likely decided during that event to run for president to get revenge on the political class who took money from billionaires like him to fuel their lifestyles—then thought they had a right to humiliate those private sector types with IRS audits and public humiliations like spoiled aristocrats.  When Trump announced in 2012 that he was thinking of running I quickly jumped on the Trump train because I thought it would be great to have a real businessman in the Executive Branch.  Earlier in my life I had supported Steve Forbes and Ross Perot.  Trump was my dream come true as a political candidate, so I was quick to endorse him.  But Trump decided to help fund Mitt Romney who flopped like a dead fish in the closing days of his 2012 run where he lost to Barack Obama.  Trump did a few more years of The Apprentice on NBC then decided during the summer of 2015 to run for president and now he’s won and he’s not going to sit back and do nothing with the effort.  With the same grit that Trump looked at Obama in 2011 and decide to knock the president’s legacy completely off the map of history.   Trump will work to be the best president of the United States because he comes from the private sector where performance matters and he will bring that to the Washington D.C. culture likely for the first time in the history of any republic throughout the world.

On Wednesday people were shocked because they had never seen anything like what Trump did—but I wasn’t.  I predicted almost everything that happened because I understand Donald Trump.  I like and enjoy people like him and the only way to solve many of our modern problems in America, come from people who think like Donald Trump.  A lot of things contributed to Trump’s victory—there were a lot of activists like WikiLeaks, Project Veritas, Alex Jones, The Drudge Report and many others who were trying to caution people to avoid voting for Hillary Clinton—and Trump never backed down off what he was doing.  The election was a massive rebellion that involved characters all around the world hoping that America could be once again a beacon of justice that all could look to for guidance.  Trump expertly navigated through the natural circumstances of the events of our day with hard work, courage, and bull-headed effort that has everyone who will deal with him in the future from the Oval Office understanding that he’s the real deal and that he won’t be a person that will be messed with.  Trump closed the deal late Monday night—actually Tuesday morning at 1 AM with a last-minute rally in Michigan to a packed crowd.  Trump did the extra work to win because that’s what he does and now he will be in our White House to save it from the disgrace that the political class abused to the point of ruin.  So if I want to bathe in the tears of my vanquished enemies please understand that it’s better than painting my face with their blood—because it almost came to that.

Now, sit down, shut up—and let Trump fix all the garbage that the idiots on the political left wrecked so that we can all have a functioning country once again.  We have for the first time an “overman” in the White House, and it will be a wildly positive experience that the world has never yet seen.

Rich Hoffman


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5 thoughts on “Bathing in the Tears of Hillary Clinton’s Supporters: Sit down, shut up, and let Donald Trump fix it

    1. Yes, he’ll wait until Obama is gone showing compassion until Inauguration Day. Hopefully Comey is still the FBI Director. Trump’s AG will then be able to take the case of the Clinton Foundation and use that to put a dagger through what’s left of the Democratic Party. Mark it on your calendar.


  1. The drift to the left started when George HW Bush repudiated his no new taxes pledge. It cost him his second term and introduced the Clinton scum to the Country. Then came George W’s compassionate conservatism as if conservatism was somehow not compassionate. Ultimately, the radical muslim socialist Obama provided us with 8 years of corruption and division. Trump has a lot of work to do to rebuild the shining city on a hill.


  2. I agree with your analysis of the reasons why Trump won. The George Soros money injected into this election (and into the riots now in the major cities) failed to elect his surrogate, Hillary Rodham. She was and is the most soiled candidate in the history of this country. It is shocking to me that so many people voted for her. I am sure that she had her feminist groups out on the campaign trail going door to door. I wish one of them stopped at my door. I would have been able to give them an earful of real facts. The left doesn’t want to hear the phrase “we will take our country back.” Yes, we will take our country back. We love this nation for our freedom to live our lives. We know that this country has been a beacon for liberty all over the world. I pray that our “Christian” nation will be able to return to our fundamental values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. God has blessed America. We know the difference and we won’t go back to the evil perpetrated by the left. I believe that God has given us another change. We must not let Him down again.


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