Jane Timken Wins Ohio Republican Party Chair: Gold diggers, mistresses, the media and Matt Borges

Let’s just say this—I told people right here on this blog site—which quite a few in the media around the city of Cincinnati read—often—that Matt Borges was out of power essentially on October 16th just a few weeks before the great election of Donald Trump on November 8th.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW.  That information came from inside the campaign by people who know Matt best and the writing was on the wall.  However, the media chose to use the conflict between Trump and the Ohio governor John Kasich—for whom Matt Borges was loyal to—as a way to demean Trump’s grip on Ohio.  Well, as everyone now knows—which I predicted all along, Trump won Ohio by nearly 10 points all across the state in spite of the ankle-bitter tactics of John Kasich and now Matt Borges has been replaced as the Ohio Republican Party chair with Jane Timken.  Jane was a Trump supporter, Matt worked behind the scenes to sabotage Trump so to preserve a chance for Kasich to run again possibly in 2020.  After all, John Kasich started running for president in 2013 right after he lost the SB5 Bill to the labor unions and he moved to the political center—even left of center at times.  He expanded Medicaid for the Obamacare exchanges which went against the Ohio Health Care Freedom Amendment and he set himself up as a political progressive—which is what he was all along—only he hid it from us.  Many Republican leaders lashed out at all of us reform Republicans for several years chronicled on these pages and one by one they have all fallen from power.  And now Matt has joined them because he picked the wrong person to back and as I said months ago—the Republican Party in Ohio is now firmly in Trump’s corner.

Matt tried to sell himself as a unifier of the Republican Party and under his leadership more would be elected—but as we have seen—the best unifier is victory and Trump is the master of that.  Under Trump—there will be more Republican seats won in all positions from federal, state and local bids than at any other time in American history—so Matt and his buddy John Kasich are now on the political out—forever.  And they chose that fate.  When Matt leaned recently on powerful local Republicans during a power lunch opportunity—which the media was not to know anything about—he attempted to create doubt in those people by taking a position on the now famous Trump tape saying “he had never heard any locker room talk like that.”  That of course was a lie because anybody with a penis has heard that kind of talk in a locker room with other males starting in the 7th to 8th grade.  What Trump said on that bus with Billy Bush was essentially that—and NBC and the political elite—John Kasich included—attempted to capitalize on it to their own detriment.

Everyone knows that when a man achieves great power in life that some women throw themselves at them—and will let a man do anything they want in exchange for access to power.  Matt knows that, Kasich knows that—Trump certainly knows that and so did all the Republicans at that lunch.  It’s not some mystery in the universe, but what is insulting is when people understand these naturally human traits then pretend we don’t live in that world of reality by taking some progressive stance favoring social engineering which is proving to be quite destructive to the condition of human experience.  If you are a powerful man, some women will let you grab their vaginas almost anytime—but of course they expect something in return.  In the locker room—we call them gold diggers.  You probably know a few of them dear reader—especially if you vote in favor of school levies—because nearly all supporters of higher taxes for schools are these kinds of people—hence my term for them which is “latté sipping prostitutes with asses the size of car tires and diamond rings to match.”  Remember that?  Get a few drinks in those people and they’ll let you grab anything you want—in exchange for a sugar daddy, or a levy vote.  Go to any bar, or nail salon and you’ll see them—even sitting around the dining room of Applebee’s.

Matt as a leader of a political movement is supposed to be savvy enough to know these things.  So playing innocent to such decadence wasn’t becoming because it either showed foolish naiveté or the ability to say one thing and mean another.  Both are bad traits.  So he has lost his seat and he seems perplexed about it—but he should know better.  He picked a loser and there are consequences to those types of actions.

Honestly I am enjoying this trend under Trump to see women taking over these traditional positions held often by men—so I am a fan of Jane Timken becoming the next chair.  As crude as the world knowledge about the way men behave in the locker room—or at the bar sipping drinks and gawking after women as grown adults—women like Kellyann Conway and Jane Timken are remarkably free of that bad behavior that comes with most men—so if you really want to reform politics—it is good to have more strong women who do not behave with such gutter talk in positions of serious contention.  Because another secret to the behavior of men around women is that when they are around women who behave as quality individuals, men tend to elevate their conduct.  Men respect power and women who place themselves above the fray of the gold diggers are admired for all the right reasons, so the Republican Party is always in better hands when such women are a part of it—especially leading it. With Jane, there won’t be all the double talk that we had with Matt and that will be a relief.

When Kellyann Conway said that she could balance her career as a Trump advisor with her many kids and husband at home because she didn’t have a “mistress” this is the kind of thing she was referring to—a lot of men spend entirely too much time on such things and it eats up their productive output.  When they get a taste of success and start having some of those gold diggers approach them in suggestive ways—it can become like a drug because when they were younger and less successful, getting women to pay attention to them was much harder.  When Billy Bush giggled about Trump’s comments it was in admiration for a man who had climbed the mountain and now as a celebrity with a top rated television show on NBC gold diggers where throwing themselves at Trump aggressively and he seemed to be genuinely shocked by the experience.

Rock stars have the same temptations—women and men seek backstage passes so they can let some famous person “mark them” and from there they take that experience to elevate their social position among their peers in whatever dysfunctional way they can.  Successful people who move beyond that kind of nonsense, like Kellyann Conway are the really competent people you want to hold powerful position because they tend to be more productive without being enamored by the terrestrial delights of temptation.

With Jane Timken the Republican Party in Ohio will flourish as the old fades away into nothing and the new comes forward with great ideas and fresh approaches to the old temptations—which adversely will have much less influence on the direction of the party going forward—and that is a great thing.  The conversation of philosophic Republicanism will be elevated and Ohio will be a major player in the Trump administration under Jane’s leadership—but just don’t forget where you heard all this—way back in October when CNN was declaring Trump’s candidacy dead in Ohio and that Kasich would continue to hold the reigns of power—I told you otherwise.  The only thing Kasich is holding now is his bags as he will be exiting as governor soon—and Matt Borges will be with him.  If we really want to fix things and to have a strong political party we have to be honest about things—and people like Matt who say one thing then do another have no place in such a world.  They are after all just another form of that infantile locker room talk where people pretend to be something they aren’t so they can get something from someone else.  In women we call them gold diggers—but in men we call them something else—and they know the term.  And Matt Borges was and continues to be one of them—which is why he is no longer the chair of the Republican Party in Ohio.

Rich Hoffman


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