The Best Coverage on ‘Rogue One’ Anywhere: Matt Clark and Rich Hoffman’s ‘Star Wars’ New Year show on WAAM radio

I would dare say that no Star Wars fan anywhere could get a better radio show than the one that Matt Clark and I did on WAAM for what has become an annual event for us.  We didn’t just cover the usual fan elements of the famous Star Wars series, but the cultural aspects and importance that it has on the human race.  To that effect, we covered the latest film Rogue One and contemplated the direction that Lucasfilm is moving the Disney property in and the importance all these events play on the future of not only American society, but that of the entire world.  This is a recording that you’ll get no place else dear reader, one that is far superior to the usual Hollywood press–so enjoy it and share it with a friend.

And Happy New Year!

Rich Hoffman


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