Bullwhip Economics and Donald Trump: How small things lead to BIG things–Rich Hoffman hosting WAAM radio

There are a lot of unsung heroes behind the Trump election, most notably Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon, Jared Kushner just to name a few at the top including the incredible stamina that Donald Trump showed in those last two weeks simply out working everyone with a tenacity that has never been seen for a person seeking the presidency except for perhaps Theodore Roosevelt.  Essentially, the Trump campaign was built on only hopes and dreams until July of 2016 when an official campaign with the people mentioned above becoming part of it.  Before that moment in time it was the grass-roots people who put Trump in the front of the Republican pack—with the help of a media that wanted to sabotage the Republican candidates they viewed as more dangerous to provide the most unique political event in the history of the world.  The people behind that movement were fractured members of the Tea Party who had pushed hard against John Boehner’s speakership, John Kasich’s weak running of Ohio by siding with Obama on Medicaid expansion and other grass-roots rebels who were tired of being drug into progressive politics against their will for which I was one.  It was over six years ago that I started the bullwhip economics videos seen below which from a platform of southern Ohio politics empowered some of the most creative and bold grass-roots rebels to dare and change the system which ultimately prepped the nation for a Donald Trump candidacy.  I am very proud of the role I played in that effort, along with thousands of others.  I told the story of those early days and how my bullwhip economics made a small impact which escalated over the subsequent years into real change on a show I hosted for Matt Clark on WAAM on Saturday, November 19th, 2016.  The following broadcast out of all my years of doing guest radio for several stations from WLW in Cincinnati to The Blaze evolving into bit work with WAAM is the show I am most proud of.


People thought I was crazy in 2010 when I put myself on the front page of The Cincinnati Enquirer holding my bullwhips complete with a cowboy hat after I had performed a three-layered attack which changed politics in southern Ohio, specifically Butler County.  I shot the video “A Whip Stunt to Save America” (seen below), I used it to explain why I was coming out against the monstrosity known as the Lakota levy where my local public school—one of the wealthiest and most highly populated districts in all of Ohio—wanted yet again to raise taxes on private property which was announced on the air through WLW broadcasting to over 500,000 people, then I joined with former rivals in the building industry to form No Lakota Levy—a political group that rocked the foundations of the Ohio Education Association to its very core.  I knew as the Enquirer photographers came to my house exactly where I shot the “Whip Stunt to Save America” video that I would be ridiculed and harassed to no end, so I put on a good show and embraced the controversy in a way that nobody up to that point had ever seen—until Donald Trump would essentially do the same thing on a national stage.  I am proud to have been a pioneer in that effort—especially in hind-sight because people who knew me back then were wondering if I had lost my mind.

After all, it’s not like I was some backwoods malcontent of the “alt-right” which is what they are calling it these days.  I was an area businessman who happened to be a professional bullwhip artist, a master at that, where only a few people in the entire world could lay claim to being able to perform the stunts I could with a bullwhip.  Just a few years before in 2008 I was flown out to Hollywood by Peter Facinelli to be his stunt double for a project he was producing.  (CLICK HERE TO REVIEW) I had met him at a film festival where he had seen my firewhip routine at a presentation for the World Stunt Organization in Cleveland, Ohio and wanted to develop a film off what he saw.  What evolved from that project with RealD 3D was the template every film uses when making a movie with firewhips, everything from Ironman 2 to Underworld—and most recently Doctor Strange.  I was also writing novels and had a seat at the table for a career in entertainment if I wanted it.  After all, I had a number of talents that were unique to only me—anywhere in the world, and people felt that I should have exploited those talents for great financial profit.  Instead I was using those talents to take on an unstoppable machine with no clear light at the end of the tunnel.  I was putting myself in an impossible position within the entertainment industry which I loved—because I was never going to work for them because of my outlandish conservative political beliefs.  Nobody was going to give me the time of day after I made “A Whip Stunt to Save America.”   I had deliberately type-cast myself as a “right-winger” and many thought I had wasted myself on politics needlessly.

Then I came out against Governor Kasich who had lost Issue 2 in 2011 with Senate Bill 5 which sought to take away the monopoly of public sector unions in Ohio.  I volunteered to continue the effort toward Right-to-Work in Ohio so the political knives came out hard against me by Republicans as well as Democrats and things really heated up.  Lakota still couldn’t pass a levy and now I was involved in Right-to-Work so those people had to stop me any way they could.  That’s when the strategy I had unleashed several years earlier with the “Whip Stunt to Save America” paid off.  Thugs from the political left normally harass people with physical violence, but what were those people going to do to me?  I’m a master bullwhip artist.  I could easily carve up a small army of their night goons so I had taken away their ability to physically bring harm to me, thus stopping my behavior—like they have done to thousands of people before me over decades.  My dad warned me that they’d come after me—which I expected—but like I said—I’m a bullwhip artist.  There isn’t anything they could do to scare me—because obviously, they’d be destroyed.

