The Benedict Arnold Never Trumpers: We will never forget how weak they were under fire

I stood in the harsh cold with Glenn Beck during his Christmas show at the Murphy Theater in Wilmington, Ohio in 2010 because he was offering to use his celebrity to solve a critical problem in the United States.  The same Murphy Theater that Michael Moore was speaking at just a week prior to the election of 2016 trying to explain the phenomena known as Donald Trump—which can be heard at the start of the WAAM broadcast by Matt Clark below.  Additionally, three-quarters of the way into that radio show I joined Matt to reflect on the election results.  But with Glenn Beck, I stood with him, helped where I could, writing hundreds of positive articles about him and even promoting his upstart Blaze News organization with the hope that he was serious about solving the problems within our government and helping to take back the United States which had fallen so far away from the progressives taking it to oblivion.  When George Soros crushed Beck in New York harassing him to flee to Dallas with his family forcing him to start over without the benefit of Fox News to keep him in the spot light I stayed with Beck until it was obvious that he didn’t really want to solve anything—he just wanted to complain about things.  When he led the Never Trump movement with other so-called conservatives like Bill Kristol of the National Review I painted those influences out of my life entirely because they were shameful.   And now that the election has taken place as Matt and I reflected in this radio broadcast, those people are on the outside looking in, which is just where they belong.

In this modern revolutionary war the Never Trumpers were the Benedict Arnolds—people who moved toward the enemy out of a need for fame and sentiment hiding behind a conviction of morality as a shield toward their true intentions of preserving evil so that they could continue to make a living off it.  Many times over the last six or seven years I have been offered high paying opportunities either writing, speaking, or helping with political offices to advance the freedom movement and I have turned all of them down for the purity of fighting in the trenches where the bullets are really important. There wasn’t time for me to develop into what we needed within a decade to be effective enough, so I put my backing behind those who did have a foot in that door—because we needed to take our government back from progressives sooner than later—to have a shot at our own survival as a nation.  What the freedom movement needed was a fearless symbol to rally behind that wouldn’t buckle.  What Beck and Kristol failed to understand was that over the last few decades, they were being auditioned for such a role—but when the gun fire became too intense, slowly their support peeled away—before Trump joined the race.  Trump had been fighting some of these fights for many years, and I knew from his books that he never backed down from anything—so given the grave disappointments that Glenn Beck in particular had shown to his fans—Trump was very attractive as a presidential candidate.

As I illustrated during Matt’s radio show many people and methods were tried.  When Doc Thompson and I promoted School Choice as an option to the education issues facing southern Ohio in 2010 it wasn’t so that we could gain fame and fortune—it was to actually solve the problem.  I tried to work behind Governor Kasich.  I gave my support to John Boehner. I praised Paul Ryan and his Ayn Rand loving entry onto the Mitt Romney ticket.  I held my nose and voted for them during the 2012 race where they lost along with Kasich failing to stand his ground on the Senate Bill 5 passage.  Once those issues were cleared the media of Cincinnati turned their guns on me to personally destroy me for being a rising star on radio and TV advocating education reform the game plan of the enemy was obvious.  Once that happened, I wasn’t going to stop until many people paid the price.  I don’t quit, I don’t scare and I expect results so that we can all live happily ever after.  So I looked around and saw that Donald Trump was willing to join the fight so my support went into his direction—along with millions of other people who were thinking the same kind of thing.  I spoke about this phenomena on WAAM by calling it the “American Sniper” effect—flyover country–blue color supporters of Trump who had been forgotten about in politics and deliberately pushed into a corner to be either converted into progressive thought or to be destroyed.  When those guns personally turned on me I wasn’t about to accept that and I certainly wasn’t going to follow the gospel according to Glenn Beck and turn the other cheek, or declare in 2016 that the vile Barack Obama “made me into a better man.”  Give me a break.  Obama has only tried to damage traditional America and bury it under increasing regulation and more dependency toward the United Nations as a global governing body—and that wasn’t ever going to fly.  Donald Trump had the money, the ego, the celebrity and the will to fight these vile people in Washington D.C. and I was one of the first to notice it so I did what I could to help him get started and now that he’s won—you can bet your ass I’m proud of it.  But if he fails—my support will go away in a New York minute and I’ll either find someone else—or I’ll do it myself.  One way or another, progressivism in America will be defeated and we will have a sovereign nation once again that sets a high standard for the rest of the world.  I have a feeling, knowing something of Donald Trump—I won’t have to go to such measures because he’s the right guy for this particular moment in time to be President.  I’ve read his books and met him personally a few times and that’s enough for me.  I’m a great judge of character and I am certain I can trust him with the very difficult task of doing what we need done in Washington D.C.

