Meryl Streep’s Pretentious Fat Ass: Hollywood’s tremendious disrespect for theater owners

Meryl Streep got on my last nerve during the 2017 Golden Globe award show recently when she used her speaking time after winning a lifetime achievement award to bash the Donald Trump presidency. As her mouth oozed liberal nonsense I thought of the many theater owners across the nation who are desperate for Hollywood to justify the massive investments they have spent creating venues for idiots like Streep to show their stupid movies—and I witnessed the ultimate in unappreciative audacity from the Hollywood left.

Streep tried to appear that she was reaching out to mainstream America by appealing to the diversity of the popular actors that had all been nominated for some kind of Golden Globe on that January 8th evening. But like the typical blabber mouth suburbanite who rattles off facts they’ve learned on daytime television, like game shows, talk shows like Oprah and Ellen, and the QVC network—Streep had such a terrible grasp on worldly events that I almost felt sorry for her. But, she spoke as if she were an authority on immigration and what it takes to have a successful economy, and NBC let her go on and on wasting valuable airtime bloviating about things she knows nothing about because it fit their political outlook and they assumed that the audiences at home would just put up with it.

Well, Meryl, the very economy that you know nothing about is putting the squeeze on the Hollywood industry that you represent. There is some intense competition nowadays against the Hollywood product and people really don’t want to listen to some fat assed old chick lecture Americans about diversity, fairness, and political ethics. We want to watch movies where things blow up, good guys beat bad guys, and women look good and act better. Get it Hollywood. We don’t want films about anti-gun arguments, or some sappy assed Indian floating around in a boat. We want action, adventure and intellectual stimulation—and if Hollywood can’t give it to us, we’ll get it somewhere else.

And don’t think for a moment that the world will continue to put up with an entire industry full of communist leftists. Meryl mentioned that if it wasn’t for them, (the actors) all we’d have for entertainment was football and fighting—otherwise testosterone driven activities. Let me say this to Meryl and all her Hollywood friends—other people can do their job easily. I know I could. I’m not in the business because I refuse to deal with their labor unions. I don’t want to be in the Screen Actors guild, I don’t want to be in the Writer’s Guild—I don’t want to deal with them in any way. But if they weren’t around—a guy like me could write, act, produce, and direct all the best of you into oblivion without even having to work at it. Instead, I do other things because honestly, I don’t want to deal with people like Meryl Streep as part of my occupation. It’s not worth the money that comes with it. And I’m not the only one—let me tell you that. What you do isn’t that hard.

Because of the labor unions the cost of making a movie is just too great and the major studios struggle to make a profit. Most studios don’t make it very long in the industry. Companies like Disney and Warner Bros. make the business model work because they have superhero franchises and science fiction properties that help them balance the books—but for everyone else—there’s not much appealing out there. Like who made the decision to make the movies Christmas Office Party and Why Him? Who in their right mind as a studio head thought that it was fair to the theater owners out there to give them those offerings over the Holiday Season of 2016? Those are movies that could have been made direct to video for Netflix or Amazon Prime for a fraction of the production budget. Why can’t the studios make more films like Star Wars which makes over a billion dollars at the global marketplace during their theater runs. If snotty actors like Meryl Streep didn’t hate money so much they’d understand that the Hollywood product and the theater owners out there in the world are in a marriage—they both need each other—and Hollywood hasn’t been doing their share of the heavy lifting. They make crappy movies about their goofy leftist philosophies then wonder why nobody goes to see them.

Has Meryl Streep went to a movie and paid $20 for a popcorn and one drink lately? I do it fairly regularly even though I can make the same at my home for about a $1.50.   I buy the popcorn at movie theaters to help the owners stay in business with their crazy overpriced food because not enough butts are in the seats watching the movies that Hollywood makes. For instance, when the great movie Raiders of the Lost Ark was made—the filmmakers knew they were making a popcorn movie for fans to support the entire movie business. But that was forty years ago now. Who is making movies like that now except for Lucasfilm? Who? If people want a message story—they can get that on Netflix. Who wants to go to the movies to see a political message except for a very small portion of a potential audience. I’m not saying that films that are shown at Sundance shouldn’t be made—I enjoy them even though I seldom agree with their politics. But a movie at the theater needs to be a big event and Hollywood should always endeavor to make a movie that generates the greatest revenue possible. Most of the movies Meryl Streep makes are movies that anymore should only appear on the cable network Lifetime or an online download service.

For instance, The Crown which did well at the Golden Globes is a far superior product than what the motion picture industry produced for movie theaters. I almost feel like I’m cheating to see such a great product at home on my giant 70” 4K television with popcorn fresh from the kitchen and a whole two liters of pop giving me instant refills any time I want it. And The Crown was around 10 hours of production versus 2 to 3 hours for a typical movie. You get a whole lot more consumer product of the Netflix produced show as opposed to the Hollywood product made for theater distribution. The same with the other major hit from Netflix—Stranger Things—which was a lot better than the 80s films it was meant to tip the hat to—like Poltergeist, E.T., and Goonies. Stranger Things doesn’t need a movie theater—viewers can just watch it anytime they want without the shared experience of other human beings touching their armrest or checking their cell phone in the middle of a movie in a darkened theater.

You see dear reader—the reason Meryl Streep is an idiot who abused her reputation and the entire Hollywood community with her rantings against Donald Trump is because it was all done at the expense of the theater owners of America—whom she might as well have just spit on during the Golden Globes. Guys like me won’t go see Meryl Streep movies which she doesn’t care about either. We can ignore each other and be perfectly happy in life. But, if I don’t go to the movies the theater own doesn’t make back their money for showing one of her stupid movies since there is other competition out there which offers often a far superior product. And Hollywood instead of making the kind of movies they need to make to compete with these changing markets and times—are imprisoned to drama queens like Streep who hide behind their labor unions to make more stupid movies they think are “art” only to sink more production companies who go out on a limb trying to bankroll their film projects.

So while all those idiots at the Golden Globes sat there clapping at what Meryl Streep was saying—the people who really suffer from the Hollywood industry’s lack of focus and business understanding were cringing stage right. And that is where people like Meryl don’t help Hollywood, they hurt it—like an overprotective, manipulative, fat assed mother hen who keeps the potential of a child locked away in a bedroom hoping to preserve her “work of art” from the realities of life. It’s business sweetheart—and you’re hurting it—most notably the theater owners who count on Hollywood to make something people can’t get with free internet porn and Netflix—something epic and truly something people only want to see the first time in a darkened movie theater—with strangers. Get with it—or you will destroy it all. Because the world will move on without your pretentious ass.

Rich Hoffman


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