Yes, Jeff Sessions Will Have to Prosecute Hillary Clinton: The crime is in the cover-up, and “forum shopping”

Of course when Senator Sessions is sworn in as the Attorney General for the Trump administration he’ll have to prosecute Hillary Clinton for her crimes committed ahead of her run for president of the United States.  After all, that’s why the Clinton supporters are trying to pick a fight with Russia hoping to put Trump and his team on their heels on day one—because they know they committed crimes.  The FBI released the emails which contain the smoking gun during the NFL playoffs and the Golden Globe awards.  Those emails were always there and the FBI knew what was in them leaving Director Comey in a quagmire of indecision.  Hillary’s people often blame Comey as well as the Russians, and Wikileaks even though John Podesta was so stupid in the handling of his own email account that he made the entire DNC vulnerable to cyber attack.  For them it is easier to blame the world for being too vicious for their little leftist sensibilities.  Yet Hillary Clinton always intended to commit crimes with her email server privatized while she held an important federal position because she was selling access to the White House through the Clinton Foundation.  And all those idiots committed crimes to create the cover—and they got caught and the FBI being so politicized and corrupt had no choice but to dump the documents just before Trump’s cabinet picks began their confirmation hearings—hoping that a new administration might pick up the evidence and do the right thing.

The emails included in the documents are from the months prior to the formal opening of the Clinton email probe, which occurred on July 10, 2015. The exchanges show disagreements between the FBI and State Department over whether some of Clinton’s personal emails should be classified.

In one April 27, 2015 email, an FBI official wrote to other officials that they were “about to get drug into an issue on classification” of Clinton’s emails. The official, whose name is redacted, said that the State Department was “forum shopping,” or seeking a favorable opinion on the classification issue by asking different officials to rate emails as unclassified.

Other email traffic sheds light on a controversy involving State Department under secretary for management Patrick Kennedy and a request he made in 2015 that the FBI reduce its classification of a Clinton email related to the Sept. 11, 2012 attacks in Benghazi.

Clinton investigation notes released by the FBI in October showed that an FBI official said during an interview as part of the email probe that Kennedy asked him and others at the FBI to relax classifications on some emails. 

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The new FBI release contains a May 21, 2015 email in which Michael Steinbach, the FBI’s assistant director of the counterterrorism division, detailed a conversation he had with Kennedy about the classification issue.

Steinbach said that the FBI had determined that one of Clinton’s emails should be classified using b(1) and b(7) redactions, used to protect information in the interest of national defense and to prevent the disclosure of a confidential source, respectively. Kennedy asked Steinbach to classify the email using only the b(1) category.
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So what we have here are criminals in the federal government covering for their many mistakes even seeking to invoke World War III to accomplish their continued freedom.  But to do the job of Attorney General correctly Jeff Sessions will have to prosecute Hillary Clinton—and it won’t be his fault, Donald Trump’s fault, Wikileaks, Russia, or anybody else—the fault is in the DNC and their pick of a criminal for their nominee to run for president.  And those are the facts—and why the FBI shamefully released the documents long after the election was over in the vacuum of power between administrations—because they knew there was no political will to do the right thing because Democrats controlled the strings of power.  Now things have changed and the FBI like everyone else is hoping that justice will see the light of day.  So really, Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump have no choice.  Hillary Clinton will have to go to jail—and it will be her fault and those who enabled her.  The evidence is…..abundant!