Donald Trump Destroys CNN: The art of being “invincible”

Oh how interesting the threads of deceit weave together, from John McCain to CNN—to the supposed Russian hacking—to the US intelligence agencies rushing to cover their asses after Donald Trump put a CNN reporter on the mat in a very alpha male way—the fight between good and evil is shaping up in favor of the good—for a change. The political left would tell you dear reader that there is no defined evil in the world—that everything is perspective—but reality says something different.  Evil worked to push a story about Donald Trump indicating that he had hired prostitutes to piss on a bed in Russia and the incident was on tape—only truth be told—there was no evidence.  Yet CNN ran with the story after U.S. intelligence tipped off by John McCain floated the nonsense against Trump just days before his historic inauguration hoping to bring harm to the newly elected president.  Yet Trump showed what it looks like to stand above the very average and what the future will be like from the Executive Branch.

Josh Ernest of the current White House seemed excessively rattled by Trump’s refusal to take the whole Russian pissing story on the chin—the way that Obama had when that very same person (Trump) accused Obama of not being born in the United States. Well, Trump did force Obama to produce a birth certificate, but there are problems with that document which Sheriff Joe Arpaio pointed out—first of all, it was a digital document supposedly from the 60s which of course was before the invention of such things.  That does create some believability problems for those who aren’t afraid of the evidence.  But let’s not let the facts get in the way of the political left’s calling card toward equality.  Let’s not point out what a bunch of low lifes the current Democratic Party really are—and to what level they will stoop to break the law and lie about it when caught.  There are a lot of reasons to be skeptical of Obama’s life before he was president—but now none of that is important.  Because we have a new kind of president entering the White House.

I listened carefully to many of my old Tea Party friends who worried about the way that Trump dismantled CNN after the piss story and carried it over into his suspicious inclinations about the American intelligence community. They worried about Trump’s unyielding nature and toiled over the concept of absolute power—which feared that Trump might do the same to anyone who stands against his wishes.  But that doesn’t worry me—I understand business guys and I understand and appreciate what a CEO of a company brings to the table as far as leadership.  Many of the founding fathers were like Trump—business guys thrown into the arena of politics and they created a Constitution that was very strong and rooted in correcting over a 1000 years of European mistakes.  They were suspicious of central power because often such things corrupt people’s minds.  But they never knew back then what a billionaire would look like created off Adam Smith’s economic theories and if one of those business guys were to make all the money they’d ever need, and enjoy all the things wealth can bring until he was tired of it—and wanted to run for president to do something good for his country while he still had time on the clock—what would it look like and how would it work?  And would that person be willing to do as George Washington did and turn away from absolute power in the end and give it back to the people?  Many worried about such things in the wake of Trump dismantling CNN.  But I didn’t.

Businesspeople—especially good ones, are far superior to politicians because they produce what politicians seek to loot. But good business is not a collaborative endeavor.  Unlike the current practices of group think tanks the Trump type of CEO that make people like Rex Tillerson do not share authority with other people.  They are used to making decisions as a strong central authority and the rubber hits the road and stops where they say without compromise.  And I understand that because of the Metaphysics of Quality philosophy by Robert Persig—the rules of leadership cannot work in caboose oriented think tanks.  Quality doesn’t work with collective endeavor—it favors the strong individual and is a proper sequel to our American story for which Trump is now the author.  In that world a person who survives much tribulation and arrives as an elder statesman unsympathetic to stupidity and unapologetic to those who set goals too low for themselves stand fearless in front of the world’s media and unloaded on everyone around him who was committing some form of injustice—as defined by the Metaphysics of Quality.

You see dear reader, we are not talking about average people who drift through life in the back of the bus, the back of the class, or plugged into soap operas during the daylight hours. We are talking about exceptional people who stand above average and yearn to push themselves to such heights.   Normally those who seek the presidency of a company or a country hope that the title gives value on a social level based on those philosophies from civilizations over the last millennia.  But what we have now is new, and fearless—because Trump had value before he won the presidency.  A title doesn’t give him value—he already has it, so he can stand in front of nations hoping to extort him—or a media looking to compromise him, and he can stand up to them fearlessly because there isn’t anything they can do to him.  But he could do a lot to them.

Needless to say, I have some experience with this. It is called in the great book on Japanese strategy, The Book of Five Rings the way of making oneself “invincible.”  I learned in grade school, sometime around 7th or 8th grade that I could defend myself against any bully, with a combination of martial arts training and my work with bullwhips.  Once you learn to physically stop anybody who wishes to do harm to you, you no longer have to fear them.  What was even better is that I spent the next twenty years improving my mind.  As I said to a group of people just today—who thought they were very smart strategists who plotted with great zeal actions against me—don’t play chess against me—especially if you only know how to master checkers.  I can beat those people easily because I’m smart.  There is literally no situation on earth that I’m afraid of—I can handle anything—and at some point, in the past—I have.  I don’t mean to brag, but when I’ve taken on big issues where people who think they are important are involved—I don’t get nervous, and I never feel intimidated—about anything—and that’s a gift I’ve given to myself over the years.  It doesn’t matter if its 3 thugs on a street corner or an entire labor union of thousands of leftists radicals—making oneself invincible is a skill that they can’t overcome—and they really don’t know what to do with such a person when they can’t beat them physically, or mentally.  What are they to do in such a circumstance?  They are completely at the mercy of such a person—and that’s a good place to be.

Great CEOs who acquire billions in personal wealth, like Rex Tillerson, Like Carl Icahn, and of course Donald Trump have mastered this type of thinking—being invincible—and when they become president and stand in front of a field of losers who have obtained everything in life through favoritism and whoring themselves shamelessly—people really don’t know what to do about it—and they can crush those people with just a look. And so Trump destroyed CNN with really one press conference.  They’ll have a tough time as a news organization ever recovering because they really don’t know what to do with a person like Trump who understands what it means to be at the front of the train.  Constitutionalists will worry, but history will ease their minds because once someone gets to the level of Donald Trump—they don’t worry about taking power from others—because they have the power of invincibility.  And nobody in American history ever predicted what might happen if such people became president.  But we’re about to find out.  Thankfully.  Because I’m ready.  I know those kind of people and trust them more than any political system invented yet by the minds of mankind.

Trump will dominate for the next eight years, and after that, we’ll get eight years of Mike Pence.   Then we’ll get at age 52 or so the first woman president in Ivanka Trump as she will have by then served 16 years to two presidential administrations.  She’ll win easily, and by then the world will be a very different place—thankfully.  That place will far exceed what traditional Constitutionalist could have ever hoped for under any other circumstances—because the key was never in rules, regulations, and traditions—but in a complete lack of fear from a human being who has mastered the art of invincibility.   That skill does not mean you can act against another and win every time—but it does mean that you can keep yourself from losing.  Offense always involves risk and leaves an attacker vulnerable.  But Trump understands how to play these events and that’s what’s different than any other period in human history.

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