Don’t Fear War with China, They’ve Already Lost: Understanding history, the nature of economics and human spirit

You can tell who the communist sympathizers are in the United States based on their positions on the upcoming Trump/China feud that is percolating as it should between the free western world and the largest communist country on planet earth.  American publications warning that Trump is pushing the world into World War III are obviously socialist and communist sympathizers who are advancing the humanist theories of Sir Thomas More and his 1516 novel Utopia—only instead of the Roman Catholic Church being the center of the society—it would be the religion of Mother Nature which drives modern communist sympathizers toward dystopia through their sheer ignorance on matters of the human heart.  In fact, many in Europe simply failed to ever get the point of the human condition and those in the East often fell even shorter.  Their only saving grace was to live minimalist’s existences as they do in Tibet, Nepal, India, and even Japan to a large degree so to avoid the hard question—that China fell to communism under Chairmen Moa and nobody knows how to deal with it.  The real fear that leftists have laced through modern Hollywood, political insiders on Capital Hill, the European Union at Brussels and virtually every village hut throughout Africa, the Middle East, Vietnam, Australia and South America is that Sir Thomas More was wrong—Plato was wrong—Immanuel Kant was wrong—and thus—Karl Marx.  They have all been wrong and Donald Trump is the change in direction that could have only come from America or the threat of the freedom the United States projects around the world as a last hope against dystopia under the church, the state, and Mother Nature herself.  China essentially is a propped-up state by the world which will soon be exposed by the presidency of Donald Trump—and he knows it—as do the people in his cabinet who are millionaires and billionaires.  They have pushed through those invisible social barriers which Thomas More warned about—and the true light of a world outside of Plato’s cave from the great book, The Republic has been revealed to them—and the world is also about to learn what makes the shadows on the cave walls—and it isn’t China’s “powerful” economy.

These are not the days for stupid people—and presently, I don’t have much patience for them.  Here are the facts of the matter—China is on a power grab to spread communism throughout the world, they hold great influence over North Korea, Indochina, and openly claim Taiwan and Tibet as their territories.  My feelings about China were solidified in the great Joseph Campbell books, The Masks of God where the communists took over China in 1949 and the world turned its back on the poor people of that great land where America had fought to protect them during World War II against the Japanese to great effect.

We had fought to defend those good people of their human rights against the Japanese imperialism only to surrender those people to the communism of Mao and his Russian backed insurgents making that entire region one of a communist utopia with the ghost of Thomas More smiling from the afterlife.  After all, it took roughly 400 years to arrive at that moment in China where the war-torn people weakened by a decade long fight with their eastern neighbor submitted to terrible human rights abuses under Chairman Mao—which wasn’t any different from Thomas More burning heretics at the stake serving at the time King Henry the VIII.  See the pattern, and I can promise you dear reader—90% of the so-called educated in the political and media establishments reading this don’t know any of this history.  They simply studied at Yale, at Oxford, and places like Princeton—read the mandatory reading of Thomas More’s Utopia, Marx’s Communist Manifesto, and the Quran—got drunk, stoned and had illicit and embarrassing sex with people they’ll never meet again and justify all their mistakes and stupidity with a social philosophy that got them a good job at The New York Times, and MTV—then assumed they were right blinding defending China’s communist muscle flexing.  If they really want to know what happened in 1949 to China read the last chapter of the great American general Claire Lee Chennault’s book Way of the Fighter—then dear reader you’ll “get it.”

The government of China deserves to have its ass kicked and its people freed—and deep down inside, Trump seems to know all that I’ve said above.  As a billionaire who speaks to other billionaire friends they know real power when they see it—and they know from what their observations of history have revealed through finance that China really isn’t a powerhouse economy—just a propped up global menace by what’s left of Sir Thomas More’s utopian socialists.  The Dali Lama of Tibet should not have to live like a refuge from his own country where he’s the rightful ruler based on their traditions.  Yet China has imposed itself on those peaceful people for no other reason than to dominate them for China’s own benefit.  China’s only claim to power is due to a world that has resigned its dignity to the crimes of collectivism—and much evil has followed in the wake—the United States included.

