How Hillary Clinton Lost the Election: The Russians and why liberalism is a mental illness

Even though I am not a fan and could point previously to the hundreds of articles I personally wrote warning people about the Clintons—or the thousands of other people who did the same—it is astonishing that supposed “smart” people would ever have supported her at all.  What’s worse is that many people give even a blink of credit to the news story that the Russians hacked the DNC and specifically Hillary Clinton thus handing the presidency to Donald Trump.  The Russians in this story are irrelevant—Hillary lost because she was a terrible candidate and finally we had an alternative to the usual type of politician and people signed up for it.  The “Russians” had zero impact—it was all Hillary and her stupidity and arrogance leading up to the days of her loss.  And the reason the DNC is now facing extinction is because they clipped themselves to Hillary Clinton knowing full well that she had criminal problems that they would likely be exposed during the election.  It could have been the Russians or it could have been a 14-year-old boy from Iowa—the material that was exposed was produced by the stupidity of the DNC and their politicians—and nobody else. 

The same bad judgment that would provoke a nuclear power just to cover their failure explaining to donors, who spent millions on the Hillary Clinton campaign to get absolutely nothing in return, is the same stupidity that cannot look at itself in the mirror and even know who looks back—because they are broken people at the very core of their beings.  I haven’t said much since the election because I’m not the kind of person who rubs victories in the face of losers, but these people deserve it for their behavior and sheer audacity in the days since the election.

Liberalism is a mental illness—granted it can be a regional one.  People who grow up and live in places like California and New York have a tendency to think in favor of liberalism because their first thoughts were shaped by them.  As human children, it takes a long time to fully develop our brains—the entire purpose of our childhoods is to develop our brains outside of the womb so that we can think dynamically over our lifetimes.  We are one of the few species of mammal who do this.  A cow when born plops out on the floor of a barn or in the middle of a field and within moments stands up and can nurse from the mother for a short time before gaining the ability to live on its own.  Deer, dogs, cats and virtually every other creature on earth does much the same.  They live, they die, and their brains don’t develop very far along to know much different.  Humans on the other hand spend at least 18 years developing strong family bonds which last a lifetime and over that period—especially the first ten the human brain develops through mimicry and other forms of input until that person develops into a full functional adult.  This gestation occurs outside of the mother’s womb and is a summation of all that a child is exposed to.  If the child is lucky, they are born into a loving family full of interesting people—good at heart and not exploiting the weaknesses of children to sustain some ego based malfunction in their own minds—and those children grow up healthy physically and mentally.  However, if a child is unfortunately born into a family that is stupid—where the brains of the parents are undeveloped and dependent on the world around them in crippling ways, then the child will likely adapt those traits to its own detriment and a liberal is created. 

Liberalism is often regional, because the inputs which form it often come from the social conditions for which one is born.  For instance, I am a person that at the level of my very soul is a conservative—probably in an extraordinary way.  I had extremely conservative thoughts during my very first memories and this would have been the case if I had been born in Ohio or in San Francisco.   But in the case of San Francisco it would have been harder for me to develop properly surrounded by other liberals as opposed to the country setting of my youth which included a stay-at-home mom, two grandparents who lived a fairly long time who both had farms and taught me hard work my entire life and an upbringing that encouraged mental growth. My mom used to buy me books often hoping that I’d take to them and learn to like to read and further develop my brain.   The encouragement of a young mind by parental figures is the key to building a fully functioning adult and if that is the point of emphasis, likely a good healthy person will result.  But if a child is forced artificially to be too “dependent” on others growing up, or is put in a day care facility with other competing interests always pushing for attention the children are not getting at home, a mind will be stunted during that critical 18-year gestation period and a neurotic adult will result—most of the time one rooted in liberalism.  These screwed up people, usually not by a fault of their own, but creations of the world they grew up with—are the type of people who supported Hillary Clinton.  You could take any of her voters, any member of the media which supported her, any of the actors and corporate donors—and if you talk to them one on one, you will find that something went wrong deep in their childhood to give them the broken desire to support such a loser as Clinton just because she was a liberal.  It’s not just political ideology, its science—liberalism is a mental handicap in the same way that someone might unfortunately be born without hands or feet in a birth defect.  If a young child is born into a family of stupid people—they will unfortunately be handicapped for life lacking the ability to think—most of the time. 

