Andrew F. Puzder is the Labor Secretary: Trump’s brilliance versus Teddy Roosevelt’s poor understanding of business


I happened to hear a bit of the Glenn Beck radio show recently where their faces were melting off over Trump’s “big government” ideas and were comparing him to the progressive Teddy Roosevelt.  Beck was also making fun of Sarah Palin because she had supported Trump and then she was outraged when the President-elect picked up the phone and worked with Carrier air conditioners to keep their jobs in Indiana.  It is amazing to me just how stupid people are out there about business which is disappointing in the case of Beck—because he’s rich.  But obviously, with him, it was luck, because if he understood business he’d have done better things with the money he acquired during his years with Fox New than he has because the biggest difference between Trump and Teddy Roosevelt is that Donald knows the value of money.  Teddy Roosevelt with all his hard work, all his books and efforts never really understood how his family’s fortune was made whereas Donald Trump not only figured it out, but he grew it.  This has been reflected in Trump’s cabinet picks, most of which I am very excited about.  But the most exciting one so far was that of Andrew F. Puzder, the CEO of CKE Restaurants.  You might recognize his work from the following commercials. 

Yeah, that’s my kind of guy and certainly not a friend of labor unions.  Glenn Beck should know better, you can’t have a Constitution if parasites like these labor unions are continuous imposing themselves on that political philosophy.  For the Constitution to work, capitalism must be free and open and only then can we have a true Constitutional Republic.  The danger of course is that you never want politicians to use big government to keep themselves in power, and with the Roosevelt family, both Teddy and Franklin, they were obsessed with power largely because they never in their lives understood the value of money.  Trump though, and people like Andrew Puzder do understand money and for them the Executive Branch is a “step down.”  If they wanted power and money they’d stay in the private industry and continue to pay off politicians to preserve their fortunes.  However, they are after a complete philosophy change in America that will take our Constitutional Republic to roots that it would otherwise never have had—and really never has. 

So I LOVVVVEEEE the pick of Andrew F. Puzder as the Secretary of Labor.  THAT is a dream come true for me!  I like having smart people in these positions for a change, because by their very nature, they will reduce the size of government because of their philosophy of pro economic growth techniques.  And few understand that needed swagger more than Andrew Puzder.  GREAT pick Donald Trump!  Great pick!  I am looking more and more forward to January 20th 2017!

Hey, hot models who eat hot dogs need jobs too, and now we have someone in a big job who understands that.

Rich Hoffman


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