That left them to try to “out mouth” me, to “out think” me—but what they really didn’t know was that I am smarter and faster on my feet with my mind than I am with bullwhips, so that didn’t go very far—and I am very proud of holding my ground during some of those really difficult days where it would have been far easier to just say “uncle.”  But that’s not how I do anything–ever—so I stayed strong, continued writing, teaching and inspiring others—and Matt and I continued doing some really good radio broadcasts that are actually better than some of the stuff that can be heard on the big syndicated radio shows around the country.  I mentioned on the radio broadcast from November 19th the show Matt and I did on WAAM about The Naked Communist.  That was a great show that not many people heard by population density, but some of the really smart people out there—the real political junkies who were always my target audience—they did hear those shows and they have acted appropriately moving to create a Freedom Caucus in the House of Representatives and other places openly defying conventional politics.

For me it has been six long hard years of battle—I wrote on my Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom blog site every day during that period and over 800,000 visitors have read the words there.  Along the way I have essentially ran my own little media company never really putting an emphasis on profit acquisition, because the real targets were movers and shakers who actually take the time to read—not necessarily a consumer class.  I wasn’t going for the glitzy, but the top minds of politics hoping to give them a little encouragement to do something bold—for a change.  I could afford to be loose with my political endeavors because I am independently very successful professionally.  All along that was always at the core of my endeavors—it was a trick I learned from Don Diego from the old Zorro television series.  By day I was a businessman, by night a man of the people and I used my bullwhip to sell the ideas and my skills with it to disarm the Saul Alinsky thug tactics of the political left, and once other conservatives saw that Democrats could be beaten in this way—they became embolden.

Recently while at a Trump rally with Newt Gingrich standing just a few feet away shaking my wife’s hand the head of the Republican Party of Butler County asked me if I had my whip with me—because while establishment Republicans thought my antics were over-the-top, there was always a level of respect because of my skills.  To many of them, I looked a lot smarter with Donald Trump standing in front of us in 2016 than I did years before when they couldn’t see a path forward as I appeared proudly on the cover of The Cincinnati Enquirer offering myself as something of a bold joke that they were sure would lead to my personal destruction in 2012.   But that destruction never came and eventually a New York businessman who was prone to thinking outside the box politically and had amassed great personal wealth so that he could be truly free would take the fight to the next level in an epic way resulting in an election that I watched with great cheer with my family late on that fateful November 8th.  We didn’t’ sleep that night.  We celebrated with a nice breakfast and I took the whole family to Chilis for a meal I will never forget—because we had all earned it.  We had not been able to see the light at the end of the tunnel just a year before, but suddenly we were out of the tunnel all together on ground we only imagined.

My story wasn’t the only one that contributed to that great Trump victory, there are enough heroes from that battle to fill a library of stories, but like I said in the broadcast on WAAM, often its little things that lead to big things and that the first step is in trying.  I still would gladly trade all the potential success I could have earned in Hollywood and elsewhere to see Donald Trump elected—and I did.  What good is all that fame and fortune if the country is a wreck by the time you get it?  So I never cared or thought about what I was losing.  I just did what I was good at and hoped that enough smart people with the means to act would do so based on something I wrote or demonstrated.  Obviously, enough people did, and for that—I am deeply proud.  That pride was obvious in the show I hosted on WAAM because it was hard-earned.  It was the first show I did on radio since the election and after a few weeks, my enthusiasm hadn’t abated.  I will never forget what the Enquirer photographer had said to me way back in 2010—who literally had come from a photo shoot with the Cincinnati Bengals Chad Johnson to my house to film me and my bullwhip tricks—of which he stated was the coolest thing he had seen that year—he asked me if I really wanted to do this, because in his mind I was destroying my good name.  As he snapped the pictures I thought my good name and skills could take whatever comes.  And it did.  Donald Trump had taken the same plunge and acted on his belief in himself to outlast everything that the political machines could throw at him—and he prevailed.  In his taking of the White House he made my personal fights worth everything and more.  For the first time in my adult life—politically—I am enthusiastic for tomorrow.  The fight of course continues, but it was worth everything it cost and more.  Little things do add up to big things and they are always worth doing—especially when goodness and justice are the fuel that drives them.

Rich Hoffman


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