The Never Trumpers had the intention of aiding the enemy of traditional America to benefit their own political futures as either commentators or leaders of the Republican Party.  They should have payed attention to the trajectory of the freedom movement in particular the way that the Tea Party was rebelling against John Boehner as Speaker of the House.  What did they think was going to happen if the politicians continued to fail?  Making members of congress learn the Constitution on their first days in office wasn’t enough.  They needed to fight for it—and if they wavered, they’d be replaced.  That’s what happened to Eric Canter, then John Boehner and now Mitt Romney whose political life is over forever.  That’s also what happened to Hillary Clinton at the hands of Donald Trump.  But Trump wasn’t alone, WikiLeaks helped, so did Project Veritas, Alex Jones, the Drudge Report, movies and books called Clinton Cash, and Hillary’s America, and thousands of people like me who worked the ground game in different ways fighting the one on one battles that eventually overtook the opposition in ways they never thought possible.   In Ohio particularly Robert Scott did a great job at the state level and Ann Becker in southern Ohio with the Cincinnati Tea Party did excellent work knocking on doors, working the phones and making sure the word got out on Trump.  Ann was a Ted Cruz supporter back in March when Trump came to my town of West Chester and we poked at each other politely for each other’s support for the primary candidates at that time.  When Cruz lost, she threw her support to Donald Trump with great passion and I’m proud of her.  There were others like her and they helped give Trump Ohio with a ten point lead over Clinton when it was supposed to be close.  Ann had the same concerns that Beck had about Trump but she wasn’t afraid to take a shot where Beck was afraid of the success—because if Trump did win—his business of commentary on politics would be greatly diminished.  His business relies on discontent toward progressivism.  If Trump starts winning Beck’s show gets a lot harder and his audience will diminish as they move on to other things in life—like people should.

What Trump did in the final hours of an election that he was supposed to lose was remarkable.  I was up at 1 AM in the morning watching the Right Side Broadcasting show when Trump did one last-minute rally in Michigan the night before the election.  He didn’t need to but he had the kind of fight I expect in a presidential candidate who took nothing for granted and covered literally every base that needed to be covered. I was amazed that the last Michigan rally was his fifth even on that Monday before the election and his 15th event of the weekend.  Hillary had brought out the Hollywood elite in support of her and all Trump had was himself, his family and flyover state supporters on the ground like me, Ann and thousands of others doing the hard work toward political reform one last time before our country fell off a precipice it likely never would have returned from.  Those people in Michigan waited for Trump for over three hours and received word of that rally just hours before as it was thrown together at the last-minute and at 1 AM they literally gave Trump just enough votes to win him that state for the first time since 1988.  Trump had broken down the “Blue Wall” winning Pennsylvania, Michigan Wisconsin and Iowa—all deep blue states and with it likely destroying the Democratic Party forever in the current form that it is now.   Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager had a lot to do with that—but it was Trump who was willing to go wherever she said he needed to go to win a victory—and that’s the difference between Trump and the kind of candidates the Never Trumpers suggested.  Mike Lee and Glenn Beck’s Never Trump candidate Even McMullen did nothing in Utah but make an ass of himself.  Trump won the state in spite of the Never Trumpers protests against him—which certainly pulled away popular votes in Utah away from Trump.

The only thing Harry Reid could say about the election was that Trump had lost the popular vote hoping to feed the protestors in the streets crying over Trump’s presidency.  Trump won in spite of every effort to suppress him from gaining over 300 electoral votes which was a major feat for any Republican.   If the convicts of Virginia had not been given last-minute access to voting under Clinton apologist Terry McAuliffe, Trump would have likely won Virginia also.  In American elections, the electoral votes are what matter and Trump’s strategy was to be as competitive in as many places as possible using Ohio as the nucleus for which everything else attached as a spillover effect.  The strategy worked and by 2020 Trump will likely put states like New York and California into play because that’s the nature of what he does—and one of the reasons we voted for him—because he has a history of winning—and our country needed a victory in a major way.  The Never Trumpers made sure they were against that victory and now they must pay the price—which they deserve.   We’ll see who wins the popular vote in 2020.  Winning over 300 votes in an American election is a landslide, Harry.  The degenerates, the illegal aliens, the convicts and other high density city voters voting to keep their government benefits doesn’t constitute merit in this new world—so the popular vote means nothing other than that’s how you get electoral votes in individual states.  The national count is a pointless stat.  And nobody the Never Trumpers suggested would have been able to do such a thing like winning Michigan.  Now that the election is over the Never Trumpers are a new kind of enemy, and they will be treated as such.

Trump needs to bring the country together and he will.  He’s already doing that.  But for those of us in the trenches, we won’t forget or forgive.  The Never Trumpers are on my list.  And there’s nothing they can do to get off it.  Once a Benedict Arnold, always one.

Rich Hoffman


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