The Future of Politics in America: Conservatives split over philosophy, progressives fade in failure

As I said on WAAM radio with Matt Clark a long time ago, everything is now occurring just as I predicted it would.  The Democratic Party is coming to an official end, the last vestiges of it are dividing and separating themselves out as we speak here on December 4, 2016.  The upcoming Trump presidency will further destroy the party forcing old liberals to join Republicans who defect into a Libertarian Party.  Those who cannot make that leap will then become an extreme minority of old communist relics who no longer have a hook into the political world.  By necessity, the networks will have to adapt to the populism being broadcast from the White House leaving all the current liberal controls needing to adapt or lose their careers to fresh faces not corrupted with the downward looking limits of the Millennials employed by mass media.  The networks will use this change in populism to put fresh faces in front of the cameras so they can get younger and more attractive reporters in hopes of boosting their declining ratings which will continue to slide into new forms of media presentation over the coming decade.  Welcome to the new world in America which will put its stamp on the rest of the world in a uniting way.  But now let’s get more specific in these far looking predictions—because after all, there are tactical advantages in knowing these things that will benefit Republicans if they’ll listen and position themselves accordingly.

A few years ago when radio personalities like Glenn Beck and John Stossel were making it fashionable to call themselves “libertarians” many in the Tea Party movement migrated in that direction because they wanted a live and let live approach to all things in life—which sounds good until you get down into the details.  In Beck and Stossel’s case, both are former liberals who did drugs in their early days, and those aspects of their characters were rising to the surface to essentially form a new political party of people who were financially conservative, but essentially socially liberal.  The Trump administration will further exacerbate this difference by uniting America under the flag of fiscal responsibility and strong economic dollar performance forcing political identities to split along social parameters.  The good thing will be that both political parties will be united on the fiscal matters as Trump reverses the direction of the debt performance.

This is already evident in the sword rattling that is going on between China and America over Taiwan.  China using American debt and jobs invented in the United States to feed mostly capitalist markets have leveraged themselves into a superpower falsely propping up their communist government.  The big secret that Trump and his billionaire friends know is that the great fear China has is in America taking that economy away from them—because the Chinese as a culture do not have the ability to invent.  They can use the “Art of War” to steal other people’s inventions and economic power, but they cannot as a communist country of over a billion compliant souls invent things themselves.  Yet China has supported the communist rule of North Korea and the further stifling of economic activity in Vietnam and Cambodia where great sins in the markets of sex trafficking thrive in the vacuum of civility.

China poised falsely on its booming economy of stolen wealth is the greatest threat of war with Japan which of course costs America a lot of money to defend diplomatically, and literally.  So the way to put China back in its place and renegotiate trade deals, and interest rates is to take away their security and for Trump—that starts by making friends with Taiwan.  That is the first step of many in Making America Great Again starting with trade imbalances between America and China.  To the critics out there who fear war with China if provoked—China can’t afford war with America—so don’t worry about it.

Now with the smoke clear and the type of philosophy that Trump will bring to the Republican Party which he now controls, long time conservatives like Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin are beginning to be critical as their Tea Party libertarian roots prevent them from joining the new Republican Party.  Instead they will join with Stossel and Beck into the new liberal party in America for which many moderates left over from the current Democrats will find refuge. Granted Ann Coulter is not a libertarian but as things evolve, they will be more appealing to her sense of identity in much the way that she dated Andrew Stein a decade ago—a major liberal in New York.  People like Ann who have made their livings as pundits standing against the current administrations needs to be in a rebellion party, so as Trump reaches across the political battle lines that have been entrenched for several centuries and makes deals that puts fiscal conservativism on ground that everyone can agree with, the focus will then move to social big tent government republicanism and small government Constitutionally based philosophy which will pull Ann and those like her more toward the evolving Libertarians.

I’m not a pundit and do not make my living off opinion.  I offer those opinions to help people navigate more appropriately with the challenges of our day, but I don’t have a hook in the swamp of Washington D.C. or its connecting entities in the states.  But I am a manager of many things, and a good one at that, so the means to getting to a fiscally responsible country that broadcasts morality to the rest of the world is my concern.  If government gets too big and wants to suppress me, I have my Bill of Rights to use as a weapon against it, so I’m not afraid of anything when it comes to government.  A few years ago I took a test when libertarians were becoming fashionable because many people wanted to pull me into that tent of political thinking and I wasn’t about to go because essentially I have very hard-line views on drugs and ethical conduct at a national level.  I am not a “live and let live” guy on drug policy.  If a neighbor of mine smokes dope and I smell it, there will be trouble.

So as far as the war on drugs and stopping drug cartels in far away lands, the government and its military is something I can get behind if they are managing the finances properly.  After all, you can’t have a good moral country if everything is loose like they might be at a Grateful Dead concert.  Those types of philosophies do not go together.  I am all for advocating strength and military superiority to broadcast the nationalism to the far corners of the world to help them adapt capitalism and that won’t happen smoking dope with John Stossel on a street corner complaining about a long work week.  When I took that test I was somewhere in the range of 98% Republican as opposed to any kind of liberal view.  The manager in me often uses the structure of the rules of the day to tactically outmaneuver people so I can see how a Donald Trump would have success at the federal level where a loser like Barack Obama would become a tyrant.  Likely Donald Trump is probably between 50% and 75% Republican, I’m sure he has much softer views on things than I do, but the future of the Republican Party will be defined by him.  There will be things I don’t like—that are too soft, but I’ll be able to live with those because most people disappoint me anyway.  What I care about in the end are results, and Trump will get them.

Already I can see a huge political change locally in my home town of Cincinnati.  There was a great dinner that many of the leaders of the freedom movement attended several years ago, Matt Clark included.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW.  Doc Thompson was there too, along with Ann Becker and many other movers and shakers of Southern Ohio politics which has very directly shaped the current political climate over the last eight years.  Of those people who were all united behind the effort to stop the liberalism of Barack Obama—the socialist slide over the abyss–under Trump many of them will soon be at odds with each other because that’s how the new party of conservativism will evolve.  Former friends will become enemies politically and America will hash out that evolving philosophy in a much more productive fashion than they have in the past.  But the old Democrats—those who can bend will join the Libertarians.  Those who can’t will simply break.  The Clintons and their progressivism are out.  Their funeral was the concession speech that Hillary Clinton gave and the faces in that room confirmed it.

The media also knows it.  The Saturday Night Live episode from 12-3-2016 confirms that the political left is lost in European liberalism and as the topography changes there will further castigate liberalism out of Europe.  Remember too what I said about the election of Francois Hollande as socialism took over completely the politics of France.  After just one five-year term which is up in 2017 he is out and the socialists do not have a replacement that can stop the rise of conservativism in France.  So, this is something that’s happening all around the world.  Brexit in the United Kingdom, Trump in America, and now a conservative eruption in France of all places.  The entire European Union is on the way toward dissolution and progressivism is out of fashion and from that new philosophies and political parties will emerge—forever.   

When the smoke clears, I will still be a committed Republican and the party will be stronger than it ever has been.  Many of my friends will be Libertarians and that movement will gain in strength as traditional Democrats simply fade away.  The evidence is already mounting, Democrats have bankrupted cities, schools, and states.  College institutions will have to completely rethink how they go about business because the structure that liberals have committed themselves to is gone.  The last vestiges of their world is chipping away by the second and it’s never coming back.  They are morally and philosophically bankrupt and now that they’ve been exposed in an election, the world is turning away from them for good.  Little do they know, but they’ll all be better off for it and soon former friends will become new political enemies as the story marches on in a chapter of American history not yet written.  And it will be exciting. 

Rich Hoffman


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