But that has now changed and Trump has a mandate by voters like me—and millions and millions of others to set things right in the world with open and free markets—true freedom of religion, sexual preference, and economic upward mobility—and it all essentially starts with China.  Bitch slap China back to the Thomas More Utopia that it was inspired from concocted by medieval Europe—and what falls from it will be countries like North Korea, Iran and the war in Afghanistan.  One tactical victory against China and Trump’s administration wins victories around the world—and the American economy begins once again to out-produce the world with the sheer power of capitalism.

So don’t be frightened dear reader that China might go to war with the United States under Trump—or that a trade war will cripple the American economy.  China is only a peacock fluffing out its feathers with naval harassments in the South China Sea and blank threats of hostility toward United States offers of friendship to Taiwan.   There can be no peace in the oriental regions of the world, or elsewhere as long as communism is at the center of the government in China.  And under Trump the weapon of capitalism will do battle with the weapon of communism and that story has been told before.  The ultimate answer is can America live without China—or can China live without America because that determines who has the advantage in the fight and will determine the victor.  And using China’s own book on strategy The Art of War—for which I am extremely familiar—I spent 10 years studying that relatively simple book peeling back all the layers sentence by sentence until the layers were understood—and the victories of Donald Trump are already clear.  China will lose in this upcoming great battle, and it won’t even be close.  Beating China has already happened—it is just the world that has refused to accept it because they still believe in that stupid Thomas More concept of utopia through socialism and communism.

Ayn Rand’s work in the mid twentieth century overstepped the European works of philosophy by challenging the essential premise of thinking foundations which emerged from Plato.  Most European philosophy goes back to those beginnings and if not for the origins of Islam, we wouldn’t even have those—for they took the works of Aristotle and created the foundations of their religion—which started off prosperous until many years of war took them away from their core ideas and sent them into Plato’s abyss during first the Crusades, then the Sykes Picot treaty after World War I.  When Roman barbarians destroyed the Library of Alexandria in Egypt the philosophical work of many superior thinkers was destroyed—and if not for the early Muslims they all would have been including Aristotle and Plato.  So as you can see dear reader, this crime in China goes back a long way and to be honest—only smart people understand it—and Trump is one of those smart people.  There is more going on than the media committed to socialist utopias might guess—or even know from their European inspired college educations.  To that effect, it was Henry the VIII which launched Oxford University effectively when his father Henry the VII forbid English students from attending the University of Paris.  And it was in this period for which Thomas More who served directly Henry the VIII wrote Utopia was written establishing the essential philosophies of our modern world through the university system which essentially spawned off those to Roman Catholic inspired colleges.  Things really aren’t that complicated if people read and understand history.  But unfortunately, they don’t—especially our media and entertainment culture—which currently dominates public opinion—because it’s easy to listen to a Hollywood leftists who are attractive and entertaining us.

It’s hard to read thirty years of books often written hundreds of years ago and to work through a comparative analysis—like I have.  So you can trust me when I say that China’s communist government needs to be eliminated from the world stage and the people freed under the philosophy of capitalism.  Ayn Rand’s works simply touched on concepts which were explored before Roman barbarians destroyed the Library of Alexandria and as much as modern liberalism doesn’t like to think that their philosophic foundations were built on religion—they are all products directly of the forces which rejected the Protestant Reformation in Europe during the early 1500s.  Trump is a man of Ayn Rand’s mode of thinking—and that will set the world on its head—deservedly so.  The media of course won’t understand—because they don’t know history.  But I do, so I’ll be happy to explain it as we move along in 2017.  Don’t worry about China.  They have already lost.

All communist and socialist countries lack imagination–the ability to think individually–where all creative input is first spawned.  Imagination is the one thing that Sir Thomas More completely ignored in his utopian society and is why ultimately, Europe currently is in a state of failure, and all countries that have adopted their various brands of socialism.  China is the epic example of a society that had its imagination robbed from it in 1949–and is now the biggest weakness of their entire society.  They are vulnerable.  Where they have tried to hide this by holding the debts of other nations–so that they could justifiably steal the intellectual work of other nations–they can easily be exposed–and Trump knows it.  Therefore, their end is near and they did it to themselves.

Rich Hoffman


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