To Think Outside of the Box, Get Rid of the Box: The keys to heathcare reform under a Donald Trump administration

The future of healthcare as Obamacare is poised to be repealed, and Democrats are squealing for the same old same old, has nothing to do with where we’ve been.  Healthcare will not be a managed care oriented contraption as it is now, where the goal of healthcare is to stave off sickness, or prolong it over a number of years with lots of drugs–but to actually fix people.  The future of healthcare, even simple dental work is not in false teeth and hip replacements–but in rebuilding what the human body already makes for itself–except in extending that period beyond the years of age 30.

  You see dear reader, within our DNA we have been programmed at some point in the past to get old and die prematurely, and this is not conducive to our new age of space exportation where the continuity for journeying to and from distant planets requires human beings to live well beyond a hundred years of age–healthily.  It is time to take that great step, and the tools are on the table in front of the FDA.  All it takes is a bold administration such as the Trump White House to unlock these great scientific breakthroughs–which I have been talking about for years.  Well, the time is upon us.  The way to bring down the cost of health insurance and allow companies to provide great dental and eye care plans is to actually fix people so they don’t need all the expensive third-party care and can live like perpetual 35 years olds–for as long as a human being chooses.   Watch the following videos to learn more on the details.

Politicians are locked in a box of their own making.  Others are in another box regulated by their religious beliefs.  But history tells us for those who look to the Bible for guidance that early human beings–particularly before the great Deluge flooded the ancient world carrying away Noah and his family from the debauchery of their day–people lived for thousands of years–and they could again today.  Death is not a necessity and the human race has returned back to the Garden of Eden and instead of listening to that vile snake, we can now eat from the Tree of Eternal Life.  We have a galaxy to explore as the human race, and its time we unleash that potential starting with our age restrictions.  100 years just isn’t enough time to accomplish much as a human being–we need more time to complete tasks and we have an immediate need to solve the healthcare puzzle–cost wise, so the solution is obvious.

Cancer treatments should not take months or years of chemotherapy, it should be done in an afternoon with the simplicity of recovering from the common cold.   Human bodies need to continue providing fresh tissue to build with instead of running out of material and breaking gene gaps as age advances.  This is a choice now that there is science maturing in the regenerative medicine industry.  The way to solve all the medical problems of our time is by keeping people healthy, working, and wise by making health care so cheap it could be sold at Walgreens without a prescription.

Politicians will worry that regenerative medicine will put many in the medical industry out of business–such as those who currently make false teeth, knee replacements and those many hospitals that need sick people in their beds to maintain their business models.   But the innovations will in all of science create jobs that will net more than the present medical industry sustains by keeping people perpetually sick.  It’s not that long that we will have hotels and mineral mines on the moon and there will be much more wealth created in those endeavors than the present unsustainable trajectory of the medical field.  Who wants to train to be a nurse when that same potential employee could learn to make new uses for the platinum, gold and Helium-3 that is abundant on the Moon.  How do you pay off that extensive national debt and get out from under China’s bankers?  You mine the moon and give a tremendous boost to the economy creating new jobs meant for space exploration and you make it so that people can live long enough to manage missions to and from distant plants over 200 to 300 years round-trip.   And what to do with the exploding population on earth because people don’t die as fast as they are being born–they move into space by the same inclination that humans discovered the New World–for opportunity, potential wealth, and freedom from tyrannical governments.  There are a lot of people who would settle on Mars if they knew they could come and go from earth every now and then and could repair the stress on their bodies from living in two different gravity zones.  They’d live on Mars the way that mountain men do now on earth, to be free of politicians and the noise of a big city.  Only on Mars we could at least get them to begin terraforming the planet while they are there.  Regenerative medicine is the key to unleashing all these potentials and the Trump administration has possession of that future–and they are bold enough to act in favor of that positive fate.

It won’t be enough to just have a healthcare plan that is a few hundred dollars a month paid for mainly by an employer.  Even with the Trump plans to create private sector competition to bring down healthcare costs–still the practice of getting sick as an elderly person places a burden on our society that prevents economic growth equitable to our current status as a human race.   The very smart people in the videos shown on this article will all tell you that their greatest hindrance to bringing their products to market is with the FDA which places a bureaucratic burden that is ominous to overcome.  The science is there, but the politics is resistant to it for many reasons–mainly because politicians are slow to embrace new technology because their minds are “in a box.”  This healthcare problem has its solution completely outside the box, so its time to just throw away the box in this discussion for the sake of urgency.  Within a few years under a friendly Trump administration expediting many of these innovations sitting in front of the FDA we could have a totally different healthcare system focused on healing instead of preventive death or slowing down the effects of old age before we have another presidential election.

Regenerative medicine could change the marketplace as fast the iPhone become a normalized part of our economy or the concept of a personal drone went from a strictly professional application to a consumer market being sold to ordinary people at Best Buy.  Regenerative medicine would have an instant impact on America’s position as a leader of global healthcare and would create wealth in ways unfathomable to any other predecessor–and the end game would to carry our human race into a space race by the end of the 21st Century.   That step could be taken in the coming months and could be unleashed within a year–and it would be exciting.  But first, congress has to take that first critic step–they have to get rid of Obamacare–and not let “inside the box” politicians resort back to the same old managed care options.  Because they never worked, and they are not the future.  Get out of the box and let’s make something completely different.

Rich Hoffman


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