Saturday Night Live is Terrible: Their hatred of Trump will be their undoing

Donald Trump has a point, Saturday Night Live is terrible lately because they have taken political satire and turned into activist aggression.  I’ve watched SNL for many years and I generally have liked it even when they don’t agree with me politically.  But since the election of Trump, they seem to have lost their minds.  We always knew they were left-winged radicals at SNL and the producers at NBC were socially liberal—but what they are doing to Donald Trump is attempting to weaponize their airwaves which of course will backfire.  But just look at this terrible production during their opening on January 14th–it was horrendous.  Terrible writing, terrible execution and the satirical attempt would need to be rooted somewhat in reality—but this skit doesn’t even resemble the actual press conference Donald Trump did just a few days prior.

It’s hard to understand the minds of these liberals.  Surely they know that now that they’ve revealed their true political radicalism typical fans of the show—like myself—will watch something else.  For instance, normally my wife and I watch SNL from our bed as we close out a Saturday.  But this week, because the previous shows since the election were so terrible, I recorded it and watched it during breakfast before my wife even got up on Sunday.  After that opening act I turned it off and deleted the rest of the show in favor of spending my time on something else.  I’m sure I wasn’t the only one.  And how can SNL afford to alienate half the country and still hope to produce stars for motion pictures and kings of the comedy world?  They are blowing it with this political theater.

The radical left wingers attempted to make Ronald Regan look stupid in their comedy back in the 80s and they are trying the same thing with Donald Trump, and Alec Baldwin’s mocking of Trump on SNL completely depends on painting the newly elected president as a complete idiot.  But, Trump isn’t stupid—he made a lot of money being smarter than other people and he’s wrote a lot of bestselling books based on his accomplishments—well before he was ever in politics.  Painting Trump as a stupid fool just won’t work with Trump and if the SNL people were really so smart, they’d know that.  But obviously, they don’t, and that will prove to be their doom.

I mean they called Trump’s kids Bevis and Butthead.  What did they think was going to happen?   Don and Eric are nothing like those idiots that used to be on MTV.  That kind of mean-spirted writing is a huge turnoff as entertainment because its not even satire–its just stupid.

Rich Hoffman


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