It really isn’t complicated, if you go to a birthing center at any hospital you can tell which kids are going to grow up to be stupid based on the parents you see in the waiting room—those crippled with liberalism from birth.  Once they enter their first conscious moments the unprogrammed mind—which might have a wise soul within it finds that it’s tutors in life just don’t have much to offer it and its poor little mind will grow without anything really important imparted to it during those critical years out of the womb.  When nobody puts their arm around such children and teaches them anything of any value, those poor little things find themselves getting most everything they learn in day cares and public education institutions where radical liberals do the work parents should have—and as those people grow they become liberals.  If a child is really lucky when born into such families, a strong mentor might enter their life and give them something to formulate thoughts around.  If this happens sometime before age 18, a child might be saved.  If not—likely that child will struggle all its life with broken thoughts geared toward liberalism—as liberals are a collective based portion of our species which has lost the ability to think independently—as a fully functioning human being.  Liberals require other people to share responsibility of decision-making with them because as children they did not gain the ability to process data on their own.  This is why most children born and growing up on Iowa, or Kansas farms generally have the same healthy attitudes toward family where the poor little things that grew up to a welfare momma’ from the hood—within the inner-city culture of today’s urban dwelling—the child will grow up stunted and mostly forever stunted mentally.  There are exceptions—like Ben Carson, and a few others—but numerically, the odds are against those poor children if they have idiot parents who pass on their deficiencies to a hungry young mind. 

A mind and what you put into it is much like what you eat.  If all you eat is junk food—you will likely be fat and unhealthy.   If you however make a point to eat good food, and exercise a bit, your body will mostly be in good shape.  I mean you can’t expect to look like a supermodel if all you like to consume is chocolate bars and whisky shots.  The cells in your body will take on the form of the food consumption you place into your mouth.   What too you place into your mind whether it is from visual stimulation or interpersonal relationships will largely shape the type of person you become.  John Podesta—Hillary’s key person and the one who found all his emails hacked and exposed by Wikileaks participates in “spirt cooking” and other hooky practices because he does not trust himself or his mind to function on its own, so he relies always on outside influences to guide him through life.  If you were to pull him aside and get to know his childhood you’d likely discover his parents were idiots—in fact we do know that his father never graduated high school and that John grew up in Jefferson Park, in Chicago—a notoriously liberal part of the city.  He likely didn’t have a chance and by the time he went to college at a few places to eventually get a law degree he was already mentally formed.  The fine details we hope to give children in college are mostly useless if the foundation of their lives was rooted in liberalism from birth.  Putting John Podesta in charge of anything is like putting a physically handicapped person on a football field and wondering why they aren’t a star running back.  They just can’t compete in life when put up against someone without handicaps.  So it’s best to raise children with the fewest handicaps as possible.  If they unfortunately occur physically, certainly don’t do them in with mental handicaps rooted in liberal thought.   At least give a kid a chance by teaching them conservatism in the American traditional manner.  If you go through the Democratic Party what you find if you really get to know them are misfits destroyed intellectually during their 18-year gestation period outside the womb, and now they seek a political party to rectify their handicaps collectively—which simply doesn’t work.

This is why Hillary lost, not because of the Russians. She lost because she went up against a political candidate who was loved as a child, and taught to think independently.  Additionally, Donald Trump was the first person in American history to really be elected into such a high office without owing anybody anything—except the people who voted for him.  He doesn’t have to give cabinet positions based on financial contributions and elements like that—so he was an appealing candidate to enough people who really didn’t want another broken politician in the White House.  Instinctively Americans knew better, they had acted out of compassion and elected twice Barack Obama with all the baggage that American President brought to the table—coming from a broken home, growing up outside the United States and being crippled by radical leftists in college—and likely earlier.  Americans were done feeling sorry for people and electing them into important positions.  With Trump, they wanted someone who actually knew what they were doing, and that is why Hillary lost.  People had enough of the Obama liberalism that they switched parties when someone else came along that was personally confident and functioning as an independent mind that came from a healthy family environment—someone who was conservative not by some regional ideology, but by the nature of coming from a good and loving family.  That is the hidden truth as to why Hillary Clinton lost the election, and why Democrats are a passing political party.  They represent human beings with mental handicaps and finally Americans are seeing the light of that error—and they are not inclined to continue that practice in the future—especially now that they know better.  And that certainly isn’t the Russian’s fault.

Rich Hoffman


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