Great New Businesses in the Liberty Center Area: The wonders of capitalism in Butler County, Ohio

I continue to enjoy the Liberty Center shopping complex a year after it opened intensely.  It has been great for business, and wonderful for personal recreation.  Recently my wife and I saw Hacksaw Ridge at Cinebistro at Liberty Center which was fabulous.  The movie was great and it was wonderful to see Mel Gibson directing movies again.  Hollywood is a lot better off with Mel Gibson in it—unquestionably.  But the experience at Cinebistro is just fabulous and continues to be something I always look forward to.  If you are going to see a movie in the Cincinnati area—there isn’t anywhere better than at Cinebistro at Liberty Center.  Just a marvelous experience.  I enjoy it so much that I’d recommend coming from out-of-town to engage in the experience.

However, after a year and in speaking with a variety of vendors around the complex it appears that the public hasn’t quite figured out just how cool the Liberty Center experience is.  Most obvious is a few new places that opened recently, Go! Calenders, Games and Toys which is located near the food court on the second story of the internal mall area and Degs Flame Grilled Chicken which is adjacent to the food court near Dillards.  I think both places add needed diversity but the drawback is that people haven’t figured out that there is whole interior portion of the shopping complex.  A similar development up the highway in Dayton, The Greene Town Center is entirely an outside shopping experience, which most of Liberty Center is.  But unlike The Greene, the interior portion of the development offers a typical mall experience to accentuate the outdoor offerings.  So for a destination entertainment complex with dining and shopping as the primary drivers of interest—Liberty Center really offers diversity from one end to the other.

Just yesterday my daughter and I had dinner at BD’s Mongolian Grille across from the Rave Movie Theaters at The Greene Town Center and it was all very nice.  But Liberty Center is much better because the movie theater of Cinebistro is clearly superior to any other cinema chain.  Around that theater are four really good dining experiences, the Kona Grill, Cantina Laredo, The Rusty Bucket and Cooper’s Hawk—which is very classy and right next to the Cinebistro.   And honestly, I love the food at Cinebistro as a dining experience by itself so if you like dinner and a movie like I do, Liberty Center is just a dream.  But the indoor part of the complex at the other end combines a traditional mall experience to all the other dynamism.

So when visiting Liberty Center remember that there is an inside portion to the complex, and you should visit it.  The more foot traffic that moves into that part of the development the more businesses like Go! Toys will move in.  And that is a good thing which makes a great place ever better.   My personal aim for Liberty Center is for a bookstore to move in, which is a tall order given that Amazon makes brick and mortar stores difficult to operate.  But the one at The Green was doing very well on a Saturday afternoon giving needed intellectual presence which is missing at Liberty Center.  That could change if we support the little businesses with big dreams in a wonderful place called Liberty Center.

In addition, across the street from Liberty Center are several new restaurants that are quite good.  One is Freddey’s which is like a supped up Steak and Shake.  They have great food!  Great burgers and shakes.  They are in the parking lot of Cabela’s and at the entrance to the Wetherington residential area—which lucky for the kids living there have access to such a wonderful place.   It is just another development addition to an area that is booming with wonderful capitalist endeavor.  And that is always a good thing.

Rich Hoffman


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